How To Write Fantastic AdWords Ads

How To Write Fantastic AdWords Ads

AdWords Ads make or break your digital marketing campaigns. Don’t worry, you’ll soon be writing fantastic ads that get customers to click.

You hanging in there? By the time you reach this part of creating your AdWords ads you may be a quite bored. But you’re here and it’s time to finally write some ads. You probably haven’t even thought about how to write a perfect ad and suddenly you’re supposed be a copy writer? Blech!

These ads are not very large so at least that’ll be easy, right? Nope! You don’t have a lot of space to explain how great your product is. These ads need an artistic, succinct eloquence due to the limited word space in the ad. Also, unlike magazine or TV ads you cannot rely on being heavily visual. No fancy colors, fonts, pretty ladies, cute animals or interesting design. Text only. This is a creative challenge, but an exciting one.

We at Teacup want to share some simple ideas. You will be able to write a compelling ad with big creative confidence.

Key Elements In Writing Great AdWords Ads

Lets not forget that your ad will be competing with other ads to be shown. Having the right copy in your ad is also part of what qualifies where your ad will be placed in the bidding. It is added into your quality score because it contributes to the relevancy of your ad. Here are a few key qualities to keep in mind when writing your ad.

Consider Your Customer Goals When Writing Ads

We may seem like a broken record saying this over and over, but you always need to be thinking of customer goals. Goals are guidelines for your ads. Think of what your customers are specifically looking to achieve with your product or service. Your customer is already asking a question of I want to *fill in the blank*. It could be find a physical therapist, be more productive, cook better meals or make my cat happier. So have your ad solve the customer’s need. For example, a physical therapist might advertise Want To Get Rid of Back Pain?

This removes mystery of what you’re offering while also speaking to the goals of your potential customer.

Know The Action You Want People To Take

Know what kind of action you want these searchers to take when they see your ad. If it’s a retail item, you will probably want them to buy. A service, you will want them to call. Maybe your have software to download. It can go on to getting a quote, browse, subscribe, sign-up and so on. You add need to make it very apparent of what the next step is.

Always Incorporate The Keyword Appropriately

You may be tempted to have your whole ad be keywords so the whole ad is technically relevant. That’s reasonable logic but probably won’t result in writing great AdWords ads. As a rule of thumb include your keyword in your ad, preferably in the headline. This will keep your ad relevant. Also make sure the rest of your ad is focused around that keyword. Don’t try write one ad to serve tons of different keywords. 

Be Unique

This may sound a bit cheesy, but it’s true. You need to be unique. Your are in a competitive bid with many people for many keywords. Take a look at your competition; how do they phrase their ad? What keywords seem to work the best for them? What do you like most about it? With that in mind look at what differentiates you from them and put it to words simply and clearly. So searchers don’t need to guess how you may be different from other ads they have seen.

“An ad is finished only when you no longer can find a single element to remove.”

– Robert Fleege

The Structure Of Great AdWords Ads

You will see strict constraints when writing your ad in AdWords. Each of these segments are necessary and must be filled out to complete this process. Here is bit of breakdown of each section.

How To Write Great AdWords Ads

The Landing Page

Your landing page is integral to the ad process, because this is where the conversion takes place. Your ad will have to link to landing page (unless you run a click-to-call campaign). Don’t just link them to your homepage! This is when you think of the customer experience again. Is your ad to landing page experience clear with a consistent message? If you are promoting a specific aspect of your business make sure your landing page is relevant and focused on that aspect. This also goes for look, tonality and style of your text. Your customer is being taken on journey – make sure the experience what they expect.

If you don’t have a landing page or have some uncertainty Teacup is here for you.

AdWords Ad Headline 1

If you think writing Tweets are tough, this is certainly going to a challenge. You only get 30 characters. Headline 1 is where your valuable keyword should be placed.

In our example this is, simply: Physical Therapist

AdWords Ad Headline 2

While you only get 30 characters for your Headline 1 you also get 30 for headline 2, which is connected to headline 1. So you got a bit of wiggle room to get your promotion across a bit easier. This is where you will be able to describe your product or service a bit better. Make sure to be clear in 30 characters!

Adding to our first headline above, we’ll see something like this:

Physical Therapist – Pain Relief & Rehabilitation

Ad Description

As mentioned above in this article you want to show how you are unique, your differentiation. Here you are allowed to expand with 80 characters. Describe what makes your business stand out from other competitors and ads.

Physical Therapist – Pain Relief & Rehabilitation
Over 15 years experience in physical therapy, pain relief and top customer care

This ad might look like this in your search engine:

Write great AdWords Ads

Common Mistakes When Writing AdWords Ads

Great AdWords ads have a lot of things you should be doing. There are a few don’t to consider too:

Forgetting About Mobile Searchers

Customers using mobile devices need to be able to take action quickly and simply. Most people on mobile are not just perusing around, they are active looking for answers on the go. Google calls these moments micro-moments. So consider adding your location and phone number with an extension. So they can look you up on a map or contact you directly. This goes for having a mobile version of your landing page and website. Keeping the customer experience streamlined. Eventually you may want to create an ad specifically for mobile audiences.

Not Following Text Guidelines

Ever notice why ads are always have nice grammar and avoid acronyms or emojis? Well just like that very strict english teacher in high-school, Google has very specific rules for writing AdWords ads. If your ads don’t follow these rules your account will be flagged. Avoid…

  • Weird         added     spaces.
  • OdD cAPITALizATions
  • Repetition Repetition
  • 0DD Sy3b@L5*!

For a complete guide to what is and what is not allow find out here.

You Don’t Test Your Ads

A really awesome feature of the AdWords platform is that you are able to test or experiment your current or potential ads. You don’t have to commit to one ad and hope for the best. You can easily discover what your audience is responding to by setting up experiments or A/B Testing. Try out different wording, keywords, actions and landing pages. However, makes sure whenever you test you are only changing one aspect of the ad. This is so you are not left wondering what people are responding more or less to. Doing tests will take careful mindfulness and patience. But over time you will know what works best and how to keep your ads current.

Now You Know How To Write Amazing AdWords Ads

While this may be a more exciting part of your ad experience, writing AdWords ads still have challenges and peculiarities. Think of your audience’s goals and experience while being mindful of the ad structure and guidelines. Thankfully you can test your ads to figure out what works. You can also have us at Teacup help you write winning ads from the start. This allows you to keep more of your time and budget. We can worry about the rules while you get to have the entire AdWords creation process be fun.

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