How Much Quality Traffic Is Coming To My Site From Emails That I Send Out?

What Happens On Your Website After You Send An Email Newsletter?

Have you ever wondered exactly what happens after you send an email newsletter?

Even if lots of subscribers clicked through to your site, do you know if those clicks led to any tangible results? It’s surprisingly easy to find out. I’m going to show you how to take something complicated—Google Analytics—and make it super simple.

Dean here, one of Mad Mimi’s original owners. Many of you have chatted to me via email. Most of you have experienced the exuberant assistance of the warm hearted Mad Mimi support team, my old colleagues. Earlier this year, I left the Mad Mimi team to launch Teacup Analytics. I built Teacup to help answer your questions about Google Analytics. Teacup simplifies the gallimaufry of Google Analytics data and answers your questions with a library of ready-baked reports.

I’d like to walk you through one of my favorite reports: How Much Quality Traffic Is Coming To My Site From Emails That I Send Out? Together, we’ll find out the answer!

How Much Quality Traffic Is Coming To My Site From Emails That I Send Out

Curious about Teacup right now? Grab a free account here. You’ll be able to explore up to three reports free, forever!

How Much Of Traffic Is Actually From Email Newsletters?

Let’s look at the big picture here. We’re not exactly looking at the clicks the email newsletter got (at least, not yet). We’re looking at how many visits to the website came last week, from our newsletters, whether we sent a single email or three.

But we also have a trend to think about. Did the site get more traffic this week than normal? At a glance, you can see email traffic compared over the last four weeks.

Graph Of How Much Of My Traffic Comes From The Emails I Sent Out?

Or, take a look at the trend graph for a longer term view.

Trend view of How Much Of My Traffic Comes From The Emails I Sent Out?

Notice the different colors? Well, let’s get clever!

Teacup analyzes overall audience behavior and then grades this week’s email traffic compared to the normal quality of traffic. This way, you can see whether email traffic is above, or below average. Green weeks had particularly good traffic!

Let’s discuss your email newsletter traffic more…

But Is The Email Traffic Good Or Bad?

Good question and, like conjurer extracting a rabbit out of a hat, I’ll materialize an answer!

By analyzing both past audience behavior and the current week’s behavior by channel, by landing page or even by which device your readers use, Teacup is able to tell whether email traffic is high quality or not. This last week, it was a C which is a little bit below an average grade:

The Primary Metrics

You can monitor whether new subscribers are genuinely enthused by the website or if your efforts to grow the list are signing up people who aren’t quite up to par when it comes to buying products and exploring in depth.

What Can Be Done About Email Traffic Quality?

I knew you’d get to the nub right away! Teacup actually makes some smart suggestions as to whether an improvement is needed or whether the email channel is ready for some smashing growth.

In this example, we’d need to improve due to the mediocre grade. Because I see the conversion rate is a disappointing D, I’ll look into that further and test some ideas out. Perhaps a clearer “call to action” is needed. Luckily Teacup can track the results of any tests you run too – we call it the “Achievables” feature. We’ll even calculate a reasonable target to aim for.

Creating an achievable target

Which Devices Are Readers Using?

Is there difference between a link clicked on a phone or a laptop? Well, there’s have that answer too! Compare the quality and quantity of email traffic in the Detail Breakdown section:

The detail breakdown

Learn Even More About Email Newsletter Traffic!

I could go on (and on, and on) but rather than leave you throbbing at the temples, I’ll be brief here. You can compare the end results of links clicked in newsletters by looking at the quality grade of landing pages. You can see whether one recent campaign had more engaged visitors than others. And so much more. The Detail Breakdown area is a fun section to explore.

The best part is… just click the little turquoise semi-circle to get a recommendation about whether to grow or optimize.

But How Does Email Traffic Compare To Social Media Traffic?

Great question! Teacup has a marvelous report called Where Did My Traffic Come From Last Week? This report compares the quantity and quality of all your traffic channels! I’ll leave you to explore that yourself when you have time.

Where did my traffic come from last week


It’s such a joy to chat to Mad Mimi-landers like you. If you ever have a question about Google Analytics, Teacup or just stuff in general, you’re welcome to reach out.


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4 thoughts on “What Happens On Your Website After You Send An Email Newsletter?

  1. What if I have three websites and one I will be upgrading soon from WP to adobe Muse? Two in reaching my largest audience as I have to narrow down my audience and focus on one subject “PETS” as they are a large and diverse audience who spend billions each year. Focus on pet food products, certain types of food and pet art as I have an art gallery on all three of my websites. Two websites will focus on art and one with Biblical perspective blogs I enjoy writing, with a free download each month to print. Now with this platform with Mad-Mimi, I have to design and send out newsletters and blogs to build my audience.

    1. Hey David,

      Thanks for commenting! The same ideas apply whether you have one site or three 🙂

      Utilizing your analytics to understand your site visitors better, as well as which channels are most engaged (or profitable) is a great way to keep your marketing on track.