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How to Create an Awesome Newsletter Strategy

One marketing strategy you may not have thought about lately is email. While email marketing may feel outdated, it’s one of the most powerful and influential sources available. There is a reason your inbox fills up day after day from your favorite stores, brands and companies. More specifically, email newsletters may have escaped your mind. Whether you already have a newsletter or hope to start one soon, you’re on the right track by saying YES to email marketing. So how do you create an awesome newsletter strategy that’s easy to maintain and worth your valuable time?

Emails are still relevant and effective and it will stay that way as long as email is around. Here is a roundup of articles that will teach you everything you need to know to create a successful newsletter strategy for your small business.

Should Your Small Business Have a Newsletter?

Should Your Small Business Have a Newsletter?

For any small or large business, one thing you do not want to do is create more work for yourself. You value any extra moment you can get, so adding more forms of marketing seems exhausting. Is having a newsletter worth it? Before you dive into starting a newsletter, discover if it is truly a good fit for your business. Learn its value and how your business will benefit specifically. Know if a newsletter is right for your business.

Blog vs Newsletter For Small Businesses

Blog vs Newsletter For Small Businesses

We all love an informative, quirky, and interesting blog. Strategically speaking, we should use our blog to share what we are up to and other helpful information with our audiences far and wide. With limited resources, you might be forced to choose between a blog or an email newsletter. There are certainly benefits to both, but you may favor one over the other.

Blogs are great for reaching a wide range of people both professionally and casually, while newsletters are the perfect way to touch a specific audience. Regardless of the platform, they both help you communicate with those who want to hear from you. Find out if a blog or a newsletter (or both!) is better for your business.

5 Newsletter Best Practices to Empower Your Brand Today

email newsletter best practices

Did you finally decide to try out this whole newsletter thing? To create information for specific lists of audiences and more exclusive communication? Well, let’s make sure you are doing it right! You have a captive audience when communicating to your email list(s) so how do you make it extra special? Whether you are new to this or a seasoned emailer, there is always room for improvement. Find out how to make your newsletters even better with these 5 best practices.

How to Attract New Subscribers By Promoting Your Newsletter

promoting your newsletter

Promotions are one-way communication and the easiest way to advertise your product. The problem is that promoting is like loudly talking about yourself in an echo chamber – you might be the only one hearing it. To truly reach your audience and fan base, you want to think more like your readers and audience. When creating your newsletter strategy, how do you build up your email lists while still promoting sales? Here is how to get more readers for your newsletter.


Bonus: Quick Tips For Newsletter Strategy Success

Make Sign-Up Simple

The sign-up process should be clear and foolproof. Avoid clutter and cut to the point when asking someone to register. Also, limit the fields you require them to provide. While you may wish to collect more information about them, you can ask for this later. Keep the sign up short with just an email (and maybe a name).

Keep Your Content Interesting

Always do your best to provide your readers with emails that matter! Whether it’s information, advice or sharing a fun story, keep them entertained while plugging your products and services. Stay away from strictly sales pitches! If you’re lacking content ideas for your emails, share the same content you are sharing on your blog and social channels.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Subject Lines

Your beautiful and informative newsletter doesn’t matter if it doesn’t get opened. The first impression is with your subject line. Keep it short, clever, and relevant.

Make Unsubscribing Easy

People are bound to unsubscribe, it’s the name of the game. Treat people just as professional and friendly as you were when welcoming them. Make unsubscribing easy so they leave with a positive feeling about you.


Create Inbox Excitement With Your Newsletter Strategy

We have seen innovations in digital communication threaten the life of email over and over, but here we are still checking it every day. Newsletters are still an effective form of marketing and can become an exciting avenue for you and your audience. Begin informative and special dialogues with those who want to hear from you and you’ll be keeping the conversation going for a long time!

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