Automate AdWords With These Top Platforms

Top Applications To Help You Automate AdWords Campaigns

If you’re looking to automate AdWords campaigns, or just get some help with optimization, these SaaS products will have what you need.

There have been huge innovations in automation and applications that have been filling the roles of humans. And before you start thinking of the movie Her, we’re of course referring to automating AdWords optimization. In the digital space there are growing options for all your pains where you don’t have to learn it yourself, find a freelancer or submit to a agency.

You might be thinking “Isn’t AdWords in itself an application?”

Yes, but… AdWords is a platform that provides advertising for anyone. Not as much fun to use as Snapchat but certainly more productive. The applications we’ll discuss below are there to support your campaigns and make the process of using AdWords easier. There definitely are not as many of these as agencies or freelancers and in fact, most of the AdWords applications support experts not the small business beginner. To be honest most are not the easiest or cheapest to use as maybe a new AdWords platform that appeared recently *wink wink* but we believe in what we offer so much that we find it fair to show other options for starting AdWords this way.

What You Need To Automate AdWords

When doing a couple of Google searches for platforms and apps for AdWords, it was honestly somewhat tricky. The culprit making this difficult was Google themselves! Link after link of how to start AdWords with them, claiming support, help and “AdWords Account Management Software” by Google. You see what they did there, right?! They created AdWords so it makes sense they dominate the search results. But there were some that stand out above the Google layers.

Of course, being the giant hive-mind that Google is, they seem to know that you will have to go to them first to use most of these platforms anyway. You’ll need to establish your AdWords account first. Integration and optimization for your AdWords campaigns are what most of these platforms focus on. Most offer free demos or your can sign up for free to get a look and feel of what it will be like to use the interface.

AdWords Automation Platforms

Alright, so who or what are these Pay-Per-Click automation platforms? 

Alright, let’s dive right in:


Automate AdWords With WordStream

Price: Starts at $264-294 per month.

Best Feature: AdWords Performance Grader

Description: These guys are a campaign consultant and management software as a service (SaaS) company. They help you manage multiple campaigns across multiple ad networks, and pride themselves on only needing to dedicate 20 minutes per week. They review your quality scores, ad text, keywords, and landing pages etc to help with your campaign’s performance. They too are a Google Partner. Many people prefer them for their interface, reports and budget tracking.


Automate AdWords With Automate Ads

Price: Starts at $19 per month with a $2K Ad Spend

Best Feature: Creative A/B Testing

Description: This company prides itself on it fully automated ad campaign management system. They are cross channel focused largely on Facebook and AdWords. They want to remove the manual day-to-day tasks when managing a campaign. So automated optimization, bidding, A/B testing, budgeting and keyword sourcing. They also have Attribution Tracking so there are adjustments made to your campaign based on data currently being created.



Optmyzr To Automate AdWords

Price: Starts at $116.00 per month

Best Feature: Enhanced Scripts

Description: As this app’s name states this app is about optimization. They provide recommendations, suggestions, and tools for bid management, budgets,  keywords, and ad creation. Of course providing data insights and reports. They are a cross channel platform for AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook, Google Analytics and custom data sources. Well liked by agencies for their massive feature set.


Manage AdWords With Opteo

Price: Starts at $97 per month up to a $50k spend per month.

Best Feature: Lovely User-Interface

Description: Another optimization platform, however focused specifically on AdWords only. They want to optimize the day to day tasks of AdWords management, to remove the “monotonous”.  Making suggested improvements with data to manage your accounts, monitor performance, testing ads and detecting landing page errors. Their algorithms searches for inefficiencies to create “one click” improvements. They are liked for their easy interface and ability to find small optimizations.


PPC Samurai

Price: Starts at $165 per month for 1-10 clients.

Best Feature: Easy & automated placement management

Description: PPCSamurai probably has the most butt-kicking name in AdWords apps. How they kick butt is through providing tools for agencies to create great campaign, through granular shopping campaigns, drag and drop flowcharts, A/B tests and bid management. They also do not place any spend limits or limit the number of users on your account.



Price: Starts at $69 a month or 7% of spends for spends under $3,000.

