How To Get Listed On Google My Business

How To Get Listed On Google My Business

Google My Business is possibly the most important place on the web to list your business. This is where you create local listings for your business so customers can find you quickly, and easily when searching the web.

Along with being the number one place for search, Google has an overwhelming number of tools for businesses to use in tandem with their massive network. Most of Google’s tools and applications are in reach to the average business. With relatively healthy ease of use and understanding (unless you are using Google AdWords). This make Google a great place for small businesses.

One of the most beneficial tools for small businesses is indeed Google My Business. Not only does it help with your search but it goes hand in hand with Adwords. It’s like a super Google+ for business with more utility. Google My Business works directly with search, maps, reviews and more. We of course HIGHLY suggest creating an account because it will make AdWords even more useful for your businesses. We’ll guide you through the benefits and how-to’s of Google’s My Business.

Why Your Business Should Be Listed On Google My Business

Other than being a online super-listing and helping with AdWords, what else can Google My Business do for you? Well it is a rather honest representation of your business being that it pulls info from more than one source. Sources include; 3rd parties, users, and your verified account. 59% of consumers use Google each month to find a good local businessYour business can actually exist with information without your input at all. That’s risky! You should definitely verify your account.

Once you verify your account you have more control. You get to manage the public information about your business and how it is shown on the Google Networks. It is surprising how many people do not claim their business, even as Google Reviews are becoming more popular than other review sites. You know Google already has photos and data about your business, so they finally put it all neatly together for us, you and searchers in an easy to use dashboard.

Oh and it’s free.

Basically, our goal is to organize the world’s information and to make it universally accessible and useful. 

Larry Page

External Benefits Of Google My Business

When searchers are directed to your Google My Business page there is a lot of important information for them to explore. The big ones are, of course, your business hours and location information. Pretty important, right? Also, photos from Google, your own pictures and those from visitors. There are reviews too. Reviews on Google have been gaining market share from other review sites because of the pushy nature to advertise on those platforms and weird review exclusions.

Everything you can do to share useful information with customers, like which hours you’re open, increases your chances of that customer walking through the door. Taking control of your Google My Business account helps Google provide this info to your potential customers which makes customers, Google, and you, delighted.

Google My Business makes easy use of extensions on the dashboard and in tandem with AdWords, especially the call and location/map extensions. Making it easy for those nearby to take quick action. You may also place coupons and specials for your business that can be changed with frequency. The external benefit is really about getting brick and mortar businesses online for the world to see.

“We wouldn’t survive if people didn’t trust us.”

–  Sergey Brin

Internal Benefits Of Google My Business

While there are tons of way this tool of helps you interact with the outside world, there are great internal benefits for your business as well. Number one is that you can easily manage and update your business information across Google. This relates and boosts your other Google pages like Google +, AdWords, YouTube and Maps. Google My Business pages will actually encourage you to start using AdWords Express.

The big benefit is data. Where you have insights and metrics of the engagement of your Google platform pages. A favorite one to look at is geographic region of people search for your business. You can also respond to you customer reviews once you are verified. Creating another opportunity to gain special insight and boost your online personality. The online real-estate and organization is choice! Where Google My Business info is displayed is above the fold making it very easy to see. This increases visibility and helps with clear communication of business information.

How to List Your Business on Google My Business

If you haven’t created your listing or claimed your business here is how to get going!


    1. Open or sign up for Google My Business
    2. Search for your business using its name and address
    3. What if someone verified your business?
    4. Can’t find your business? Correctly entered the name?
      • You will then enter more info.
      • Ensure the phone numbers and addresses can reach your place of business.
    5. Submit

Mobile App

  1. Download and open the Google My Business app
  2. Select the Google account you’d like to use for My Business
    • Sign in with that Google account and continue to get started
    • OR + Create new business.
  3. What if someone verified your business?
  4. Enter business name, information, agree to theTOS
  5. Make sure to claim your business in Google Maps too!
    • Search for your business.
    • Open the business information panel and claim

The Importance of Images On Google My Business

Even when you have all the right information locked into your business page, it may not be enough for it to be it’s best. Make sure review the images. By having quality images it improves your transparency, relevancy, personality and searchability. Good quality pictures will make your business stand out and increase your search engine rankings.

Priority number one is to have a profile, cover photo and your business logo displayed clearly. Then you will have several photo categories to fill:

  • By owner
  • By customer
  • At work
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Product
  • Team
  • Identity (logo/brand)

That is a lot to fill out but each category is an opportunity to show off your business from inside, outside and everywhere a customer could be. Make sure your images are high quality. No fuzzy photos! Low quality photos just might turn off a customer’s interest. If you don’t place images it will default to Google’s images which may not be correct or be outdated or lousy quality. Lastly, make sure to monitor your images because they may display strangely or may change to another photo without notice. Put the best image of your business forward.

Tips To Get The Most From Google My Business

A handful of tips to really rock Google My Business:

Check regularly! With influence from more than one place information may change so stay on top of it.

It’s ok to use original images. Using original images is not a dishonest representation of your business, because other people are allowed to upload their own photos and reviews.

Use extensions! Using call and location extensions in your ads pair nicely with your business listing.

Choose the best profile image. This is the first image that everyone will see so choose something that is clear and attractive. It’s just like using any social profile, we want our best photos first.

Take a look at My Business insights. If Google is going to take on some data for you to review so don’t miss out on valuable information it can provide. Such as  how many times your photos have been viewed by searchers or how it compares with competitors.

Watch out for updates! You will be notified of changes to vital business information like hours, phone and address. This is because sometimes competitors will try to adjust the information.

Go Get Started on Google’s My Business

More and more we want to research businesses before we even leave our home. Google is making it easier for all businesses, even the local ones to have a better presence online. It’s pretty easy to get listed, and there are so many external and internal benefits to your business. However, this is only one of the many tools you can use. While we can’t set up your business page for you (yet), we can do all of the challenging AdWords and Analytics part so more people can find that Google business page you curated so well.

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