How Reddit Can Help Your Small Business Grow

How Reddit Can Help Your Small Business Grow

Reddit helps online communities share ideas, connect with like-minded people around the world and discover new interests. Reddit is also an amazing resource for small businesses. Read on to find out how you can use Reddit to grow your business, learn from other small business owners and get inspired.

You know the part of the internet that parents tell their kids to stay away from? The websites that show more than many moms might be comfortable with? Well there is a community online that does exactly that, as well as providing a positive space for professionals. Can the two sides truly co-exist? Yes. And they exist together as Reddit, The Front Page of the Internet.

We’ve probably sucked more hours out of work than any other company 

Steve Huffman

How Does Reddit Work?

For all the Reddit n00bz out there, The Front Page of the Internet is an alternative resource of quick news, web crawlers and in-depth discussion. It’s really multiple evolutions of online forums on steroids. Reddit thrives on community and participation.

A Redditor will post a link or question to something, following with a bit of commentary or detail. Then this post is now open to the community to comment and discuss. More importantly the content can be Upvoted or Downvoted. These votes determine the position on the website feed. If a link or post is getting lots of traffic, and interaction, it will land on the front page. Posting and commenting awesome content will give you karma or reddit Gold. Karma is like your score and Gold is like a premium membership. Unfortunately no real spendable value .

Another VERY important element of Reddit the the famous Subreddits. These are categories of discussion such as r/todayilearned, r/aww, r/politics, r/showerthoughts and it goes on into the thousands. Here are some of the top subreddits. These are communities to which you can subscribe. They will then appear on your Front page so you see the latest posts. These are how people can really customize their interests and the conversations.

There is definitely a lot of lingo, text formatting and so called Reddiquette to learn to become an active Redditor. Remember this is a community and if you are posting only articles or links to your company or product moderators will mark you as a spammer quickly. They do not take that stuff lightly, so stay with us here. We’ll walk you through the basics. 

Community and Network Building On Reddit

Reddit is focused around discussion, like all other social networks. It is the perfect place to establish yourself as a thought leader. Show your know-how in a place (subreddit) in which you already know people are interested. Understand the flair and attitudes they hold, know what makes a subreddit community different from one similar to it to keep up and get their attention. Not only are you providing synergy, you are also learning a lot and establishing connections in your niche industry around the globe and various degrees of participation.

Many people use it to find collaborators, because you can easily read someone’s knowledge and understanding of the topic presented. You also gain insights into people’s attitude which is something we normally don’t get to understand till later when working with someone. Here, you can really dive into technical details and deep discussion, rather than sales pitches or promotions as you would with other social sites. Use it as on opportunity to produce traffic and buzz within a community because you’re a part of that community.

Expose Your Small Business Respectfully

One thing Reddit really doesn’t like is outright marketing. You can probably understand why. Be careful not to cross that line, because if a community feels like you’re lowering the tone be ready to get roasted. Banning people from subreddits happens very frequently. First thing you will probably want to do is to so-called creep or lurk. This is where you merely read but don’t comment or post. We recommend being a creep until you’re confident that you know your audience and their nuances. Then you can begin to expose yourself, your thoughts and ideas to that community. 

As you read you can start to spot those who would be interested in your product or service. Then comment with relevant information, feedback or customer service. The opportunities to answer negative comments is equally as great, even when it’s directly about your product. That is a chance for you to resolve something in a positive way with an audience. This is how you can get one-on-one time with customers or potential ones. More importantly this is how to expose yourself better than with invasive promotional material.

Market Research On Reddit

There is valuable marketing understanding to be had when browsing Reddit. While a subreddit is only a pocket of people, you can tap into general attitudes about your niche. Know what are the challenges and troubles they need addressed. And of course you can discover what is hot right now. Reddit’s communities are often slightly ahead of the curve.

One of the best things about Reddit is how honest everyone is there. This can of course cause a lot of trouble, but that too can be useful. When you get feedback and comments know that you are not going to find a space more honest. Know that it will take sometime to understand key players and information and use of the platform but it can be insightful when you do. Don’t take things too personally!

Reddit Tips For Small Businesses

Here are some quick tips on reddiquette and using this online black sheep as a small business resource.

1. Avoid Using Your Real Name

This is the internet! consider that if you are only representing your company don’t use your real name. Unless you are your business. Regardless, Reddit is an opportunity to be your true self or an alter-ego, so take advantage of that. 

2. Subscribe To Great Communities!

Make sure you are following the right communities and don’t miss posts. Subscribe to fun stuff, serious stuff and of course things relevant to you and relevant to your customers.

3. Take Part In An AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Ask Me Anything. Made famous by Reddit is a user to users interview format. Where a famous or notable person leaves themselves open to questions to the whole community, sometimes referenced to outside of the platform. Questions range from complex to silly, consider hosting an AMA once you get enough clout.

4. Vote & Get Involved

Downvote and upvote to make your opinions and interests known. This reveals a lot to others and shows you are participating. This is a very important part of being a Redditor.

5. Browse To Discover

Simply browsing, aka creeping, will provide a lot of information once you get used to navigating Reddit. Look at the top subreddits to know what is trending and where your business may fit into that.

6. Add The Reddit Enhancement Suite

If you really love using the Reddit and are creating good connections, you may want to add on RES as a browser extension. For even easier use.

7. Learn The Reddit Lingo

  • OP: Original Poster
  • TIL: Today I learned…
  • DAE: Does anyone else…
  • IAmA: I am a….
  • AMA: Ask me anything.
  • TL;DR: Too Long; Didn’t Read

These will help you avoid seeming like a Reddit n00b.

Become a Redditor For Your Small Business

Sure, you normally would avoid Reddit in a professional setting, reconsider this rule. This is due to how distracting it can be (and some of the, umm, edgy content). If you have the mental strength to get past it, Reddit can be a place of useful information and community support. Get familiar with the Reddit community, be your authentic self, and find useful tidbits about your niche. It will take a bit of time but if you want to get distracted or go down the Reddit rabbit hole make sure to leave your Analytics and AdWords with us, here at Teacup, before you go!

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