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The Business Guide To Blogging: Joining A Blog Community

Join a blog community if you want to get your content out there and drive some referral traffic, improve your search engine rankings and just meet like-minded fellow bloggers.

Finally finding a writing flow, posting a couple of articles a week, and building a consistent reader base are all great milestones to having a blog. You may begin to think what more you could be doing to get your blog to the next level. There are lots of resources and people to ask out there. But what if you want to do more than only lurk around on forums.

One of the better options to learn, express and bond with people for the benefit of better blogs are joining a blogging community. By joining one or a few you get to share with other businesses and bloggers who are experiencing the same challenges of a blog. Sure, this appears like another place to waste time, these communities will help uplift your work in an understanding, fun and social environment.

Creating Relationships Through Community

Sitting down to write quite often can get a little lonely. Sitting in silence or closing out the world with headphones to get words to the keyboard. With blogs, it certainly doesn’t need to be lonely, even from the solitude of your computer. These blog communities are really networks that you can participate in where everyone has a common purpose, such as blogs about small business.

Along with reading about common interests, you create relationships. Find those who may have writings like your or maybe those in the same niche. The inspiration could be endless. This is actually one of the better ways to find guest posting opportunities. The better you establish these relationships the better you can get your blog to become more well known. Having a community to work with only makes your blog stronger by finding support and encouragement.

Everyone Is Learning Together

Even if having support isn’t really your thing you may enjoy how much you can learn from a community. You will be able to see other peoples’ blog styles, design, tonality, and presence. You can then turn to them for suggestions and further inspiration. Because there likely have been others who have experienced the same business blog woes that you have and can offer perspective.

Never fear to ask for help directly. Publicly ask if someone could read your work or double check your postings. Competitiveness won’t get very intense out there so don’t worry if someone will try to set you in the wrong direction. Remember they are there to learn too. With that said, offer and share with the community your expertise or talents so there is a healthy reciprocity. A community can be a great source of learning specific to you as well as educating others.

Don’t try to plan everything out to the very last detail. I’m a big believer in just getting it out there: create a minimal viable product or website, launch it, and get feedback.

– Neil Patel

Increase Your Blog Traffic

Joining a blogging community often increases your online presence. The more you establish yourself, create connections, share your expertise, and develop a network the more traffic your blog will receive. Much of this will be referral traffic through outbound links and guest blogging. But finding the best sources for this is to participate in those communities. As we have discussed before, you want more links about you and to your site out there. This is a great activity for your SEO and traffic, make sure to do the same for your fellow community by linking to their sites and blogs.

Like you, your blogging brethren are always looking for more and more content to share with their readers. With a community at your side, you always have a source of content to choose from. You can directly leap-frog from their content or expand on it. Then by tagging them or even have the other writer quote on the content automatically links them. Meaning that you may get some of their readers interested in some of your reads and vice versa. Generating more relevant traffic flow.

How To Get Started in a Blog Community

Thankfully there really is no specific time commitments you must set aside to experience the benefits of a community. It’s really how much you want to put in. Now some are so structured that they have official memberships badges or donation requirements. With others,  you are participating by simply getting their newsletter and promotions. Yes, you can remain “a lurker” to gain inspiration and ideas while not sharing anything at all, but it certainly won’t be as beneficial. Here are a few of the best blog communities to look into.

There are more casual options too. Start looking at networking and social sites you may already be active on. Such as Facebook or Linkedin. There are already groups that are having discussions about your niches and blogs. You may even find niches you would like to expand to, giving insight into how to best reach them. Research where your blog will fit best but don’t box yourself only into what you already know.

There’s a lot of information out there for free, so you’ve got to figure out what makes your information different.

– Matt Wolfe

Create Connections To Your Blog

Engagement is not something only reserved for your customers and content.  By engaging in a blog community you are able to get strength in numbers and information. Put an emphasis on relationships, because that is where it all starts as it does with the rest of your business. You will also be able to increase traffic and opportunities for learning. We are happy to become part of your own community too, so reach out and tell us how we can support you. 


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