Why hire web designers when we can do it ourselves?

Why Hire A Web Designer When You Can Do It Yourself?

Why hire a web designer when you can do it yourself? Well, there’s much more to crafting an effective, customer-centric website than simply “getting online.”

As small businesses become more technologically savvy, it can appear that web designers are obsolete. This is the rise of Solopreneurs, small businesses with tight budgets, and a DIY culture filled with self-teachers. And the market has meet these demands and desires with “builder” sites like Wix and GoDaddy Website Builder allowing any of us to become be a web designer.

Simply sign up (often, for free). Then, Pick one of the many of the beautiful templates, download a couple plugins, place your logo somewhere and voilà! You have a website. Sure, you might have watched a couple YouTube tutorials and read some help forums, but at the end of the process, you have your very own home on the world wide web. Without a thought to PHP, HTML or CSS.

So where does this leave the designers we used to rely on? Well, as more and more businesses get online, web designers are proving even more valuable when it comes to standing out and attracting customers online.

Web Designers Understand Site Aesthetic & Strategy

When you invest in a website designer you’ll like get a beautifully designed website but that’s not all. By hiring a real professional you’re are also ensuring that your website’s functionality has a strategy behind it. Good designers will guide and sharpen the nuances so anyone who visits gets the most out of every moment on a site.

55% of visitors spend 15 seconds or less on a company’s site.

Now contemplate how much was invested to getting someone there in the first place and how to keep visitors on your website for longer. A good web designer understands the digital experience and what motivates your customers, like micro-moments and factors that into your design. 

A strategic design will help with that part but that’s not all. Being found online is of course a big part of a website. A website without traffic is all dressed up with nowhere to go. Web designers will have knowledge of SEO relationships, approaches and terms. There are no plugins that can assist alone with that as much as a experienced web designer.

As online marketing and inbound techniques become more popular there is certainly a lot of synergy between design and marketing. As mentioned designers understand SEO. They also understand copywriting, social media strategies, eCommerce, media and content marketing. They may not be able to replace a marketing professional but they will help your online presence grow.

Custom Code Is Still King For Website Design

No matter how much time one may put into customizing their carefully chosen template or how many different configurations of plugins and appearance builders are yet to be par to customization from scratch. Customization unique to your business and customer needs is much more impactful. Here is a useful infographic to break down customization.

A builder site can be a great start, but if would like to have high functionality in the long term and anything nuanced or specific having a designer customize your site will certainly streamline the growth process.

“Intuitive design is how we give the user new superpowers.” – Jared Spool, Web Site Usability: A Designer’s Guide

79% of web users who experience trouble with a site’s performance are less likely to return to the site. Usability must be high priority. Also, as you spend more time looking at the builder site offerings you can begin to tell which business use their templates. So if you are looking to stand out from your competition, spend the extra on hiring a web designer.

Want Good UI, UX or Growth? Invest In A Developed Backend

Web designers have both earned and learned skills. Putting ideas into code to produce a beautiful visual product is a new art form.

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be… functional.” Cameron Moll, Mobile Web Design.

Simple color choice can increase brand recognition by 80%. Builder sites give a set of easy to use art supplies and a beautiful piece can certainly be created. But is not quite the same as a experienced artist who has access to a wide variety of mediums and knowledge of how to use them.

This knowledge is always where the value lies. Websites are a commodity like anything else you invest into your company. If you plan on having elaborate but easy to navigate website, and want to grow, you need a solid backend. Builder sites hide this backend to make it more plug and play. While less threatening, once you do encounter the pages of cryptic code it becomes clear that you should hire a web designer. 

The Role of Web Designer Is Vital

Builder applications and programs continue to grow. There is a time and place for these useful applications. If a simple, low cost and out-of-the-box website is enough then you will have a decent site for the price. Site builder applications are only going to get better and that is exciting. Site builders apps empowered people to quickly actualize their ideas.

However, if you’re looking to for SEO, digital marketing, knowledge and skill… Hire a web designer. 94% of a website’s first impression is design related. The utility of the web designer has evolved and increased just like the value of having website. Visitor’s attention spans may get shorter, and online competition will be more intense. Make the most of each visitor on your website and have it be best representation of your company. That’s why you should hire a web designer!

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3 thoughts on “Why Hire A Web Designer When You Can Do It Yourself?

  1. Thanks for the great tips! I do have a question however that I think you could probably answer.
    I was wondering, What are some good projects/ideas in web development that a beginner can start with to take his/her skills
    to the next level? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

    1. That’s a good question. I believe good web developers have a deep understanding of the most common interactions between a business/application and customer. So when aiming to level up your skills, I’d say practice being efficient at crafting payment systems, log-in systems, authentication systems etc. Do things that are universal very, very well. This includes learning best practices, good design elements, solving for common problems etc. It will make all future work very efficient too.