YouTube Tips For Small Business

The Top YouTube Tips For Small Business Growth

It’s not too late for your business to take advantage of YouTube. These YouTube tips for small business will help you use the most popular video social media site in the world.

Over the years we have seen the various social media platforms grow and fight for top positions in our lives. There have been many companies with great ideas trying to disrupt the market and shift the Titans. Usually, they don’t make it or get bought out. One platform, however, has very much established itself as THE place for videos – YouTube. Seems safe to say we have watched YouTube go from a cute place for sharing home videos to an addicting place of viral videos and people becoming full-time YouTubers.

For small businesses, YouTube can be a great tool to add to your marketing toolbox. So put some quality time into it. There is, however, a right and wrong way to approach YouTube. Don’t spend hours and hours of head scratching, trying to figure it all out. We want to make sure you get this right, considering that YouTube is a Google property and an AdWords partner network.

It’s Not Too Late To Start A YouTube Channel

We mentioned YouTube’s strong standing over the years, watching it explode to the mega site that it is. But is it too late to jump onto the rocket ship on YouTube? Luckily, there have been many evolutions and integrations over the years and, it has become more accessible. Don’t be threatened by the channels with over a billion views and daily uploads, think of just trying to provide content for YOUR audiences.

YouTube is great, looking at the numbers. With 1.5 BILLION monthly active users, with the majority being male between the ages of 25-44. Those demographics are pretty typical of a lot of the internet. Even more fascinating is the range of activity and content. There are 500 hours of video uploaded EVERY MINUTE and over 40% of those uploads in 2017 are people and blogs. That is a lot of talking heads.

What does YouTube do better than anyone? Keep eyes on its platform longer than any other popular social media, with 40 minutes of average time spent. So by those numbers don’t doubt there is a place for your channel to exist and thrive.

You can’t make anything viral, but you can make something good.

Peter Shankman

Curate Your YouTube Channel

Similar to other social media sites, your YouTube profile should be complete, healthy and robust. Must-haves to start is your logo, some high-quality images, and an intro video. Take every opportunity to reinforce your brand. Consider the tone, style and visual elements of your small business. This is a place to look at content after all and you want to make it enticing enough for viewers to subscribe. Then you can begin carving out your YouTube Channel strategy.

Even if you are just starting or have few videos, a good place to begin is organizing. Create playlists based on your video topics which could be products, services, reviews etc. Fact is, the best small businesses YouTube channels are helpful ones. Popular videos are usually tutorials or product demos. More often than not, people will find your channel searching for guidance, and not to be directly sold a product. So as always, know how to best communicate value to your audience. Show your personality and be a resource for your community.

Another benefit of really curating your channel is YouTube’s viewer analytics. Something you may be familiar with from using AdWords and Teacup’s own analytics! By clicking “Insights,” you can glean where your audience is watching from, find performance comparisons, the most watched times of day and other metrics that help you know who is watching.

Connect YouTube to AdWords

Alright, so probably the most exciting part for us is that YouTube is part of Google’s ecosystem. So when you think of marketing on YouTube it goes hand in hand with AdWords. Yes, you can go directly to advertising with YouTube specific ads. You can also market with video ads through AdWords. Simply create an AdWords campaign but make it specific to video. Your ad will be shown when people are searching for videos or at the start, end or intermittently during a video.

This is built on Google’s Display Network, so your video ad may appear with videos on sites other than YouTube. Know your target demographics such as interest, gender, and age. If your target audiences are video watchers and what format they like best, aka relevancy, then YouTube is a fantastic network to be on. Then you can view your reporting and adjust your campaign on the AdWords platform. Going without saying, this would mean you would have to really focus in on keywords. Which is something we definitely know a thing or two about and can assist with.

The great thing about the Internet is you can launch a product, and within just a few hours, people will tell you what they think about it.

– Susan Wojcicki

YouTube Tips For Small Business

Creating videos and a channel on the biggest site for videos around can be a lot of work, here are tips to make things a bit easier.

YouTube Tip 1: Plan Your Content

Plan your content, just like you would for your blog post or product release plan a timeline for your videos. This will help keep you on-task with your strategy and get you to regularly post. Don’t post willy-nilly. Your posting schedule may be part of a larger marketing campaign or you don’t want to end up with lots of content for a small time frame and none during another.

YouTube Tip 2: Add Calls-To-Action

We all have been guilty of zoning-out when we watch videos, but we certainly don’t want our potential customers to do so. They are seeking answers and you want them to get them to the solution. So providing a call-to-action and showing the next steps in their journey is crucial. These can be in the form of links, subscribe, feedback, or going to your other info sites.

YouTube Tip 3: Engage With Your Viewers Authentically

Responding and communicating with your viewers is great. But you want to make sure you don’t sound like a bot. Talk to them like you do with people in real life. Give genuine responses not the same ones over and over.

YouTube Tip 4: Add Relevant Tags To Your Videos

Tags are how people and search webs can find your video. Just like keywords. Have relevant tags for your videos to help interested viewers find videos relevant to them.

YouTube Tip 5: Add Clear Titles and Descriptions

The eyes of the YoutTuber are moving fast, looking for the video to answer their questions or boredom. So make sure to be informative as to what your video is about. Be honest, forthright and clear about what your video topic and content is about. 

YouTube Tip 5: Share Your Videos!

Remember YouTube is part of a macro-marketing strategy so make sure to share on your other social profiles, like all of them. Reddit, Stumble, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. However, all these sites have different audiences and tonality to them so use your best judgment as to which of your videos get posted where.

Join The Billions on YouTube

You could dedicate your whole life to creating or watching videos on YouTube. With it’s high viewing time and a video on how to do just about everything it’s a place you want to be involved with. As a small business, you will want to create a healthy channel, understand your audience and have YouTube be a tool in your marketing holster. The bonus is that it pairs easily with AdWords, but if you are caught up in making videos we got you covered.

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