Welcome To Teacup Analytics

The most delightful way to make sense of your Google Analytics data.


Google Analytics baffles and bores. Teacup is simple, and helps you discover more about your audience.

Our analysts have crafted a library of reports. For every burning question, we’ll have the answer so you can leap to the right conclusions.

The Dashboard offers a quick overview of your site performance but inside each reports is where cleverness abounds.

A Teacup report goes beyond mere numbers and percents. We believe that showing quality is important too. Our proprietary algorithms grade the quality of each metric, dimension, channel, source and more. 

Goodbye bewilderment, hello clarity.

Ready to act? Create an “Achievable” to automatically track the effectiveness of your actions and, like a modern day King Solomon you can be confident you’re acting wisely.

Sign up now! Find the brightest opportunities to grow your traffic and improve your site.

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