Google Analytics Reports Help Build Long Term Client Relationships

Google Analytics Reports Help Build Long Term Client Relationships

A scalable digital agency requires a foundation of recurring revenue. Although billable hours and large projects are the meal tickets that put food on the table, the real bread and butter is recurring revenue you can count on. Create revenue channels you can rely on, like hosting, maintenance plans and search engine marketing and you’ll build a sustainable web development agency and stay connected to your clients over the long term.

A fantastic recurring revenue channel is to provide automated Google Analytics reports to your clients. Here are five reasons why web analytics reporting is jolly great for both your clients and for you.

1. Clients Will Understand Their Audience Better

Google Analytics’ data is key to running a successful website and growing it to its full potential.

Your clients will understand exactly who is visiting their website as a result of the reports. Most of all, they’ll learn which channels are driving their most engaged visitors. This opens up opportunities to you and your clients to grow the high performing channels and to optimize for the under-achieving segments.

Regular traffic performance reports also help your clients appreciate the role that their website plays in their overall business strategy.

2. Google Analytics Reports Help You Understand Your Clients Better

A monthly review, with your client, to discuss the data they’ve been seeing in their reports helps you understand your clients better. The discussion will open your eyes to what they consider important about their website. You’ll find areas that they’d like to invest in improving, and learn which channels your clients feel are unimportant.

Better understanding leads directly to a mutually positive relationship. You’ll be able to align your advice and suggestions to what they feel matters. You’ll also uncover gaps in their understanding of the digital world which could benefit from your expertise.

3. Reporting Is Part Of A Sustainable Client Relationship

You work hard for your clients but not everything you do has benefits that are immediately obvious. Offering clients regular Google Analytics reports allows you to parade long term improvement to their growth through search engine optimization, marketing, etc. All thanks to you.

These reports shows clients the value of the work they’re paying you for. It also holds you accountable to your assurances. As a result, this adds up to a relationship of trust is reinforced through transparency. Your clients will remain engaged in the relationship because they know your words and work are backed up by data and honesty.

4. You’ll Learn What Matters To Future Clients

By discussing analytics and website performance with clients, facilitated by regular Google Analytics reports, your understanding of small business concerns increases. Anxieties become prevalent, the client’s concerns are exposed and with some experience, you’ll assuage these negativities.

To apply these learnings to future clients is priceless. Just like you encourage your clients to constantly learn and improve their website experience, each discussion about website performance is your opportunity to optimize your relationships. Your future clients will work with an online professional with a depth of insight – you.

5. Grow Your Clients’ Businesses With Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics reports encourage growth. Whether it’s through Search Engine Optimization, improvements to load speeds, a new mobile-first site design or simply making small changes to the navigation, the data can highlight where your efforts are best focused.

Data-backed decisions that lead to growth increase your value to your clients. As a result, reports also leads to more billable hours because together, you and your clients will take action, measure results and grow revenue. Together.

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