How to Run AdWords When You Don’t Have An Online Following.

Does Google AdWords Need A Social Media Presence?

Does Google AdWords need you to be active on social media? Does AdWords compliment your online presence? Let’s find out!

The very quick explosion of social media has changed our personal and business interactions in ways that it is almost overwhelming to express. For many of us, priorities and behaviors have shifted dramatically. We can see the same shifts in the way we market, buy and sell. Whole business are structured and operate on social media now. However, even with social media’s extreme weight in business nowadays we ask it is necessary?

The behemoth of social media has shaped marketing so much so that when small business want to grow, many immediately think to attack their social media first. That often works out well. Due to high engagement, if you get it recipe right, small businesses can connect with customers there. On the other hand, social media can eat up take a lot of time and resources for difficult-to-measure results.

Adwords, is an online marketing tool, much like social media – but are they symbiotic? Is it possible to stay competitive or grow with Adwords without a strong social media standing? Yes. Adwords can definitely be the right choice, even without the followers.

“If content is king, then conversion is queen.”

– John Munsell, CEO of Bizzuka

AdWords Targets Audiences for Conversion

Thinking of your own personal use, when you’re looking for a solution, you probably turn to Google. This is typical for most people – they’re looking for businesses who can help when they enter a search. This is where potential customers are going to see ads. Unlike social media where people are looking for something amusing or entertaining. We’re all guilty of mindless scrolling through our Facebook feed at least once a day. Right?

Let’s take a breath here and note this insight: People use Google for solutions. Social Media is for entertainment.

With AdWords you can really get into what people are searching for. You reach a responsive audience at the moment they need you. Being that the searches are more targeted, the person searching is often open to giving you a chance to prove your value. In social media, you’re trying to grab someone’s attention, presenting visual heavy content and hope they may take a peek to understand what is being offered. 

AdWords’ Search Network offers solutions when needed. Advertising on Social Media requires you to interrupt a potential customer to get their attention.

Adwords also has the potential to not only put you in front of a more targeted audience but a larger one at that. The reach that search and display ad have is much larger than an individual’s social media circles. With that reach in mind Adwords will also help you get to the top of a page in a search. And that’s prime location.

Leverage Google’s Tools For Your Benefit

As you use Adwords, your relationship with Google will improve. So even if your online presence is weak making friends with Google will help with the flow of customers. Google has Google My Business where you can list your business for free. This is great if someone searches for you locally. You don’t even need a website! There you can easily provide hours, contact info, photos, directions and even offer specials to your listing. The more helpful information you have the more people will be drawn to your business, and the happier Google will be with you. A great tool to have in tandem with AdWords

“I would like to see anyone be able to achieve their dreams, and that’s what this organization does.”

– Sergey Brin, Google Founder

Google actually craves substance. They are not looking for those with the largest budget to throw at them because the key Google is relevancy. If you tie that with quality information and experience for the person making the search. the more likely that person will search with Google again. That is when you start to get the good seats. (In AdWords search and display that is). So it is a rather even playing field. These favorable characteristics of Google, relevancy and quality, is also known as Quality Score.

Don’t Forget Landing Pages

Speaking of quality score, landing pages are a great way to improve that score. Now these are the pages that searchers land on after they have clicked on an ad. This page is sometimes simply, a homepage but often landing pages can stand alone. If you carefully curate them you can provide the helpful information that was searched for and gain a conversion. Meaning not only does your social follower count not matter, but you may not even need a website. You could start with a just a simple landing page.

However, you need a place to host a landing page, as you would with a website. Which at that point why wouldn’t you create a whole website for your landing page. There also is a clear way to create a landing page even with builder site plugins. But if you are looking for a quick landing page solution that you don’t need to host with Adwords very much in mind Teacup is here for you. We have landing page structure. All you have to do is answer some questions. We built it. We host it. Then you can focus on running you business, not web design.

AdWord Can Help Grow Your Following

Now if social media and creating an online following is important to your business you can certainly use AdWords to do so. You can start with linking your Google+ page to Adwords under ad extensions and then social extensions. This enables you to share +1’s from your G+ page with your ads, and vice versa. This shows a social approval for the product, meaning higher possibility of click through rate and engagement. The +1s also show on the search and display ad. Creating a more integrated Google ecosystem.

While you can’t really have an Adwords campaign lead you to a Facebook profile page, nor is it recommended having social media on your landing pages, you have to look at the bigger picture. Social media is a tool to promote and share great products and content. You still need good marketing channels and calls-to-action to get people to convert. Having ways for people to understand your products and being able to contact you. Which makes AdWords very valuable, because it focuses on people that are searching for a solution, they want to convert.

If you want to grow your following start with a great product and create more opportunities for them to understand it and eventually purchase it. The followers will start to come around. 

Adwords can get you liked without having many “likes”

Social media is a behemoth that we all are affected by, one way or hundreds of ways. But not having a strong presence on social media or online won’t prevent you from being a healthy business. Adwords evens the odds and helps any business connect with those searching for them. The integration will Google makes the search ecosystem even more efficient. A great place to start is with a landing page. Teacup can help you do all of this without much presence online to get started.  Once you are active in this ecosystem and are converting, the Facebook followers will find you.

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