How To Use Facebook For Small Business Marketing

How To Use Facebook For Small Business Marketing

Want to know how to best use Facebook for small business marketing? With over 2 billion users, Facebook is an amazing network on which to grow your business.

There are endless way to be social online. Not only because it’s entertaining and an addicting time sink, but it is also low cost. And that’s a great feature for small businesses. Especially when it comes to getting your small business out there. So aren’t we all thankful for social media being a great avenue of low cost marketing?

You certainly could use entirely free services that social offers. If that is your approach then you should certainly take a look at Facebook. The biggest of the social media giants, with, as we mentioned already, 2.07 BILLION users – the first network to ever reach a billion users. Facebook has many layers and way to reach others, and we’re here to help you figure out how to best use them for your small business.

How Useful Is Facebook For Small Businesses?

Other than the amount of people that are on the platform, Facebook is a major hub for businesses of all sizes. There is the exposures to its users and increased exposure across the web. Facebook is a good way to guide traffic to your website, blog, or services – content to content. The link is very important to Google and other search engines, which as we know helps your search engine ranking too.

Facebook humanizes your small business. It’s a place to display your company’s personality and have direct conversation with your audiences. Here, you can show customers you’re not a bunch of robots or sales people. You can easily share updates, new content, events and contribute to conversations too. This is how you learn more about your target audiences, which can apply to your AdWords or Facebook ads as well.  It also very easy to differentiate your accounts from business to personal in Facebook.

Online Domination of Google and Facebook

Can you imagine what the world would be like without Facebook or Google. The two giants are powerhouses of data, information, innovation and content. So it is pretty obvious that they work hand in hand dominating the internet. Facebook providing awareness and interest with Google providing more information for that interest. Sometimes the relationship is even more integrated.

In 2016 the power team produced 99% (estimate) of all revenue from digital ads in the U.S. Which is So. Much. Money. However even this number is minuscule compared to the amount of eyes that the two experience daily. A great example of soft power.  

  • Google: 4,464,000,000 Searches Per Day
  • Facebook: 1.37 Billion Daily Active Users

Facebook and Google help all of us reach others with more and more ways for businesses to connect with new and current customers. Even more so with tools that the business can use to evaluate and understand those interacting with them. So having presence on both Facebook and Google is recommend to reach the masses.

Google vs Facebook For Small Business

The big question here is who has the better ads network for small businesses? Fact is, these two giants are actually often in harmony. It is not about which network is better, but knowing how much visibility you want for your business. And what kind of interactions. Utilizing Google as well as Facebook for your small business provides a wider spread of options to be discovered, however keep in mind that being active on one takes careful work.

If you have been keeping up with us, you’ll know that Google AdWords is the biggest and most active online ad service in the world. The word “AdWords” stands alone by itself. With its main focus being targeted keywords from text and queries, AdWords provides amazing access to customers at the moment they need answers.

The revenue stream for Google is pay-per-click. Simplified, businesses bid for keywords that users search for. If the search query matches the keyword, the best bidder’s ad is displayed to be potentially clicked. If it is clicked the business pay. Pretty simple right? Ok, guess we’re back to being cheeky. The biggest plus points for AdWords is that its is well seasoned, has the biggest reach and use, and you can fairly compete with big companies.

How Are Facebook Ads Different To Google Ads?

Facebook offers different options for small businesses. While both Google and Facebook promote to users based on activity, Facebook uses interests instead of keywords to determine ads. So Facebook is set up for you to find customers while AdWords does the reverse (in a manner of speaking). The structure is very much about knowing the likes and behaviors of audiences, then finding similar ones by looking the other likes of that audience.

Yup there is that big data mining that Facebook is famous for.

While Facebook has to do a lot of tweaking to it’s platform, one of the most favorite characteristics is that is much more visually appealing, instead of just simple text. So this is great for business who have products or those with solid brand design/content. The other plus is that it can be more affordable for small businesses.

Facebook social searching and AdWords keyword searching can be used quite well hand in hand. Being that the interaction with customers is quite different. 

Tips on Using Facebook As A Small Business

While most of you probably have a Facebook account for your businesses here are a few tips to keep in mind.


Refer to your insights to know what content your audience (quite literally) likes best. Know if its photos, vids, links as well as date and time.

Post Punctuality

Once you know best dates and times post regularly on those popular hours, but keep a balance of not to much or little. Some experts say 5-10 posts a week.


Promote your most important posts. This is a bit of a dry run to Facebook’s advertising.

Conversion Tracking

Just like with AdWords, use the conversion tracking pixel. Understanding conversions is great knowledge of your budgeting and ad effectiveness.

Swift Response

Be responsive and keep it snappy. Engagement with your audience is why you are on Facebook right?!

Checking Out the Competition

Running out of ideas or not sure where to start look at the competition or maybe businesses that you aspire to become. But remember to check out their entire online presence, because it is not only Facebook.

Sync Accounts

Even more so to the point that Google and Facebook get along quite well is that you can sync accounts to make things more streamlined like Google Calendar to Facebook events.

Getting Social With Facebook For Small Businesses

The big social platform is an obvious choice when it comes to connecting with customers. Facebook has made a lot of effort to their Ads platform to compete with Google. However, they are just different enough to not truly be competition. If you want to have a strong Facebook presence make sure you are consistent, engaging and visual. Keeping up with one takes a lot of time already, so what to do if you want to try both? Try Teacup Analytics first to handle the even bigger, badder and more time-consuming ads platform. With us your budget is kept in mind so you can give Facebook ads a spin too.

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