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Getting Started With AdWords? Read This First!

Getting started with AdWords? You may have recently discovered that AdWords is right for you. Hooray! Welcome to the world of online marketing tools. Now it’s time to start thinking about campaigns, ads and keywords – the building blocks of online search query eloquence.  Which words are competitive, right for your industry or words that are peculiar but work well? As you will soon discover, the word choices you make hugely impact the success of your AdWords campaigns.

So how do you get your horses on the track? There are several options to begin with AdWords, of course all with their highs and lows. These options will be based on your investment of time, budget, and ability. There are benefits inherent in all choices, so it is only fair to provide an honest layout. 

AdWords, DIY

The most au-naturel approach to AdWords is to do it on your own. Tons of resources are available, the platform is open to all, and most of us have used a Google application before. So this would obviously be first choice for many. When you first sign up, Google pretty much walks you through everything you need to create a campaign but there are a few pitfalls you should watch out for:

1. Choose The Campaign Type

Google will require you to choose the network you’re advertising on. There is the search network, display network, as well as combinations of the two and even more options. The Teacup team recommends getting started with the Search Network only.

The Search Network allows you to start advertising to people who are actively searching for what you offer. You can start small, targeted and very specific while learning more and more.

After filling out a few more details, Google throws this curveball at you:

2. Specify The AdWords Network

We recommend unchecking the checkbox to include Google Search Partners. The partners are sites like AOL but they have varying audience types and behaviors and we believe it obfuscates the data somewhat. Later, you can expand to include them but when you’re first starting out, simple is best.

Oh, and don’t add the Display Network here either. Again, keep things simple for now.

3. Language & Location

Next up, you have to select your location and language:

Choosing a wide location target can be tempting but for now, it’s best to stay close to home. Select the immediate area you serve, and not necessarily the areas you’d like to expand to. Remember, you’re paying per click, so to keep costs down, you want to avoid low quality clicks wherever possible.

4. Setting Your Daily Budget and Bid Type In AdWords

Choosing a bid can be scary so we recommend starting small. First, select manual CPC (cost-per-click) but leave the Enhanced CPC option checked. This allows Google to do some of the work for you later.

Daily budget can be small. Often, Google will encourage you to go big or go home, but we’ve seen some campaigns as low as $2 a day. The test comes later, when you try to find low cost keywords but for now, go with something comfortable. The Teacup team feels that $10 a day is a great starting point that allows for a reasonable amount of data to be garnered.

5. Adding Extensions to your AdWords Campaign

Next, you’ll be asked to add extensions. Go ahead and do this now, or skip it and add them later. In the long run, you’ll want to add as many extensions as possible but when getting started with AdWords, getting to the finish line is more important. You can improve the campaign later.

6. Getting Started With Ad Groups And Choosing Keywords

Ok, now we get to the hard part. Google kinda throws you into the deep end here and asks you to choose keywords and create ad groups.

Our advice is to avoid getting overwhelmed with Google’s many, many, many recommendations. Do this instead:

Choose the single keyword or phrase that your customers would use to describe you. Then use that to name the ad group as well as use that for the keyword. But before you start adding keywords, match types are important to consider. Use a single keyword ad group. That means including an exact match, phrase match and modified broad match keyword all at once. Like this:

[physical therapist]
 "physical therapist"
 +physical +therapist

Each one of those keywords plays a different role and allows you to be relevant for a wide range of various searches. As for the default bid, start small – $1 is fine but depending on competitiveness, even going as low as 10 cents is feasible. You can always increase later.

7. Write Compelling Ads

Ready to act as a copywriter? Crafting compelling ads in AdWords can be a challenge. It’s actually something that Teacup excels at but when doing it without us, just try to stick close to the keyword and be clear. Avoid cute, funny or over technical and think of what your customer might want to see.

For your very first ad, Teacup recommends the following rules:

Headline 1: Use the keyword

Headline 2: Describe your service or product. It’s ok to be bland here, but be clear.

