Marketing Your Small Business On StumbleUpon

Marketing Your Small Business On StumbleUpon The Right Way

When it comes to marketing your small business, StumbleUpon can slip under the radar. We’re here to help you tap into this underappreciated small business resource.

For most of us we probably only think of using social media that we use on the day-to-day for ourselves. Facebook and Instagram being the obvious choices nowadays, with the others falling somewhere in between. There are a few others that are useful, entertaining, and great for personal AND business.

Sitting among the top is StumbleUpon. They’ve actually been a longtime player with beginnings way, way back in 2001. That’s before MySpace. Whos space? What’s that? StumbleUpon is probably the ultimate content recommendation site around and is based on peer sourcing and social networking. So less using the network to talk, but more so to find. We want to help you understand how to use StumbleUpon to help people to find your business.

Why Am I Stumbling Across StumbleUpon?

Usually stumbling is something you do not want to do. Something we reserve for when we get nervous in presentations or having to much fun on a night out. StumbleUpon is a platform for “stumbling upon” content or websites based on users interests. When a user likes something they have stumbled on they can save the site to their profile to keep up. What made this network famous is that their stumble button would send them to a brand new website, but usually a site that someone in their network has visited before.

So, again, you really need to know your audience. Then, you can utilize this platform to get your content moving as long as you target the right interests. However, this is a network, not a place for people to place their content, forget it and then wait for lots of people to start visiting their pages. You need to be an active user/account, with good ratings to have your content found. Stumble does not want this to be a promotional site. Like Reddit, they will quickly say goodbye if you are trying to only take from the community.

However, StumbleUpon now has a Paid Discovery option, aka ads, for those wanting just to promo. It is based on something those keeping up with us should know; CPC. But to promote you gotta pay up, each click on your site will cost you tiers of $0.05, $0.10, and $0.25 for premium. It has echoes of AdWords; with targeting by demographics and location, tracking even quality score. If you have the budget and no time this may be the right way for you to get involved in the Stumble community. Here is more info on Stumble’s Paid Discovery.

Content, Content, Content

First, set up a complete profile to maximize the transparency and information people want to know to connect with you. Like we discussed with LinkedIn, the platform rewards those who have a whole profile. Then it’s all about content. Stumble EATS content so you have to be a bit strategic. Of course, if you are going the unpaid route you need to be Stumbling upon more content than submitting. Find the content you like, the content of those you follow, even those who follow you and SHARE. Reciprocity rules.

As you get more involved, take a look at your own content. Is share-worthy? Will the interests and communities find your content helpful? Really it is about putting your best content forward. You will be placed with a lot of other content, so make sure your title is compelling, have an interesting description and to tag it right. Which is basically making sure you tag the right keywords. Right AdWords people?! Lastly, get a good hero image to catch eyes. Important to note that there is an unknown cap on how many pages you can add from a single domain page. So be mindful of the content you want to share, not to add every single new item to your site.

I’m interested in sites that help people find information and filter what’s available. The Internet is so big that no one can stay on top of everything.

Garrett Camp

StumbleUpon: A Place Of Exposure and Connection

As you do unpaid promotion, you will begin to understand the exposure this brings to your business and you to others. Getting into StumbleUpon helps you not only put your business out there but connects you to more people. Which is where quality customers can arise from. By searching for content like yours you will find the communities that are into that sort of thing, then to be able to find webs to other communities. As you stick to it you will also be able to discover what and who is up and coming in your sector. And if you do connect with these people you can give personal messages to those who you share their content. This is a lot friendlier than some communities found on Reddit, even if you can downvote content in Stumble. So take some time building your network.

As you think of who or where these communities are, 45%, are in the U.S. with an average time of 6 minutes on the site. Seems like users absorb content quite fast. Remember when we said the importance of having a good title? Probably, one of the best things to keep in mind it that almost 60% of traffic is done on a desktop. So if you’re thinking of your target audience, think about their desktop usage. Here is a bit more about StumbleUpon metrics.

It’s more effective to do something valuable than to hope a logo or name will say it for you.

– Jason Cohen

Top StumbleUpon Tips For Small Businesses

To make sure you are able to capture some traffic from this platform here are a few quick tips.

Tip 1: Wear Your Badge

Once you have become a truly active member, you can add your StumbleUpon badge to your website. So people can easily add you to their profile, making you even more easily found on the platform.

Tip 2: Use The System

This is the link shortening system native to the StumbleUpon platform. This makes it even easier to post and share content efficiently.

Tip 3: Educate and Inform

The content that gets the most love is usually educational and informative. Good infographics, tutorials, and how-tos get attention. To get popular have your content have a good takeaway.

Tip 4: Make Lists And Stay Organized

Making lists helps you organize the content you like. So it may be others in your niche, thought leaders, promising newbies, those you look up to, or things you feel would be useful to share. Making lists certainly helps navigate the overwhelming amount of content you will encounter.

Tip 5: Use The ToolBar

If you really want to become a power Stumbler, consider adding the StumbleUpon toolbar to your web browser. As long as it doesn’t put you at risk for distraction!

Start Using StumbleUpon For Your Small Business

Want to drive your content in a healthy way through social networks? While discovering new and useful info? Here’s how to get started. StumbleUpon is an easy platform to get moving on. Along the way, make sure you have good content to share and care about reciprocity. You will even find elements familiar to AdWords and may even discover new keywords while you’re there.

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