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Web Pro Marketing: How to Get Started in Digital

How to Transform your Full-Stack Developer Talents into Digital Marketing Skills

In the world of web pros, the term “full-stack” is everywhere. It’s written into job titles, seen in headlines and on the rise in popularity. As a full-stack pro, you’re always seeking new ways to push the limits and expand. Whether you’re working for yourself or someone else, learning new skills is always a smart thing to do. So how can you transform your already existing full-stack resume into a full-package that will earn you more money? How can you build your business? It’s easier than you think if you can add something to your layers: digital marketing. Let’s dive into developer marketing.

So what is a “full-stack developer?” According to Codeup, it’s someone who is familiar with every layer of computer software development. They have a solid, general sense of the entire process. While they may not be an expert at everything, they have the ability to take an idea and make it a reality. Speaking Java and writing HTML, they know about databases and hosting and can even design the front and back-end of the product. Needless to say, full-stack developers are valuable. But, with an added knowledge of digital marketing, we think their possibilities are endless.


Why Digital Marketing?

Technology is only becoming more and more prominent in today’s business world. As a full-stack web pro, you hold the reins in controlling where you want to go. If you’re looking to expand your skill set, seeking a new role or trying to find new services to offer your clients (or show off to your boss), then digital marketing is the perfect segway into new opportunities. Digital marketing is defined as marketing via electronic devices so you’re (kinda) halfway there! Adding digital marketing to your stack is beneficial for you and those around you.

Here are just some of the many reasons why you should adopt developer marketing:

Earn More Money

Digital marketing can take you to new levels professionally and financially. Whether its a promotion, absorbing another role at your company or making money via clients, digital marketing holds new ways for you to earn more money. Our latest post described seven unique recurring revenue streams that you can learn today as a web pro.

Become a Better Developer/Designer

You create the foundation and framework that customers interact with. As a knowledgeable marketer, you can look at this in a new way by understanding user and buyer behavior and marketing trends. You are destined to write better code or develop better products if you see the whole scope. Take into account the aftermath of packaging to sell, how it attracts prospects, and how to retain customers.

Ready Yourself as an Entrepreneur

Should you ever decide to launch your own product or company (or maybe you already have), becoming a digital marketer will brace you for the challenges ahead. While you may have built a spectacular product under the hood, not understanding how to present and sell the car is the biggest hurdle of many software startups. The more you learn today can pay off for you later.

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Building on What You Have

You may be thinking, your full-stack is already stacked. Between conceptualizing, coding, developing, hosting and so many other layers, where can you squeeze in full-stack developer marketing? Build on what you already offer and find ways to mix it in. To get started, here are some typical full-stack qualities and a related field within digital marketing you might mesh with best.


If you like HTML or Java, try WordPress.

To start, WordPress is the top blogging platform out there. If you aren’t familiar with it already, become comfortable because you’ll become an asset in the world of digital marketing. WordPress has infinite custom coding abilities and is a developer’s dream being able to customize just about anything. Become a WordPress expert and it’ll be a quick entry and stamp of approval for any marketer. Not to mention, many other marketing platforms can use some custom code like email software and even Facebook or Pinterest business pages.

If you like front-end development, try SEO.

You’re already creating the framework for users and designing what they see so SEO is your natural fit. SEO, or search engine optimization, is what allows Google and other search sites to find your website. Solid SEO increases web traffic since people are able to find your site more easily and Google rewards those with good content. Dip your toes into the world of SEO. Strengthen your knowledge of this beast to compliment your other front-end skills.

If you like website design, try graphic design.

You’re already a designer, so what better fit than heightening your graphic design skills? A marketing job is never ending with design needs inside and outside just digital. Flaunt your design skills with the ability to design creative brochures, banners, trade-show booths, and other marketing collateral. On the digital side, you can create Facebook ads, banner ads, landing pages, infographics and other necessary digital needs. It’s invaluable to have a good graphic designer within the marketing department.

If you like databases and web storage, try CRM management.

While it’s not traditional marketing, CRM setup and management is a full-time gig. Working closely with both the sales and marketing sides, CRMs are what connect your company with current clients, prospects and every relationship in between. Becoming familiar with SalesForce or another popular CRM will boost your marketing portfolio. In addition, SalesForce will give you a developer’s account FREE just to play around with!

If you like algorithms and data, try AdWords.

Marketing on Google takes patience and an analytic, persistent mindset. While one can argue that every business has a reason to market with AdWords, it takes a specially skilled marketer to be successful on the platform. AdWords is the pinnacle of PPC advertising which boils down to impressions, click-throughs, and conversions – aka big data. If you’re a number-person, you’ll thrive in the world of AdWords. As a marketer, you’ll flourish being an AdWords pro being able to launch, optimize and monitor campaigns. Furthermore, you can gain your AdWords certification for free from Google’s Academy for Ads.

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Offering the Full Package in Developer Marketing

As valuable as you are as a full-stack developer, being able to offer more will make you irreplaceable. Build your digital marketing skills directly from the skills within your stack to migrate into this new field seamlessly. It may take a bit of education and practice but it’s worth it in the end. You’ll soon be crossing the waters and able to contribute valuable content with a unique spin. As a reult, you’ll be adding full-stack marketer to your business title in no time.

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