How to sell Adwords

How to Sell AdWords to Your Clients

As a web professional, you are continuously seeking new ways to impress and win over your clients. You’ve already designed their websites, assisted with IT needs, and so many more under-the-hood items, but what can you offer now? You have this well-oiled machine running for your client. What can you do to help them build their business even more? You’ve begun researching ways to offer marketing services to your client but nothing seems quite right until you discover: AdWords. Google’s AdWords is an intricate mix of data, algorithms, and A/B testing. Web developers or other web pros are attracted to this marketing strategy because the maintenance and success of PPC marketing aren’t too far from what they’re already used to. So, how do you begin to sell AdWords to your clients?


Which Clients Are Right for AdWords?

All of your clients are a bit different, so which are a good fit to try marketing with AdWords? Believe it or not, over 45% of small business already use PPC marketing. Start with clients who already advertise with Facebook or Instagram. They may be more receptive to your pitch since they’re used to PPC models. If they aren’t currently running any PPC campaigns, there’s a good chance their competitors are. Don’t hesitate to remind them of that!

More factors to consider when determining who is right for AdWords is whether or not their customer value is high. Are their services quite expensive? Would they pay more to attract a new customer? Try to target clients who have a lucrative niche with high customer value.

Really, any business that is looking to attract new customers is a good candidate for AdWords. Even those with a small marketing budget can benefit from adding it to its strategy. So, unless your client isn’t looking for new business, they are right for AdWords.


Make Them Believe in PPC Before You Sell AdWords

There are many misconceptions about using AdWords that business owners believe. If you’re well prepared, you can put these worries to rest instantly. If your clients give these common hesitations, combat their fears with these responses:


“I don’t have a strong enough online presence”

Funny enough, you don’t need a strong online reputation to be successful. It’s all about attracting new customers. We want to find those who are looking for you now, not those who already know who you are!

“My company isn’t tech-focused”

AdWords works for any industry! It’s all about targeting people who are looking for what you offer. Think about all the times you have searched for a “topic + near me.” You don’t need to be a tech company to fit into Google.

“AdWords is too expensive”

We set a budget together and Google cannot exceed this daily spend. There is no way to pay more than you want! Let’s set a budget that we’re both comfortable with. We’ll start small!

“You only get to the top by paying more”

Google actually favors quality content over price. If we write a good ad with an informative landing page, you’ll pay less money and still appear higher in the results than competitors.

“I’ll save money doing it myself”

Unfortunately, AdWords is a very complex marketing tool. It takes a lot of time and energy to run successful campaigns because of so many nuances. I can optimize your ads and the better they become, the lower I can make your costs.

“Nobody clicks on Google ads”

Google made over $95.4B in ad revenue last year. In fact, 97% of Google’s revenue is via AdWords and ads so trust me. People click on ads. Besides, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad so, at the very least, you’re getting free advertising by hosting an AdWords campaign.


Roll Out Your AdWords Strategy in 7 Steps

Here are actionable steps that will help you get your AdWords services off the ground.

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1. Complete your Google AdWords Certification

If you don’t already have your AdWords certification, get it for free from Google’s Academy for Ads. This two-part test is necessary if you want to be viewed as a proper AdWords professional. The courses are a bit time consuming, but they will teach you all the basics and give you a great overall sense of the platform.

2. Structure Your Pricing

Before you get your first client, you need to decide how you make money! If you already offer a monthly package to your clients, considering adding PPC Management as an add-on service. If you prefer project-based pricing, consider a six month or one year trial. AdWords is a long game marketing strategy so it often takes a few months to start seeing real traction. It can take weeks to figure out the perfect keywords and gather enough data to make the correct optimizations. The third option is charging a percentage of the marketing budget. Agencies charge 10-25% of the marketing budget in their fees.

3. Pitch Your Clients

Aside from dispelling any fears that may arise, share the benefits that AdWords marketing brings. Taking a gamble on a new marketing channel is scary! Make your client feel confident and trust you. There are many benefits to using AdWords, so figure out what your client needs most. Is it more website traffic? More visits to their store? More phone calls for deliveries? Tap into your clients’ pain points and show how you can solve these problems for them. You’re not just trying to sell AdWords, but sell a new avenue to help their business succeed.

4. Set Expectations

It’s important to lay out realities up front. Be sure to outline what exactly your services include like how many campaigns and hours per week you will spend. AdWords is a long-term strategy and can take months to gain real traction. Set goals that you’re confident with. Draw out a proposal that outlines all these points so it’s clear to your client. When you sell AdWords, it’s important to be transparent with your client. Download our sample client proposal below to help you get started drafting your own.

5. Determine a Starting CPC

A beneficial but difficult conversation to have with your client is discussing how much a lead is worth to them. How much would they spend for a new customer? This is often based on how much their services cost and the likelihood of repeat business. This cost is a great place to benchmark your CPC.

Once you have a few interested parties, now the real action begins. Will you manage these campaigns yourself or should you outsource to an AdWords software? PPC monitoring is a time-consuming task, especially if you consider the repetitive duties it requires. Even if you’d prefer to hold the reigns and power the campaigns yourself, the admin upkeep and campaign monitoring are where time gets lost as a PPC manager. If you use a software (like Teacup) it can remove much of the busy work to help you make optimization decisions faster and more easily.

6. Deliver Regular Reports

In order to keep your clients happy, you need to present reports of your AdWords progress. If you can package reports nicely to prove your campaign’s worth, your client is bound to stay satisfied and even consider increasing their budget. While AdWords offers many in-house reports, they can be confusing to parties who aren’t well-versed in AdWords. This is another added bonus of considering outsourcing to an AdWords platform since many generate simpler, easy to share reporting features.

7. Keep the Momentum Going

Fast forward a few months and (hopefully) you have a few happy AdWords customers. Now that you can showcase your best campaigns and prove your expertise, you can consider building the price of your package. For new clients, add a setup fee or think about adding performance-based bonuses when you sell AdWords.

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Succeeding as an AdWords Manager

The choice to sell AdWords as a web pro has endless potential but can be difficult at first. Until you lay the framework and attract you first few clients, it’s an uphill battle to justify the time dedication that AdWords will consume. Thankfully, there are many options to help alleviate pressures and help you save time. At the end of the day, you are directly helping your clients’ businesses grow while growing yourself!

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