How To Use AdWords During Black Friday and Cyber Monday

How To Use AdWords During Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday offers many opportunities to small businesses but how can you compete with the big box store deals? With some help from Adwords!

For those of us in the U.S there is a special time of year where we get to see our family and friends while remembering all the things we are grateful for. It’s also a time where both retail and shoppers get a little crazy. This is of course Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and more recently, Thanksgiving itself. Retailers work odd hours, stock up and prep for A LOT more customers than usual. And customers either prep for the shopping battlefront or shelter at home.

You can make the most of your AdWords campaigns during this busy time of buying. While it may only be 2-4 days out of the year, you may want to consider giving some extra attention to your campaign during these special retail days. Making the most of a time many consider chaos could even be fun when doing it from your computer. Let Teacup help you enjoy some extra business with AdWords during the holiday and retail madness.

Anyone who believes the competitive spirit in America is dead has never been in a supermarket when the cashier opens another checkout line. ~Ann Landers

Ready For More Retail Traffic?

Now you don’t need to wake up at a tough hour after a day of eat a ton of Turkey and carbs to go to retail outlets to  “enjoy” Black Friday and especially Cyber Monday. All shopping and advertising can be done from the safety of your home. Now this is a big time for retail, not as much services but doesn’t mean those business can’t also take advantage of this time. See it as a time to maximize sales during a high purchasing season.

This means you can also maximize your AdWords during this time. First, make sure you have a great deal for your buyers and your business. Then there are two simple ways you can adjust AdWords – by creating dedicated Ad Groups or campaigns for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But they both must have these qualities:

  • Make ad copy relevant to each day.
  • Have keywords organized to focus on specific products of each group.
  • Set the specific time for these two days.
    • Don’t have your ad go longer than the hours of those days, unless you want the promotion to go from Black Friday weekend to Cyber Monday.
  • Pause campaigns that may interfere with these ad groups.
  • Make sure your ads are approved, so don’t start this the night before!

Another note about Keywords. You don’t have to come up with new keywords at all. Keep them mostly the same but review what keywords have worked best for promotions or discounts in the past. Also, don’t have “black friday” as one of your keywords – that is way too broad. But definitely do have the words “black friday” appear in your ad copy. More on that in a bit.

Adjust Your AdWords Budget For Black Friday

Some of you may be wondering if adjusting campaigns for these days means simply increasing your budgets. There is more skill to it so don’t just go throwing money at keywords. Since we are on the topic you will want to consider increasing your budget for these couple of days. If you are going to be experiencing more traffic then you don’t want to max out your daily budget too quickly.

Be careful though. You have to think if you can indeed afford to increase your AdWords budget. However, if your impressions, ad positions, conversions and CPC are healthy then it may be a good move to increase your budget appropriately for this short time. Also you can do some research for your industry to help, because searches for certain items like TVs and other electronic devices go WAAAY up for this time. 

You could also increase your bids with the same ideas in mind, just make sure to remember to re-adjust both when the sale time is done. Make note of what your settings and metrics were before, during and after to reference it for your monthly reports.

Also, don’t forget other marketing tactics. Heavy Black Friday deals can draw in new customers so we recommend doing all you can to capture email addresses and build relationships with these new friends. Think of using email newsletters, Facebook pixels, and re-marketing to keep engagement going, long after the shopping season is over.

Change Up Your Ad Copy For Black Friday

Yes, you will have to make some adjustments to your ad text too. But that goes of all ads you make for specific discounts or promotions. Biggest thing is to make sure your special retail holiday offering is clear. So have your percentages or special prices be in the ad. Shoppers will be looking for those deals of “50% off” or “Black Friday Price of $99”.  Referencing that the sale is clearly for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, is equally important.

Some other ideas you may want to implement for your ad copy:

  • Change links to specific sale or landing pages.
  • Highlight your most popular products.
  • Include the special time your physical locations will be open.
  • You can note when your sale ends or use a countdown.
  • Use extensions: callout, promotions, location, sitelink.

With a little more work but you may want to consider creating a special landing page for these days. Showing you are joining in on these retail deals! These specific landing pages should clearly show your special offerings, discounts or best products so shoppers know immediately what they will be getting or saving.

Fun tip: Teacup’s landing pages update instantly with new text so creating Black Friday landing pages is a breeze. 

Best Extensions For Black Friday and Cyber Monday Ads

A very popular ad adjustment to make during this time is to use add extensions. Here are a few you may want to include:

Sitelink Extension

This is an obvious one, to lead searchers to sale pages, popular products or your special landing pages quickly.

Location Extension

This is a great extension for store with physical locations. So those shoppers near you can find you easily.

Callout Extension

This is for when you want to put more info into your ad. It’s like a simple brief about your business, up 6 tidbits. Recommend info to include is special hours, delivery info, deals, returns etc. Ex: Free Shipping,Free Returns, Open 6am-12am, 30 Day Trial.

Promotion extension

An extension people swear by for these two days is the promotion extension. Because  it is meant to help your ad stand out for specific special sales and offers. A great feature here is that you can choose by occasion or holiday, which includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here is how to add it.

What Are Structured Snippets?

Another special tool you can enterprise on during these days are Structured Snippets. This is a simple way to stand out during high purchasing times or for special promotions. Obviously this is useful all year round. These snippets are really headers to help you get noticed. The structured part is Google being helpful, where you can select the option for Black Friday or Cyber Monday and the header will shown for a designated time within Google set dates.

  • Black Friday : November 20 thru November 27.
  • Cyber Monday:  November 20 thru November 30.

Then you will add a value to be displayed next to your selected header.

Example: Cyber Monday: Free shipping on all orders.


Black Friday: Open from 5am-Midnight

Definitely worth trying when you want to stand out from other ads during times of high buying. Click here to read more.

Helpful Black Friday AdWords Tips

Here are some final tips to make the most of AdWords during these shopping holidays.

Be ready early!

Don’t wait till the last minute to adjust your ads. Make sure your are approved beforehand.

Time zones

While this is primarily a U.S phenomenon, you may want to start your deals at midnight or so. Adjust for places you are targeting or in earlier timezones.

Make sure you readjusted your bids and budget

When the madness is over, if you have increased your bids and budgets, make sure they are not still at that price when all is said and done.  

Make sure your site can handle more traffic

Probably a no brainer, but make sure your website, fulfillment and inventory can handle increased orders.

Pause or Unpause keywords

If you have paused or unpaused keywords that may effect your special promotions makes sure to reset them to where they were before the promotion.

Know your budget

While it may seem like good time to ramp up on your campaigns, be realistic with your budget. If you are not confident in AdWords and don’t have extra to spend towards it, focus on improving your campaigns all year round for the budget that you have instead.

Make The Most Of Black Friday and Cyber Monday With AdWords

Some retailers consider these wacky days of sales and discounts the most important days of the year for retail. We all certainly want a piece of the action! AdWords is a great way to enhance your already active marketing strategy but make sure you and your business have the wherewithal to it handle as well. Black Friday and Cyber Monday should be a time for you to enjoy more sales activity, not fear it. While our guide will be helpful, we can also go into the holiday shopping season battle for you. Teacup can make sure you have great ads all year around.

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