Grow A Solo Physical Therapy Practice

How To Grow A Solo Physical Therapy Practice With AdWords

Want to grow your solo physical therapy practice? Well, AdWords can help you find new clients while you focus on helping people heal. Solopreneurs take on risk and responsibility. Growing your solo-run business is a huge challenge and AdWords can help, even with a tiny budget. Does this remind of you Physical Therapists running their own practice?

We love and admire soloprenuers – or, perhaps we should call you PT-preneurs? You’re the DIY CEOs. The customer service, marketing, sales and accounting lone-wolves of the business world. You also have to be hands-on with your patients at all times. And when we say wolf we mean it. PTs who run solo clinics are smart, strategic and howl at the moon (you don’t have to be crazy but it helps). Also, soloprenuers are BUSY. All the time.

The wolves of Main Street, solopreneurs are always looking for ways to improve the hunt. Many have heard of Adwords but haven’t dabbled in it, assuming it would take too much time away from being with clients and way too much budget. With limited resources, and time being their most valuable, AdWords can appear to the wrong choice for the solo physical therapy practice.

If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere

Frank A. Clark

How Much Time Do Solo PTs Really Have?

Having your own solo physical therapy practice sounds great! Creating your own schedule, only having to listen to yourself. Ah, complete control. Even if you’re a workaholic that lives to work, is it truly work? You’re on an adventure – pursuing something they are passionate about – helping people with their physical pain and recovering their life.

The structured versus fluid schedules can be tricky to get right. Many PT-preneurs are familiar with starting their day early ending late at night, then working on weekends. Which adds up to about 60-70 hours per week, an average of 63 percent more than the average worker. This especially true if the entrepreneur life is a new venture. So adding the time to understanding AdWords… well, that’s a tricky proposition.

How Much Time Should You Spend on AdWords?

If a solo Physical Therapist was to tackle learning and applying Adwords on their own, time should be the first consideration. Google AdWords offers a certification course which is a great starting point if you’re thinking of managing your own campaigns.

Some sources (or promotions) will say it will take you two days to pass all five tests. Yes, there are five tests you could potentially take. With the first one, AdWords Fundamentals, being the most important. Optimistically speaking, it could take two days if you cram and are a great test taker.

Avoiding common challenges, it can be relatively quick to get a campaign up. Then it will be some hours to be approved. Then within about three to seven days, most begin seeing activity. If your campaign is solid then momentum will be noticed in week two or three.

Fact is, the Google AdWords certification courses are only the tip of the iceberg. They help you learn the technical aspects, much like reading your washing machine manual front to back. to really run a smooth, profitable campaign, you need to study a lot more, read books and blogs, research and test. PT-preneurs develop the ability to become experts quickly, but AdWords is both complicated and expensive. To do it right, you need to focus! A lot!

AdWords For The Solo Physical Therapy Practice

If you are going dive into studying other online resources, Teacup recommends taking a course. Most experts will agree that success with AdWords is to not only have a clear understanding of it but also to understand the tricks, workarounds, and pitfalls. All of which takes time. Or use a tool like Teacup where the boring stuff like campaign structure, ad groups, bid optimization and targeting is handled automatically. All the solo physical therapy practice needs to worry about is the brand and service they offer.

Think of it this way. Would you recommend that all your clients find the solution to their pain and ailments from studying and certifications? Probably not. They should come to the expert!

Ideas are commodity. Execution of them is not. 

– Michael Dell

Adwords With A Co-Pilot

Lone-wolves sometimes have too big of a hunt to take on themselves. So they may outsource someone to join their pack, perhaps marketing agency or an expert freelancer. The downside is that you need to pay for outside expertise and is generally quite expensive and requires a larger marketing budget.

So, what are your options? We recommend a co-pilot to assist in growing with AdWords. Teacup and other similar tools are the options where the time to commit is only an hour or so a month. Where being hands-on is both useful and time-efficient. Also, it is the most affordable option (seriously).

Time-Efficient AdWords For The Solo Practitioner

Soloprenuers are unique in the workforce, like a solo physical therapy practice, with much responsibility and little time. AdWords is not a plug-and-play marketing tool. Whole job positions are created in AdWords alone due to how much skill and technical know-how is needed for AdWords success. But now it no longer needs to be a time sink or uncertain investment. Teacup created a space for any business, entrepreneurs, solo, and otherwise, to quickly gain the benefits of AdWords on their own.

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