Physical Therapy Marketing Even If You're Not Tech-Savvy

Physical Therapy Marketing Even If You’re Not Tech-Savvy

Want to grow your practice? You can find new patients with some Physical Therapy marketing tricks and tips. Even if you’re not at all tech-savvy. We’ll start with AdWords and take it from there. 

In our journey, helping small businesses grow, we have had many opportunities to talk to entrepreneurs of all types. In particular, we’ve helped Physical Therapy clinics and solo practitioners find new clients when their referral network feels like it’s running on empty. We ask them how they want to grow. We discuss their wants, needs and, of course, challenges. Each time, we asked what they know about Adwords. A common uncertainty was that whether Adwords would work for them.  Physical Therapists are often concerned that they’re not tech savvy enough or their business isn’t “online.”

This is a common barrier even with technological adoption going up. There are fantastic businesses that customers can’t find missing because they’re not confident enough with online platforms. We want to make it clear that Adwords can be great for anyone, especially when they have the right digital tools at hand. Even busy PTs!

Adwords For An ‘Offline’ Physical Therapy Practice

Physical Therapists are similar, digitally speaking to other small businesses we’ve worked with. For example, a small batch baker who makes all his products alone in the early morning hours. Or a tea aficionado who puts together some of best teas in the world and ensures they are harvested traditionally and sustainably. She also does tea ceremonies and workshops. These two entrepreneurs are obviously running the show by themselves and do a lot of work face to face. Neither are sure how AdWords could help them.

Consider yoga and dance teachers. Then there are photographers, videographers, musicians and others, all expressing their desire to be seen by more people. This collection of conversations from such a diverse group of hard working entrepreneurs was quite inspiring and exciting! Definitively, the answer is that AdWords can help all of their businesses even if they are working with their hands, like physical therapists do every day.

The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.

– John Lasseter (Pixar)

There is a seat for physical therapists at the table of AdWords but yes, the barrier of technical and Google know how still exists. At first sight, i.e. google search, some of the first results will include taking the certification exams with Google Partners. Like most of us that are out of school we probably don’t want to see another exam ever. Especially those of you in the medical field! There are helpful videos, visuals and outlines about what AdWords is and how to use it. But once at the exams it is deceivingly technical focused. Now even if exams are a breeze for you, then what? There is still creating, testing and managing campaigns.

The truly challenging part is setting up your campaigns. Getting the setting rights, demographics, location, and of course keyword selection which alone can be a world of study. Not getting your campaigns correct creates a riskier ROI. Investing more into different keywords and and pay-per-click management.

Even if you have a campaign dialed-in there may be bottlenecks or it stops performing as well. You will be able to see it in the data, but you tracking must be also set-up correctly. Then it’s back to testing. The point being, while it is a very useful, and open for anyone to learn it is not exactly plug and play.

OK, now we’ve got that bad news out of the way, stick around to hear how it’s still feasible for physical therapists to creating a thriving practice with AdWords as a tool in their belt.

Understand the Patient Experience First

The best way to really start to grow your practice with Adwords is to understand your potential patient’s experience. Think of the problems or interest that may lead to someone to search what you offer. What does your businesses specialize in that makes it unique? Knowing how you differentiate from your competitors makes it easier for searchers to find you instead of your competition. Then think about how your uniqueness and offering can fit down into simple words. Such as sports injury rehab Seattle, which is specific rather than physical therapy which is more unique. Then think of benefits or descriptions associated with your search. For this example it could be “pain”, “spine”, “exercises.”

This is the beginning of choosing your keywords upon which to advertise. As you do this take a look at your competitors. What keywords does it take to find them? What are their unique keywords and what benefits do they have that are making them easy to find? By doing this you are understanding where you fit or would like to fit into the landscape of Adwords.

DIY Physical Therapy Marketing With Adwords

Hopefully, you’re starting to visualize your Adwords account, musing about what keywords you would use and how you would like your clinic to be seen. However, reiterating what we said about the technical barriers it will be a bit of a challenge. We know those with their own practices are not ones to take the easy route.

If you don’t want to take the DIY option (for once) you can consider hiring an AdWords expert. Then that comes down to your budget, which to hire a pro is usually can range from $500-$10,000. We also noticed in our conversations with these non-technical small businesses, that they don’t have CTOs. No surprise there of course.

Thankfully, we know of a DIY option that offers the best of an AdWords manager. Where you get to keep your costs low, still get to be hands on but also leave the complicated stuff to the experts. With the benefit not having to do the heavy technical lifting or maintenance. Teacup is really the ultimate ease of use for AdWords. The closest to plug and play that you will get. Which is why we know that it is easy for any business to benefit, regardless of their technical ability. It starts with creating an AdWords account and thinking of those keywords that describe your business (we can help you get started on those as well). We want to make it an enjoyable process that brings you results.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.

– Arthur C. Clarke

Stretch Out The Technical Barriers of Adwords

As a technical business we understand first hand that tech is always coming up with new challenges as it continuously innovates. Yes, we nerds have had our revenge, for better or worse. But as tech grows it should be about making things easier for everyone, including physical therapists. People are spending more hours of their day on their devices, looking for solutions online (to their neck and back pain). So all types of business see the value of being seen online. The technical ones just had an upper hand. Now there is a solution for this, Teacup wants to make it easy for everyone.

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