Best Feature: AdWords Ad Creation

Description:  Their claim is “AdWords Software to Increase Sales” through optimization and management support. It is nice to see the word sales because that is the action behind the management and optimization, as well as their ROI tracking tool. They too also do bid optimization centered on maximizing conversions rather than clicks or views, along with targeting your CPA, Cost-Per Acquisition. When comes to ad creation they primarily focus on the search and shopping networks.


Price: Starts at $199 a month with $5,000 Ad Spend

Best Feature: Automated Bid and Budgeting

Description: This is a cross platform campaign optimization app. However, this app focuses the most on the financial element of your campaign. They have advanced bidding tools than other campaign management and optimization apps. So you can still manage and improve campaigns from other platforms in one place, you can automate bid adjustments in the same way. Having this emphasis on budget makes their reporting well liked because you can clearly show how your company’s budget is being used for ads.

Marin Software

Marin Software

Price: Public pricing unavailable

Best Feature: Audience Clusters

Description: These guys are one of the older, bigger players in the space and they have had bit more experience than the rest. They have tools for small businesses to large enterprise corporations. They manage and optimize online advertising for many channels through search, display, and social. Due to their size and capability they run a lot like a Search Engine Marketing agency. 



Price: Starts at $50 a month.

Best Feature: Great price

Description: This witty site states that they are  “A Brain For Your Website” and looking at their features they certainly could make your website smarter. They offer cross platform keyword and landing page optimization, ad testing, and lead generation. Like many of these sites they too have predictive analytics and data mining making any of their actions automated for your campaign. They have a big emphasis on saving time so with Sitewit they claim it takes 5 minutes to set up and only 5 minutes of your day.

Challenges with Automating AdWords

Admittedly there are some pretty cool features in all of these platforms but of course it isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. While not having a heavy human interaction element using platforms can be more enjoyable, and it lowers costs, it is not always easier. One of the biggest issues of using marketing software is putting the hours and budget towards it. Where they have a good intro price but then starts to add up. Or they try to be super optimized and efficient that they give to many tools and options that you begin losing time navigating through it all.

With all of these platforms they provide reports and data of what is going on with your campaigns frequently. Often times it is just too much data, where you need to learn what the terms mean or if it even matters to your own business goals. Sometimes the platform can’t compile the data correctly because it trying to show so much or your own website set up isn’t a good fit. Especially for cross-networks.

Another common complaint of these tools that automate AdWords management is there isn’t a simple or clear strategy. Ideally you are paying to have help to guide you on structure or what is best. Then you end up figuring a lot of it yourself anyway or it can get much to technical. Patience and a open mind are always required when trying something new but know at what point the time invested isn’t worth the lack of traction. 

How To Get The Most Out of AdWords Platforms

So how do you create the right mindset before committing to a platform? There is obviously a lot to consider before registering and you sometimes really don’t know what it will be like till you start using it. As a rule of thumb always think of your business goals first. Evaluate which platforms matches your goals the best. This is an investment, even if it is free to sign up. Whichever one you choose you are bringing your whole company with you.

Understand how much you realistically can invest. I would recommend looking at pricing, then contacting them with what your set budget is and ask what can be done for your price. Also,  if it’s not you, have someone in your company who is comfortable using online platforms and communicating to online customer service to begin the journey. This helps with translating to the rest of your company how this tool will help.

This all sounds a bit complicated huh? Well we think so too. This is exactly why we created Teacup. We are probably the newest kids on the block for AdWords support platforms but we’ve seen where small businesses are having trouble with automation. Google’s native networks is rather technical, and other platforms just don’t seem focused, with questionable interfaces and still cost just to much time and money. We only want to make AdWords simple and easy to use for all sized businesses especially the smaller ones. Teacup is gonna keep things straightforward and even fun so you can get the most out of AdWords.

When ads become part of the information-gathering process, they cease to be ads. At this point in time, they are pieces of information that consumers are seeking. Wouldn’t you like your ads to be sought after, not ignored? – Brad Geddes

Automate AdWords With The Best Support For You

This is about having the best AdWords experience on a platform. There are many pluses as well as uncertainty. This space isn’t fully developed but we want to help change that. AdWords doesn’t need to be complicated nor over-optimized. We also support you preferring to use online resources, but there are people behind Teacup ready to answer any questions you may have about AdWords.


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