Description: Explain why you’re different from competitors or what makes you special and helps you stand out.

And that’s it. Now you’re running an Adwords Campaign.

If it were truly that easy, we wouldn’t exist. We certainly are not discounting the challenge of doing AdWords on your own, it is indeed possible but certainly more challenging than a mere seven-step process. Expertise starts to really matter at this point. The more of an understanding you have the less budget you have to risk and vice versa. You may want to test run a tiny investment just to see the gears in motion before committing to this approach.

Hire Professionals To Help You Get Started With AdWords

For those looking for more of a hands off approach when getting started with AdWords, then the natural thing to do would be to hire an AdWords expert. Of course, there is the obvious question of “how much are you willing to pay” Within this category you have options that vary in price, quality and guarantee.

Hiring An AdWords Freelancer

As one would suspect the online workforce has quite a few AdWord experts. A quick Google search will reveal hundreds of these types from around the globe! Most sites will have a vetting, review and pricing system to show how legit they may be. You could probably find a freelancer in every part of the world. Most are priced by the hour, so you probably want them to be able to work quick. Pricing can range wildly especially by country the freelancer is in. We know a few awesome AdWords experts ourselves and we’re happy to make introductions from time to time too.

Hiring An AdWords Agency

Often, this will be more the most expensive option, due to the multi-layers of fees agencies charge. This is usually due to skill and reputation of the service you are paying for. At least at the price you would hope so. But don’t be fooled! Some agencies still outsource certain jobs or have less staff than expected. So certainly make sure they specialize in Adwords specifically. Then find out if they have worked with anyone in your industry to see how knowledgeable they are with your industry’s customers and language. If you want out-of-sight, out-of-mind and have a budget of a few thousand to spend you may consider this option.  

In both of the above cases, Google Partners are a good badge to look for.

Google Partners are agencies, marketing professionals, and online experts who have been certified by Google to manage AdWords accounts.

Both freelance types and agencies can gain Google’s stamp of approval to do Adwords. This means they had to take the time to get certified and are knowledgeable enough for Google to award them a badge as an expert. It is a very nice directory with obviously good backing. The pricing will be competitive to what you find in searches elsewhere. This is a good option if you need a directory that you want to ensure credibility in AdWords assistance.

Using AdWords Agency Applications

If you are looking to mostly to lessen one-to-one human interactions or rather interact with applications then there are some options for you. Theses types of services are usually coined with names of AdWords Management or Consulting. They are mostly online agencies as well as some web platforms that makes navigating with AdWords a bit easier. These companies often have focuses in Bing Ads, Social Media Ads, PPC and other online marketing services. So they know their way around the web pretty well. With some also being Google Partners.

The pricing for these can range from a minimum of $300-$5000 a month. Still seems a little pricey (we know a cheaper option) but it certainly can be less than hiring traditional agencies. Deciding to take this option is still about knowing how much you want or can invest. So please do take some time to research.

New Alternative To Getting Started with AdWords

Alright, so there is a fourth way. The Teacup way! We observed the best in all of these options and applied what people liked the most. So we could create something that had a great experience, very low price, and takes very little time. This is certainly a new alternative to Adwords. Where you get to participate in more of the fun parts of Adwords without the work or high cost.

You get a bit of the DIY freedom and creative flexibility of being able to make important choices for your ads. Such as style, verbiage, and some keywords. We also are not an agency but we can assist you as if we were, by supporting you in Adwords if you get stuck. The Teacup Team has helpful info as well as the ability to make suggestions for you.

You can also get away with a low time commitment, even in comparison for those “hands off” experiences. There are also no contracts or commitments. We think you are gonna like us.

AdWords: A Useful Tool No Matter How You Get Started

If you end up having tea with us or finding a different solution we are happy to help with transparency in the AdWords services space. There are obviously a lot of options and approaches to it. But this commitment to transparency is our commitment to saying that AdWords is a great way to grow your business. This is why we want to create the best AdWords experience for anyone, any budget, anywhere.

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