AdWords for Small Business: The Guide To AdWords On A Small Budget

Getting Started With AdWords for Small Business

AdWords for small business requires a particular type of expertise, perspective and patience.

Small businesses have many resources these days. Web applications, online courses, coaches, virtual assistants and access to worldwide mentors have allowed many businesses to reach a mass customer base that was previously only fantasy. These platforms easily enable outsourcing, automation, and publishing without a huge staff or budget. Much to the thanks of the hegemonic beast of Google (*rawr*). The primary face of the web is difficult to see without the markings of the mega search engine.

Google’s tools are still not without uncertainty and challenges. AdWords has existed for about 17 years now, since 2000. (What even is Y2K?) Even after all this time, small businesses (and pretty much everyone else) are still finding it difficult to use AdWords. Costs and complexity are an ongoing issue.

However, this also inspires us here at Teacup. As much as we <3 Google, we feel that AdWords has room for improvement and we’re working on solving some of the inherent problems. In the meanwhile, we’ve gone in-depth on some of the top questions small business have expressed to us about AdWords.  

Is Adwords Right For Me?

Is Adwords Right For Me?
Is Adwords Right For Me?

Well is it? We have asked ourselves this very question as AdWords users and entrepreneurs. The question that should be asked foremost is “ Would you like to grow your business?” Your answer to that will guide you in using AdWords. For us it is always gonna be an enthusiastic “YES!”. Here we summarize some of the main pressure points in the conversations we have had with many businesses about AdWords.  Find out if AdWords is right for you…

Does Google AdWords Need A Social Media Presence?

How to Run AdWords When You Don’t Have An Online Following.
How to Run AdWords When You Don’t Have An Online Following.

A common place small businesses get snagged up on is social media. It is both loved as it is hated. We love many of its capabilities while having mixed feelings on how much of a time sink it can be for both personal and business activities. Caught mindlessly scrolling or pouring lots of time into the micro-maintenance it takes without seeing much of a return. Its massive popularity has made it appear as a necessity to success with any online marketing. We won’t let the “likes” prevent you from liking AdWords! Read this right meow to learn about social media and AdWords…

Not Tech Savvy? AdWords Can Still Help You Grow Your Small Business

How to Navigate AdWords as a Non "tech-savvy" Business
How to Navigate AdWords as a Non “tech-savvy” Business

AdWords for small business is not easy. Even we have struggled with it, including when it comes to turning our ideas onto web pages. Explaining how AdWords works without making you, dear reader, glaze over, takes some practice. So it is perfectly reasonable for businesses that are not very technical to be unsure if AdWords would even work for them. We want to share the solution to getting new customers even if you’re not so comfy with navigating AdWords. Grow with AdWords without feeling overwhelmed…

How Solopreneurs Can Succeed With AdWords

AdWords For Solopreneurs
AdWords For Solopreneurs

Time is your most valuable asset. Somehow with the digital world at our fingertips it can feel like we have less and less of it. Time is especially valuable to those unsung heroes of the business world, who do everything in their business alone: solopreneurs. Managing your AdWords account yourself take hours of time! We share how AdWords is possible without a huge time investment while keeping the solopreneur’s DIY title intact. Solopreneurs can succeed with AdWords

AdWords On A Small Budget Is Possible

Effective AdWords On A Small Budget
Effective AdWords On A Small Budget

The most common question we hear in our conversations with small businesses about AdWords is, “how much does it cost?” We are certainly familiar with AdWord’s ability to become a bit pricey. We also discovered that if the price was reasonable that small business would really like to try it out. But a lot of small business just don’t have the extra dollars in their budget to contribute to agency or freelancer marketing services. We want to stick up for the small budgets and shared how AdWords no longer needs to be expensive. Discover AdWords on a tight budget…

AdWords For Small Business Is Easy, Despite Challenges

There are more entrepreneurs than ever and that is extremely exciting! More ideas and passions are being realized! But of course new challenges have come with it. New channels to take up your budget, more technological uncertainty, less and less time and even ways to feel socially inadequate. For some, AdWords appears to have all of these dilemmas. However, at Teacup we love sharing how to get past the challenges and how AdWords can be right for everyone. 

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