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How to Attract New Subscribers By Promoting Your Newsletter

When brainstorming new ideas for your email newsletter, it’s hard to develop content that isn’t sales focused. The goal of sending a newsletter is not only to stay top of mind but to grow your business. You want to gain new subscribers that will hopefully one day become paying customers. The more readers, the more people there are interested in your business, right? If you don’t vary your content and continue to send sales email after sales email, your readership will start dropping off. People may love your brand, but if the only message they hear from your is “Buy now!” they will lose interest. So how do you attract new subscribers by promoting your newsletter? Here are a few ways that promoting your newsletter can be more effective and efficient at growing your subscriber base. First, let’s work from the ground up.


3 Parts to a Solid Newsletter Foundation

Before you worry about growing your audience, you need a solid email strategy. The most successful emails have many brilliant components, but rest assured they always have these three things:

Call To Action

Your call to action, or CTA, should be the central focus of your email. While good emails inform and provide beneficial content, they should propose the next step to readers. After all, you don’t want a prospect’s interest to die in their inbox because you didn’t provide an action! Common CTA’s you might include are learning more about a product, booking a reservation, or visiting your website. The major point of a CTA is to begin a conversation and inspire someone to take the next step. As a general rule, only have one CTA per email otherwise your message can easily become complicated.

Landing Page

One of the most successful places you can direct CTA’s to our special landing pages. Landing pages allow your reader to stay focused and easily get the information they are seeking. From a well thought out landing page, you take the conversion to a whole new level by offering more details, specifics, pricing or instructions. Think of landing pages as the next step to the email. To learn more about the importance of landing pages, read our blog post all about them HERE.

Thank You

To really make your email subscribers feel special, include some version of a thank you. This reminds your readers that you are grateful for their attention and appreciate them individually. Expressing gratitude should be a consistent message for your company to maintain a more personal line of communication and show that you value them.

Once you have all three of these elements solidified, it’s time to start promoting.


Go Full Circle with Social Media

When expanding the number of marketing channels you use, find ways to have them work together. One platform that seamlessly integrates other channels is social media. Social media is generally better for mass communication while newsletters are for more exclusive conversation. However, when used together they are even more powerful.

The best progression of joining newsletters to social media is including links within emails to your social sites – and it goes both ways. If someone opts into your email newsletter, they’d happily like you on Facebook too. The same as how a Twitter follower might gladly sign up for your newsletter. In your newsletters make sure to include these social sharing buttons. If make these icons look more personal, download buttons that match your branding.

Once in a while on your social platforms, post about your newsletter and ask for followers to subscribe by offering a special incentive. Offer a discount, free download, or some other small offering that makes them want to join the club. Advertise the benefits of becoming a subscriber such as exclusive sales, early-bird access, or VIP treatment.

Here are a few more tips to grow your social and newsletter relationship.


Promoting Your Newsletter, Everywhere

With so many ways of communicating, there may be places you overlooked to promote your newsletters. Integrate a simple CTA that makes sign-up easy and be sure to display it consistently and subtly. So where can you place these buttons to promote signups? Promoting your newsletter to attract new readers is easy on:

  • Your homepage and website, anywhere you want
  • On your blog, commonly on the bottom or a pop-up
  • In your social media bios or description section(s)
  • In your email signatures, takes these for inspiration
  • The “Contact Us” page of your website
  • All of your thank you pages
  • Purchase confirmation pages
  • Social media posts

“90% of marketing doesn’t work because it doesn’t get done.” ~ Neil Bradman

How Do You Know If It Is Working?

Your newsletter foundation is solid, it’s paired nicely with social outreach and advertised on your website in various prominent locations – so how do you know if your newsletters are working? Aside from watching your email list grow in size, the simplest way to notice if your newsletter promotions are working is by the interactions it creates.

If you have a well-received newsletter, it becomes a two-way communication street. You will notice more comments, feedback, and questions. People might forward the email, share the information or quote your content. These are good signs! Once people begin spreading the word, you’ll harness a true sense of community and create more lasting relationships. If you don’t see an increase in interactions, your newsletter might be working against you.


Take Your Promotions Offline

Just because you’re asking people to signup for your newsletter, doesn’t mean they need to be behind a computer to do it. Promoting your newsletter offline can be even more powerful because of the undeniable power of face to face interaction. Ask for people’s email addresses at events, in your store, or during any face to face interactions. A pen and paper might require you to input the contacts manually, but the increase in subscribers is worth it!

“Email is easy…if you want it to be. Simplify before you get complicated”-@jvanrijn

Get Your Newsletter Out To More Subscribers

There is a lot of hard work that goes into making newsletters great. That is why promoting them is so vitally important – to make sure your hard work is paying off! As your email lists grow and grow, never stop promoting. Your subscribers chose to follow you and be a part of your team. Once you find the right mix of informing them, showing them gratitude, and keeping them interested, your newsletter will never cease to grow and continue providing a steady stream for your business.

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