Is Adwords Right For Me?

Is Adwords Right For Me?

Is AdWords right for me and my business? Well, only you can answer that but we’ll help you make an informed decision about your business, budget and advertising goals.

The Teacup team has spent a lot of time getting to know small businesses in our communities, networks and social circles. Inevitably, the question of growth comes up and before we discuss whether AdWords can help them find new customers, we usually ask if they want to grow their business at all. 

The answer is usually a resounding “YES!”. Of course all entrepreneurs want to grow their business one way or another. But many have tapped out of their network, have budgeting issues. or cannot take time away to find the solutions of growth for their business. This is when we chime in about Adwords! There are plenty of marketing channels and AdWords is only one of many but it is an effective part of a sound marketing strategy.   

In getting to know the entrepreneurs and small businesses around us, we have found that a lot of people have uncertainty about digital advertising and AdWords in particular. That’s why we’ll address some of the common barriers to Adwords that entrepreneurs like you (and like us) may be having.

I Don’t Have Much Of An Online Presence. Can I Still Use AdWords?

We live in a time where likes, followers and hearts hold so much (perceived) value, it can become easy to feel a little insecure about not having enough. Some businesses receive thousands of likes each time they post a photo and when (maybe) you post a status update, the people who like it are your close friends, mom and your cousin’s cat’s profile. The question then becomes “How can I market online if a lot of people don’t seem to know who I am online?”. Is AdWords right for you if it you don’t have a lot of eyes looking at you online?

Unless you intend on getting most of your customers from social media, the real value is if you are finding new customers and generating revenue for your business. The number of likes and followers can be superficial. Adwords is a tool to place your business in front of customers, at the very moment that they are looking for what your business offers. Even if you don’t have a following you can still use AdWords to advertise to those who search for businesses like yours. You don’t even need to have a social media account!

“Please Repeat: Influence is NOT Popularity!”

Brian Solis

Now we are not dismissing social media, it is a great channel for many businesses. So if you really want to improve your social following, Adwords can help there too. Consider using Adwords extensions and having social media buttons in the marketing channels that the ads lead to. But what is for certain is that whether you have thousands of followers or no followers, AdWords is right for your business.

I Don’t Even Have A Website. Can I Still Use AdWords?

Yes, you can still use AdWords, even without having a website. But… you’ll still need somewhere for the ad to take a potential customer when they click.

If you’re thinking of using Facebook’s business profile, I’d recommend you don’t. There are a number of potential pitfalls there. However, what you can do instead is use various website builders, like GoDaddy’s Website Builder or Wix, to whip up some quick “landing pages” for your ads. Sure, this takes some time but these days, you can get a page up and running in about 5 minutes. While this is a good solution, it isn’t a great solution. Landing pages need to be relevant to each ad’s keyword so you may need to take more time to build more landing pages.

An even easier solution is to use Teacup. We automatically build the landing pages for you, spinning out new landing pages for each keyword and each ad. Teacup handles the hosting too. Ultimately, you should probably get a website up and running soon as it is feasible but it doesn’t have to be a barrier to getting new customers with AdWords right away.

What Types Of Businesses Can Use AdWords?

Do you have to have an “online” business to use AdWords? Absolutely not! Entrepreneurs like bakers, dance teachers, tea makers, wood workers all can find success with AdWords. All the things that we enjoy and love for when we are not on our phones or computers (getting distracted by cat videos). Adwords is a very inclusive tool regardless of what kind of business you have, you just have to want to grow your business. AdWords doesn’t require esoteric knowledge or the revenge of the nerds. It is to empower any type of business to find new customers.

If you are a business that is not tech focused and would like to understand digital marketing, begin with the basics. Start by thinking of your industry and competitors and do simple searches for them. “Artisanal bakeries”, “urban dance studios”, “sustainable tea” etc.. Do you notice their ads? In the search results, in articles you read, maybe they have a video ad on social media. This is to see what the landscape looks like as a potential customer. By understanding a customer’s experience you will be able to better reach them yourself.

When you are ready there are tons of resources online (like this blog) that gets into the finer details. Then you can decide if you would like to DIY, hire an agency, or skip all that and have us at Teacup make it simple for you. Teacup is one of a few solutions that make it easy for anyone to create their ad without having to study, research, dedicate hours, or hand over a chunk of their monthly revenue.

Is AdWords Right For Solopreneurs and Micro-businesses?

With the many productivity apps and software tools, people are able to run business as “soloprenuers” now. But that still doesn’t mean they have more time. Learning how to run succesfful Adwords campaigns can take a lot of time. Time that entrepreneurs (most of you) don’t really have. Almost 50% of small business owners work 50 hours or more. If you’re a solopreneur, please don’t give up the final bits of your personal life for AdWords – you don’t need to.

We know you solopreneurs like to love to do it yourself. Which is certainly commendable. But studying, researching, maybe becoming AdWords certified, implementing and maintaining a campaign is going to cut into your valuable time. Even the best marketers, developers and CTOs would still have to invest time to wrap their heads around Adwords.

Hiring someone to just do it all for you is, of course an option, but that eats up your ad budget. We understand that for entrepreneurs it never feels like there is enough time. With Teacup you can still be that solo-prenuer, and we only ask for mere minutes of your time every month.

Is AdWords Right For Small Budgets?

This is probably the biggest barrier for most of the small businesses we know. Adwords appears to be quite costly and requires a large ad budget. There is some truth to that perception, AdWords can be very costly. Small business are always adjusting their budgets and looking at the numbers. It is not easy being a small business trying to grow and find the money to implement an advertising strategy, but to increase revenue is exactly why you want to do it. A well know vicious cycle that all entrepreneurs and small business face at some point.

Google does provide all the info you need to learn about Adwords for free. But it will come down to time, resources and technical experience. And if budgeting is your concern, hiring a marketing agency or AdWords professional is unlikely to be an option. This is another area that Teacup can help with – our very approachable pricing.  It will cost you nothing to sign up and we won’t trap you with a contract or commitment. So no surprises on your bank statements later. Other cost effective solutions are out there, like SiteWit, NewHound and others.

AdWords Is Right For Business That Want To Grow

In 2000, AdWords launched with only 350 businesses, now it is in use by millions, proving that it is an effective way to reach the audiences you want and gets results. It is tool that has been around for few years now and has made significant improvements since the early days. We at Teacup feel it is time to make it accessible for any business to implement. You just have to want to grow. No matter of the number of followers, tech know how, if you have little time or a little budget. AdWords can be right for everyone.

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