Keeping Your Ads Approved in AdWords

Keeping Your Ads Approved By AdWords

Getting your ads approved by Google is easy but running afoul of their strict review process still happens. Here’s how to make sure your ads are running, and stay running.

Do you have the swing of AdWords by now? Getting impressions, clicks and conversions? Fingers crossed we hope you do! But there is a possibility that even when you have done all of that work it could still be denied. Meaning your ad was not up to snuff by Google’s standards. They keep pretty clear and strict rules about the quality of the ads in their massive network.

The design, content and targeting of your ad is just how you want it but then it gets disapproved. This sad notification means your ad didn’t survive the approval process, aka your ad is not safe or appropriate according to the AdWords policies. Once you are aware of the rules and how to fix it preventing it becomes much easier. We want Google to like you so we are here to make sure you stay approved.

Let’s get it straight from Google:

Finding Your Google AdWords Ad Statuses

Best place to start is the Status column. That is where you can see which of your ads have been approved, disapproved or many other statuses. There you will also see the reason why your ad has the status that it does based the the policies Google holds.

  1. Sign in to AdWords
  2. Click Campaigns
  3. Select Ads
  4. Click “Status” column

Google AdWords Statuses You’ll See

Here are the statuses you may find displayed for your ads in the column and are giving by Google:

  • Eligible: Most ads will have this status right out the gate, meaning that your ad is under review. Not approved or disapproved…yet. In this time of limbo this Eligible ad can appear in the search network but not the display network or for those who have SafeSearch on. Reviews take normally 1 business day, so have patience.
  • Under review: This status, obviously, also means your ad is under review but it cannot appear on any network in the me Reviews usually take one day. The types of ads that normally fall under this label are media ads, partner network site ads, and ads that are for alcohol and gambling.
  • Approved: Yes! You have been approved, and are fit for Google’s audiences.
  • Approved (limited): While this status is still good your ad may not appear everywhere due to what the ad is promoting or use limits.
  • Disapproved: Aww man! This is the bummer status, meaning you have hit more work to do to get your ad aligned with the policies of Google.
  • Site suspended: All joking aside now. You definitely do not want this status, but obviously there is something you are doing that is not appropriate. Re-review your site, links, and content before pleading with Google.
  • Serving: This is the approval status for video ads.
  • Not Serving: As you may have guessed, the video and all content around the video has been disapproved.

More Google AdWords Statuses

These statuses are the ones you get to control:

  • Paused: This is for when you when you want an ad inactive, also pausing any cost the ad would normally accumulate. But keep in mind once you place this label Google will take a peek at paused ads to make sure they are wholesome when unpaused.
  • Pending: These ads are paused by you until a active scheduled time, so it is in waiting mode.
  • Ended: All done. Ads that are Ended mean the scheduled time of the ad is done.
  • Removed: If you are just over a specific ad then you Remove them. They will not show or cost you.

Stop selling. Start helping”

-Zig Ziglar

Reasons Your Ad Has Been Disapproved

Are you wondering what the heck can get your ad disapproved? There are ads as you can guess highlight the obvious dangerous, inappropriate and dishonest content. Here is a brief summary of why your ad could be disapproved.

  1. The obvious inappropriate promotion of illegal or suspicious activity and content adult, offensive and dangerous content.
  2. You went over your allotted text amount for your ad. Read this to keep your text approved by Google.
  3. The ad has abnormal text. That’s why there are no ads with emojis.
    • Weird         added     spaces.
    • OdD cAPITALizATions
    • Repetition Repetition
    • 0DD Sy3b@L5*!
  4. Chill with the exclamations. You get one “!” in the copy, not in the headline.
  5. Same with capitalizations, you cannot do all caps. Caps are allowed for the first letter in a word or promo codes.
  6. You have more than one display URL in your Ad group.
  7. Another for your URLS; is that your ad’s display url doesn’t match the root domain of the destination url which would normally be your landing page.
  8. Other annoying text mistakes. Online ads already have stigma, so combining it with the annoyances of traditional ads is a no-no.
    • Don’t tell people where to “Click”. You may not use the word click in your ad. No making demands of “Click Here”.
    • Best, Greatest, #1. Using unsupported ultimate claims is not tasteful for AdWords.

The beautiful part of writing is that you don’t have to get it right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon. 

-Robert Cormier

Keeping Your Ads Approved In AdWords

You don’t have to worry too much when your ad gets disapproved if the intention of your products and website is wholesome. Google is forgiving even with all the rules they have in place. Keep in mind this is for all elements of your ad; headline, text, keywords, landing page, and website. Once you create your ads they are immediately under scrutiny and should be approved within a business day.

In the AdWords platform Google show you why your specific ad is disapproved and the policies related to it. You then will be able to immediately make edits to submit for re-approval. Keep in mind if you need your ad approved by a particular date so make sure you act within reasonable time. Another thing to think of is that once you make edits to your ad all sats will be rest as if you created a new ad.

Easily Keep Your Campaign Approved in AdWords

With presenting anything to public domain there needs to be some sort of etiquette, and obviously for Google AdWords they have this well defined. However, if you are a rather wholesome business the policies are pretty easy to follow. Try to behave when it comes to creating your ad copy, there is no need to get wacky. At Teacup we understand these Google’s guidelines pretty well and only get wacky when it’s fun for everyone. Trust in us. Your ad will get noticed while Teacup is jumping through the approval hoops.

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