Social Media Marketing for Small Business

How To Handle Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Social media marketing for small business is a fragmented, fractured channel. We break down the tips and tricks for small businesses to grow your business on all major social media sites. We created this guide to some of the most popular sites out there. So you can decide which platforms will prove to be most useful.

Social Media is very difficult to avoid when running a small business. There are many ways to go about it and too many sites to choose from. And yet, social media is a staple when creating a strong online presence.

You may be crafting a marketing strategy and wondering what social media will work best for your business. Do you have enough visual content on Instagram? Are you clever enough for Twitter? Finally ready to commit to Youtube? We have a few things to say about getting started because we, of course, want the best version of you out there. Ready to get stuck into social media marketing for small business?

How To Use Facebook For Small Business Marketing

How To Use Facebook For Small Business Marketing

Facebook is the poster child of the internet, a country on its own, and a good starting place for small business social media. Most of us know how to use this site a bit already. But diving into its business application will take some time for it to prove useful. Especially if you are exploring Facebook Ads. While it may seem like an obvious starting place this mega platform’s detailed use as a business is not. Create a strong Facebook presence here!

Benefits of Using Twitter For Small Business

Benefits of Using Twitter For Small Business

The social platform that may seem like the most hectic to navigate through of them all is Twitter. A place where short blurbs are churned out in amounts that the internet couldn’t keep up. While most Tweets we see day-to-day are not best suited for small businesses, there is a way. Personal or political drama not required, but attention and willingness to understand how this bird flies will provide you a good marketing channel. Get to Tweeting!

How Reddit Can Help Your Small Business Grow

How Reddit Can Help Your Small Business Grow

Oh yes, we dive into The Front Page of The Internet, where unless amounts of distraction lie as well as a productive space for business. Reddit is a hotbed of ideas, discussion, and strong community. Especially for specific niches and anything online. Being that this one has only recently become popular for business there are definitely guidelines to adhere to. Avoid the distraction, become a Redditor for your small business.

How To Network On LinkedIn For Small Business

How To Network On LinkedIn For Small Business

You may already know you are prone to distraction or want a very professional online presence, then a lot of social media platforms are going to prove to be challenging. Thankfully you have the professionally focused site on LinkedIn. Networking in real life takes particular thought and formalities as does this networking focused site. We go into how to best approach these all business communities the right way. Start shaking hands.

Instagram For Small Business – Improving Your Visual Presence Online

Instagram For Small Business - Improving Your Visual Presence Online

One of the newest and simplest social sites around that you may consider using is the visually charged Instagram. While this platform is rather simple, do not be fooled about it complexities to succeed as a small business. You must be meticulous in style and consistency to get those valuable hearts. Because it goes beyond the photos and only visual impact. Join the Instagram movement for your business!

Discovering The Depths of YouTube For Your Small Business

YouTube Tips For Small Business

The last platform we want you to begin brainstorming about is YouTube. This is definitely one we have all experienced especially that is it paired with AdWords. Yes, you will have to create videos which is a quite an undertaking on its own, but there is a way to make it easy and effective. It’s a definite plus to a marketing plan and when using Google. Here’s how to get people watching you (in a non-creepy way).

Questioning if Quora is Right For Your Small Business?

How To Use Quora For Your Small Business

You may be a business that wants more direct interactions as well as a focus on productivity. Then the call and response of Quora may peak your interests. This is where your thoughts can really be fleshed out. You can become a guiding light in your niche. This format is quite unique for small business, so we want you to know what you are getting into. Start questioning everything with Quora.

Getting Started With StumbleUpon

Marketing Your Small Business On StumbleUpon

If you’re not that into socializing but really value good content then look into StumbeUpon. Another social platform that stands out, but has really been in the game for a while. This site gives you a place to share and learn about new content based on the interests of your community. It may seem a bit random at first but with some help, there is a lot to discover. Get Stumbling.

Get Out There and Socialize With Your Small Business

Understanding and maintaining your personal accounts on social media may already be a nightmare. Creating the best version of your business on all of these sites will seem like A LOT. But each has their own unique benefits and are not for everyone. Which is why we wanted to make it this guide for small businesses. You may not even be comfortable with AdWords yet, but at least that is one platform we can do for you.

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