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Should You Start A Small Business Blog?

Running an active blog for your small business is a big task to take on so should you bother? Creating a small business blog can have real bottom-line benefits that make it all worthwhile.

When improving your business’ online presence there is a question that many small businesses still ask themselves. And, sometimes they ask us! Does my business need a blog? Well considering that you’re reading this, we clearly like our blog. It’s normal to be uncertain if it right for your business. Yes, they can seem like a lot of work. And when other businesses are cranking out a blog post every other day it can feel impossible to find the time to keep up.

On the other hand, there is a genuine value that a blog can provide your business. Maybe the question you should be asking is what you are willing to try when growing your business. We will explore the reasons why you may want to consider a blog for your business and the best way to get started.

Writing A Small Business Blog Is Fun

No, we’re not being flippant. You’re an expert when it comes to your business and I bet you’re also passionate about what you do. So, don’t think about this as “blogging” but rather, take the opportunity to share your expertise. When you are less concerned with “getting it right” and just write, I think you’ll start to enjoy yourself.

Your small business blog will allow you to expound on all the things that set you apart, that make you great and even allow you to geek out about the most intricate parts of your business. We’ll chat about the ways to make your small business blog pay off but the first rule of blogging is: enjoy yourself!

Your Blog Will Increase Your Website Traffic

If you’re not putting your business out there, new web traffic will be more challenging to come by, no matter how beautiful or fancy your website is. People are searching the internet to find a solution, distraction and often just to educate themselves. Whatever the reason, if your business has a valuable product you can share that valuable information through your business’ blog and help people find you. If you know people are searching for questions you can answer, use a blog to start answering them publically.

Blogging is like starting a conversation in which you invite your target audience to take part. Use the verbiage, keywords, and links that all support conversation with your ideal customer. Now imagine repeating this with healthy frequency (no, daily posts are not a requirement), search engines will start noticing your efforts to provide fresh content for engagement and open more opportunity for traffic. Pair this with sharing on your social sites, forums or anywhere else online opens up more lanes of access to you.

Take a risk and keep testing, because what works today won’t work tomorrow, but what worked yesterday may work again.

– Amrita Sahasrabudhe

Find A Bigger Voice With Your Business Blog

There are things we wish our customers just knew. You probably feel the same. Maybe it’s about what you offer, your industry or maybe something personal about your business. Express yourself with your blog. Your blog is also an easy way for people to read up and learn about all the cool stuff you are up to, as a small business. 

When you share your voice, even more so than sharing interesting business matters, you can create trust with customers. This is how relationships with customers are built as well as your position as a thought leader in your industry.

People want to connect and learn online. With a blog, you can provide a different perspective other than showing your offerings. Your small business blog becomes a resource where the providing information becomes part of your sales package. Then you can more easily share your new products or initiatives with higher interest because you have an audience that trusts your opinions. To add on your trust you get to voice your personality and story with a blog which can make people inclined to begin a relationship with you.

Content, Content, Content

When it comes to marketing, what is something you could always need more of? Content. A blog is a way to reliably fulfill that need with, interesting, and shareable content. Now don’t think that means you can simply start talking about everything and anything. When you ensure that your content has quality then there will also be more quality traffic which should allow higher conversion opportunity. Just like quality ads, provide a higher quality score and thus more possibility for people to convert.

We also love re-purposing our blog posts into newsletters.

When you have more content you have more conversation starters. You can get people talking. Which is the goal of all marketing right? This isn’t just for sales. It is customer discovery, information sharing, and branding by adding a more personal layer to your business. Oh yeah, and as far as marketing goes it is very cost effective. You could start your blog for free right now!

A benefit of content creation is knowing your surroundings. When you’re looking for new content, you’ll also show customers that you’re listening. Listening to your customers, the industry, and the market. You’ll have more awareness of what is happening around you. Knowing news, needs, and trends is how you can become an even better thought leader.

The ultimate content strategy is listening.

– Marcus Sheridan

The Myths About Starting A Business Blog

You Don’t Have To Be A Great Writer

Remember, this is a conversation with your audience, not a New York Times editorial. So transfer how you typical speak with your customers on to digital paper. While you may not be a writer you certainly are entrepreneurial and your audience understands that. Write as if you are speaking with your customers. And in any case, the more you do it the better you will get.

You Don’t Have To Do It All Yourself

If you simply don’t have the time or are convinced you are a really bad writer then you may want to consider outsourcing. It’s actually quite common to find people who can write about your business for you. But please, find someone who can express in your voice that has a genuine interest in your product. Ensure that it is still your content and your ideas.

Your Blog Doesn’t Have To Be Blatantly Promotional

Being that a blog is a marketing avenue some businesses will immediately leap into the promotional model without understanding that this may turn off a lot of readers. By not doing the sales pitch you are promoting yourself authentically. Remember to have a conversation, not a presentation.

You Will Need Some Strategy

Similarly to all your other marketing initiatives, your blog will need a strategy too. This will guide you and your writers. Plan out the topics and order of your posts. This saves a lot of confusion about what to you should write next. As well as continues the thoughts on posts you may have gotten your readers to have. Also, timing specific post about any product releases or exciting news enhances the event.

You Don’t Need To Write A Lot

You do not need to post an article every day. It takes a lot of writers, trust us. Even posting a few times a month will provide the content you need to connect with your customers. Your posts don’t need to be very long either. Start small and write a few paragraphs and you’ll find that over time you’ll write more and more when appropriate.

Yes, Start a Blog For Your Small Business

Getting into the blogging game could be a new idea or one you’ve been kicking around for awhile but there is never a bad time to start. You could go all in and make it your main marketing tool or take it slow and only post on your most important information. The benefits are all very related and provide a healthy marketing foundation. Blogging is also a great pairing with your ads, which we certainly know how to start for you.



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