Mobile Bidding Strategies To Maximize Your AdWords Campaign

Mobile Bidding Strategies To Maximize Your AdWords Campaign

Mobile Bidding offers many different options. This article breaks each option down so you can choose the right strategy for your mobile AdWords campaign.

AdWords mobile campaigns and desktop are certainly two different creatures. This makes it important to understand which device type provides the most value for your business. Then, armed with this knowledge, increasing or decreasing your bids by device, can have an outsized impact on your results.

Along with adjusting your bids, consider a whole new bidding strategy for your mobile campaigns. First make sure you have at least separate mobile ads to clearly see the conversion data so you know how to adjust your bids. Then with this helpful little article you can choose if you would like an Automatic or Flexible mobile bidding strategy.

Automating Your Mobile Bidding Strategy

Technology can do the work for you, so why not take advantage of that. Automation can be quite useful in freeing up more time in the day to day. AdWords has a mobile bidding option for this if you are looking to going auto. With this bidding strategy it’s all about get the most clicks as possible in your set budget. Google claims that “Automated bidding takes the heavy lifting and guesswork out of setting bids.” This makes it the easiest bidding strategy, but it may also be the more expensive.

Google may choose the most expensive path, even if you set a low budget. You could deplete your budget too fast for you to get the conversions you want. With a note of caution, make sure you have a larger budget to contribute to this type of bidding strategy. Know which goals and intentions you value the most when thinking of any automated bidding strategy.

The Mobile Web Initiative is important. Information must be made seamlessly available on any device.

Tim Berners Lee

AdWords Smart Bidding

If you are looking to add your two cents to the automated mobile bidding process, look into Smart Bidding. This is a type of automated bidding that uses those automation robots to narrow in on getting you conversions. Before you begin make sure you have conversion set up on your campaigns and on your conversion pages.

What makes this type of mobile bidding so smart is that it learns from activity from your campaigns as well as external information to make sure to get you the most accurate bids for conversions. Yes, this is an algorithm. Some of the information this smart bidding takes in is device, location, time, operating system, browser and lots more depending on the network you choose. However, like many of the automated features in AdWords make sure you have the budget for it. This is not for limited budgets. Also, for Smart Bidding strategies it is recommended that you have 30-50 conversions in the last 30 days to gain its benefits. This is so it has enough data to work with and possibly makes sure you have enough budget too.

Flexible Bidding Strategies

With flexible bidding, your bids are automated to the goals, campaigns, keywords and ad groups of your choosing. So you can apply it as little or as much you want in different areas of the AdWords hierarchy. Then auto adjustments are made like in Smart Bidding. Here are the flexible bidding strategies you can use for mobile.

Maximize Clicks

Closely related to automated bidding, except you can choose where you want to have those clicks maximized. Choose which campaigns, ad groups and keywords that you want bids automatically set. If site visit and clicks within a certain budget is what you want, this will be your best option. Again, this works best with larger budgets.

Target Search Page Location

Target search page location will get you seen, and recognized, with a high chance of lots of clicks. Here bids are auto adjusted so you can get your ads at the top spot of the search page results. The goal is visibility. Get to the top of the page with this mobile bidding strategy but beware, it gets expensive. Implement this strategy at the campaign, Ad Group or keyword level.

Target Outrank Share

Ooo! Here is a competitive mobile bidding strategy. Outrank your competitors. Move aside competition! This is a another one for visibility, at least to outrank the other domains. Apply this bid strategy to campaigns, ad groups and keywords.

Target Cost Per Acquisition

A lot of campaigns are all laser focused on accumulating lots of Conversions or acquisitions. This auto bidding strategy sets your bids for those valuable conversions according to your target average cost per acquisition goal. Remember conversions can mean a lot of things, a download, email, phone call, purchase etc. Set up conversion tracking though! Target CPA can only be applied at the campaign and ad group level.

Enhanced Cost-Per-Click

This is a popular bidding strategy. What makes this flexible is that the bid is auto adjusted for your manual bid, in either direction to get you a conversion rather than just auto adjusting based on what Google feels is right. So you’ll maintain some control over your keyword bids. Select this at the campaign and ad group level application.

Target Return On Ad Spend

Target ROAS is a fun one. Here you decide on a target return on your ad budget. Bids will then be automatically set to maximize the value of your conversions. Set this strategy at the campaign, Ad Group and keyword level.

While the difference between flexible and non-flexible strategies are slight, it’s good to have elements that are in your control.

Manual Mobile Bidding Strategies

The best option for the most control and for those who are looking to be more budget conscious is manual bidding. When you think of bidding, this will the closest you will get to a typical auction. This is a GREAT place to start with mobile bidding strategies and adjusting your campaigns by device type. Google is probably not going to say that out loud however – automated bidding certainly generates more revenue for them. If you don’t have the budget, manual bidding may take a bit more time but you will get the most control over your campaign and budget.

51% of all digital ad budgets in 2016 were spent on mobile. With that said 2017 was no different, and us marketers should suspect that mobile in 2018 should continue to grow. Don’t be discouraged by your budgets! There is always a way for you to participate. Here is some more info to help you choose the bidding strategy best for your business.

The important thing about mobile is, everybody has a computer in their pocket. The implications of so many people connected to the Internet all the time from the standpoint of education is incredible.

Ben Horowitz

Place Your Bids On Your Mobile Bidding Strategy

Whichever bidding strategy you choose, know that on mobile, customer decisions are made faster and there needs to be less fluff. Aligning the goals of mobile searcher to your goals will be the best strategy for mobile bidding. There is obviously a large gradient of control for bids, make sure you have the right data and resources to implement any of them. Either way focusing more on the variety of devices is a good move. 

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