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The Web Pro’s Guide to Sell AdWords

AdWords is a complex marketing platform to even the most experienced marketers. Yet, web professionals, like web designers, web developers, full-stack coders, webmasters, or freelance marketers are beginning to sell AdWords as a service. Why? AdWords is bountiful with benefits like client flexibility and high revenue streams. However, here is a roundup of in-depth articles on some hot topics for AdWords pros. This web pro series will help you get started offering PPC services and teach you how to sell AdWords. We’re here to bring you the best and highest ROI possible.

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Unique Recurring Revenue Streams for Web Pros

recurring revenue streams for web pros

Web professionals run an interesting business. Long-term clients with recurring revenue streams are the bread and butter of any agency and freelancer since they promise a steady flow of income. Many web pro services, like web design or website management, can be project-based making yearly salaries unpredictable. So how are web pros taking their business (and salary) to the next level? Let’s dive into seven unique ways to make recurring money as a web pro. View our unique recurring revenue streams for web pros.


Website Developer Marketing: How to Get Started in Digital

full-stack developer marketing

You wear a lot of hats by providing many different services. How can you turn all of those developer or designer skills into digital marketing talents? In this blog, we take common web pro skills and translate them into actionable digital marketing jobs. Challenge yourself to learn something new or enhance your skills to add to your bottom line and business. Either way, there are always ways to expand your skillset and stay ahead of any competition! See the full post: Website Developer Marketing: How to Get Started in Digital.


How to Sell AdWords to Your Clients

How to sell Adwords

First things first. Whether your clients are asking you to market their business on Google or you simply want to expand your service menu, there’s a lot to learn before offering AdWords as a service. Find out which clients are right for AdWords and learn how to make them believe in PPC marketing. Plus, roll out your AdWords offering in these seven easy steps you can get started on today! Learn exactly how to sell AdWords to your clients and use these skills to boost your business!


How to Master Keyword Research for Your Clients

keyword research

Once you roll out your AdWords offering to clients, it’s time to write ads and launch campaigns. Before you can do that, you need to find keywords! It’s difficult to find profitable keywords for an industry or niche you may not be familiar with. That’s why we broke it down for you. Learn how to find the best, most affordable keywords for your PPC campaigns and even how to present them to your client. This article will teach you how to master keyword research for your clients.


Improve AdWords Campaigns for Your Clients with 5 Metrics

improve adwords

Your AdWords campaigns are running and results are rolling in. Now is the time to optimize those ads and improve results! In this article, we discuss what metrics to monitor and explain what each means. Then, we dive into how you can optimize and improve each metric. Apply these tips to see better results in no time! Learn how to improve AdWords campaigns with these 5 metrics.


How to Charge Clients for AdWords as a Service

charge clients for adwords

The internet is filled with vague answers written for agencies or longtime professionals, but what about new pros? Let’s talk about the various methods of PPC pricing and the pros and cons of each. By the end of this blog, you’ll know how to charge clients for AdWords, how to calculate and propose an AdWords budget, and more. Read the full post here!

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