The Only Two Possible Outcomes of Analysis

The Only Two Possible Outcomes of Analysis

Analysis, whether it’s web analytics, marketing or customer retention, is often quite simple. This video discusses an easy, accessible technique to analyze any data and decide quickly on the next course of action.

If you’d like the slides, you can grab the deck here on Slideshare.

Why Analysis Actually Matters

Well, it’s all about uncertainty reduction, isn’t it? It’s about the breaking down of a complex topic to gain a better understanding of your data. However, that’s not really enough. For your analysis to truly matter, you need to act and this video explains a number of vital aspects that you should consider before, during and after acting.

In the video I discuss:

  • A methodology to analyze anything in the right context
  • Which type of action to take, based on the data: whether optimization or growth is indicated
  • How to feel confident in your data back decisions
  • How to measure the results

The fun thing is, the methods described works just as well with web traffic as it does with employee retention. With a number of case studies, you’ll definitely be inspired to try this yourself.


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