recurring revenue streams for web pros

Unique Recurring Revenue Streams for Web Pros

Aside from the obvious choices, what unique revenue streams are out there for website professionals? In this post, we break down seven new ideas you can try today.

The web professional umbrella covers a wide range of people. From webmasters to developers or SEO experts to website managers, “web pros” (as we like to call them) are smart thought-leaders who pave the way technologically for many small or medium-sized businesses. As many business owners admit, they aren’t normally tech-savvy so they often enlist the help of web pros. Web pros design websites, set up emails, and maintain online presences. No matter where under the umbrella they are, web pros (you!) boost brands via the internet. With so many web pros helping small businesses, they create trusting and mutually beneficial relationships. Long-term clients are (or should be) the goal of web pros because of two words: recurring revenue. So what are some revenues streams for web pros?

When you Google it, the same revenue streams for web pros pop up again and again:

  • SEO services
  • Site audits
  • Content creation or blogging
  • Social media management
  • Digital marketing
  • Website maintenance
  • Tech support
  • Website hosting

While these are smart and lucrative services, there’s a good chance you already offer them or plan to soon. That’s why we wanted to focus on a few recurring revenues that are a bit more out of the box.

Why focus on recurring revenue?

While having the flexibility of a freelancer or working project to project might seem intriguing, it isn’t for everyone. Recurring revenues are your meal ticket because this promised, set amount is predictable month after month – or year after year! For starters, recurring revenue is less stressful, saves you time by not needing to prospect new clients, and can strengthen the relationship you have with your client increasing referrals and customer satisfaction. The other winning point is that with a consistent stream of income, it allows you to be pickier with which clients you do work with. New projects and side jobs are fun and exciting, but to guarantee your salary (or that vacation you’ve been longing for), let’s explore some new recurring revenue streams that you can’t afford to miss this year.

7 Unique Recurring Revenue Streams for Web Pros

1. AdWords

PPC marketing is common for small business and about 45% of them use it already. In hundreds of interviews with business owners, we’ve found the barrier to entry is simply fear. They want to try paid marketing and are intrigued at the idea of marketing on Google (or Facebook) but they’re worried about costs and difficulty. That’s where you come in. Expand your web expertise into the digital marketing realm and get your AdWords Certification for free from Google.

Chances are, your clients are looking for new customers and would get excited at the thought of leveraging Google to help strangers discover them. Quash their worries and offer packages with small PPC budgets ($150/month is a great place to begin) that make both of you feel confident.

AdWords is a bit time consuming, especially starting out. It requires daily monitoring and optimization, but there are many AdWords softwares that remove the busy work for you – like Teacup. Once you prove you’re an AdWords expert, you can increase budgets (and you’re monthly retainer).

Download Teacup’s AdWords Bundle! We’ll email you 5 great AdWords resources including: a Budget Calculator, a Duties Checklist, a sample Client Proposal and more! 

2. Graphic Design

As a web professional, you are well versed in the world of design. Even if you tend to lean more toward coding or programming, you are exposed to beautiful designs daily and know an attractive advertisement from a cringe-worthy one. Let your creative flag fly and offer graphic design work to your clients. If they write a blog, offer to design an image to compliment each of their posts or an infographic. If they run Facebook ads, create some new appealing ads to attract more clicks. Look at their current marketing materials or any collateral they share – menus, brochures, product lists, slide decks, eBooks, postcards, stationery, etc. – and suggest that you revamp their look. If you’re not a creative genius, that’s ok too. Softwares like Canva or Yala (which also offer social media scheduling) make it easy for you.

3. CRO

Number three on our list plays off number two. Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is another option for a long-term revenue stream for web pros. Why? You can always improve by testing and retesting. If you work on the client’s website, it’s the optimal gateway for offering this service. Craft a plan to pitch to your client on how you could optimize their website (or ads, social, emails, etc.) to increase conversions. You might need to simplify some of your ideas, but having a well thought out strategy to boost the number of leads is bound to excite any business owner. Whether they have their own marketing strategy or not, you can improve it. With a few tweaks here and there, run the tests for a week or two at a time and track your results. When you find out what is working, you can build on this and continue this CRO service indefinitely.

4. Analytics Reporting

As a web pro, you know the importance of analytics. Being able to prove that your website or marketing efforts are working is vital to any company’s success. What data are you sharing with your client(s)? Analytics reporting offers room for growth because it is endless depending on the needs of your client. If you’re already tracking website visitors, numbers of clicks, or conversions, then it’s easier than you think to expand the offering. Incorporating Google Analytics into a website is standard, but using a reporting software (like Teacup) that lets you build a profile around the numbers and showcase facts is really quite special. Simply telling your client they had an increase of X% in website traffic might not excite them, but showing it in a compelling way can. Finding out who they are, where they’re from, how they found the business, what device they’re on, and more could inspire your client to make some serious changes – or hire you for further projects.

5. Training

If your clients are hiring you for tech help, they’re in the market for training. Consider offering a simple workshop for their staff or 1×1 time to teach them a subject. Between email marketing, social media, WordPress, SEO, AdWords and more, your list of teachable topics is infinite. If you work with a specific niche then brainstorm topics that might intrigue more than one client and (if there isn’t any competition between them) host a workshop for multiple people at once. Mentoring your clients proves you believe in them and are invested in their success. You’re the expert on multiple topics so use your brainpower to share with others. It will help you in the long run too since empowering your clients with more understanding will make your job easier.

6. Email List Management

This revenue idea may seem a bit more tedious than the rest, but hear us out. You already have your hand in so many pots between websites, marketing platforms, social media and more, that tapping into their audience management is a natural transition. This service entails organizing then building email lists for your client. We all know how targeted messaging is more effective than screaming to the masses, so if you can help your client hone in on their niche and break down their audiences into easy to reference buckets, you’ll aid their marketing efforts and make it easy for clients to see the growth you create. Help them craft an awesome newsletter strategy with tailored lists and email marketing can funnel entirely new revenue streams for web pros.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Influencer marketing has become a buzzword over the past few years, not to mention the livelihood of countless bloggers and social media stars. If you’ve ever wondered how these influencers monetize their following, a large part is due to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you post a link to a product. That way, if someone purchases it via your website you make a commission. Consider becoming an affiliate marketer yourself. You’re already suggesting the latest technology or recommending products to your customers, so why not make some money on it?

Teacup offers a referral service for web professionals whose clients want to begin AdWords marketing. Contact us to learn more.

Which is best for you?

Now that you have plenty of options, what new service interests you? They all take different skill sets and varying commitments – so what recurring revenue stream(s) will make you the most money? Take a step back and ask yourself: what do your clients truly need? Not what do they want, but what problems are they facing right now that you can solve? Chances are a few of your clients are struggling with the same issues.

They might want a fancy new website, but do they even have web traffic to worry about? Let’s get them more website visitors via AdWords. Maybe their menu hasn’t been updated in ages and you cringe at the thought of using their logo. Offer some graphic design samples to spice things up a bit. You’re the expert and they know it! They want your advice and consultations, they just may not know it yet.

Growing as a Web Professional

Perhaps you’re new to this space or a veteran with decades of experience, but wherever you are professionally you’re always looking to grow. You want to expand your skill set and expertise but you’re also building a business! The more you can offer – and offer well – the more you’re going to succeed and reach your professional goals. Recurring revenue streams for web pros are limitless as they build upon each other and grow as you do. Adding multiple new services will not just open new gateways for steady income, but impress clients, attract new ones and strengthen your reputation within the community. Just remember – you’re the expert!

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