The Right Digital Marketing Goals For Your Small Business

The Right Digital Marketing Goals For Your Small Business

Marketing Goals are a challenge to set for most small businesses. Here’s how to decide on what marketing goals to set and how to stay organized.

Alright one last thing for the New Year. Goals are something we mention quite frequently in our articles and it’s not just about the ones used in Google Analytics. We always encourage you to base a lot of your AdWords choices and other online marketing moves on what you want to accomplish for your business. So make sure you set them right for start of the year.

Set Realistic Marketing Goals

Above all else when looking over your online marketing goals, make sure they are realistic. You’ve only got 365 days. That may seem like a lot of time but think of the number of times you’ve said “I can’t believe it’s already [fill in the month].” You do not want the tasks that should be leading you to success, to be stressing you out instead.

Setting an unrealistic goal will make everything more challenging. Effectively, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Keep goals in reach, set short milestones, value progress towards them, and make sure they make you excited.

Delegate Some Tasks

With running your business, making goals, checking them off, and having some time to yourself, your hours are stacked. Make sure that you are delegating some tasks appropriately. You don’t need to be a soloprenuer. This new year could be a time to expand, hire a freelancer or give your team more responsibility.

Delegate some micro or daily tasks like checking your AdWords accounts or checking your social media. When delegating make sure you are using your best communication skills, because improving communication is a goal we should always be improving on when running a business. This will set the example for your team and will make them more open to added responsibility.

When you delegate work to a member of the team, your job is to clearly frame success and describe the objectives.

 – Steven Sinofsky

Try Something New

There should at least be one goal in your list that is all about trying something new. A lot of change that occurs in our business is by circumstance and often by surprise. So make change that you can plan for. It could be as simple as learning something new. It could also be testing an idea out in a small, low risk test.

This helps you stay mentally flexible, allowing changes to your mindset. Over time you may find a more efficient way to accomplish goals, so account for new opportunities to change your goals a bit. Trying something new means it’s ok to drop what just isn’t working anymore.

Always Be Promoting

Here at Teacup, we know the value of constantly promoting your business. One of the top goals we have for our customers is for them to obtain more customers of their own. While we certainly can help with that, make sure you are always promoting your business elsewhere too. Promotions can be a tough and pricey one to always accomplish as a small business.

So as mentioned above you can delegate these tasks, like social media planning and updates, blogging, interacting with your community. Reviewing your entire digital presence is a big must for your organic SEO, like finally updating your website, landing pages, mobile interface and email newsletter lists. All of these contribute to growing your business.

Be Decisive When Setting Goals

One of the best way for small business to grow healthier is to be better decision makers. None of that “kinda” business. With so many task falling on a smaller group of people things can easily put off or take a lot longer to get moving. So number 1 is to put down distractions around work, this can make your brain feel even more scattered and unable to focus. Then outline your action tasks with clear descriptions. Don’t put off decisions because everyone doesn’t quite understand what it is.

Know the true impact to your business and team, let’s not over or underestimate a decision’s importance to your business. Define how you will achieve your goals by being decisive. This will generate productivity. What do you need to be able to do a certain task? Who is involved? What responsibilities do they have? Making clear decisions creates accountability and commitment.

Decisiveness is a characteristic of high-performing men and women. Almost any decision is better than no decision at all.

Brian Tracy

Organize Your Marketing Goals By Time

Once you have decided on your goals and actions organize them by a timeline. Time lengths can be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually and annually. Having timed structure creates progresses and accomplishment along the way to the bigger goals. Setting due dates early prioritizes action and keeps the team on task. Even within each time frame set those goals and task from most to least important.

In this timeline make room for checkpoints and reviews as you would for your AdWords accounts. So you can stay motivated and keep those goals from getting stale or overwhelming. This can align really well with financial projections and budgets.

Here are a few apps and ideas to organize and outline your goals.

Have Your Small Business Ready Another Year

For small business it’s easy to get caught up in just keeping things together and doing the day to day actions. Which makes it even more important to set aside time to create your goals. Even when you and your team are hustling everyday you can always breathe and review what your intentions for the year are to stay on track. Don’t set and forget.

Also, don’t forget to celebrate accomplishing them either.

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