AdWords Reports to Measure Your Campaigns

Five AdWords Reports to Measure Your Campaigns

These five AdWords reports will keep your finger on the pulse of your campaign performance. Stay informed, stay confident and stay profitable!

After a bit of time of using the AdWords platform, you will probably want to know what the heck has been going on. Or maybe your boss is curious if that lil extra in the marketing budget for the year is working some magic. Well, you are probably going to want to do a bit of measuring the results of your campaign. The best way to do this is through reports.

Thankfully AdWords provides many ways to view your results because there are a lot of different reports to choose from. Obviously, AdWords takes in a lot of data. So sorting through it could take a lot of time. Even though AdWords can spit out some well put together reports it is still a challenge to know which are right for you. If you are just getting started there are a few AdWords reports to begin with that should give insight on the next moves to make. Also, Teacup is here reporting for duty! The duty to continuously help you along this adventure of AdWords.

AdWords Reports Show Your Campaign Results

Do you know if you are getting the results you wanted? Do you know what adjustment should be made? To this, you are going to need some referencing. AdWords reports provide the data and insights on what you should be doing with your campaign. See it as continuous improvement. Seeing results is why the grand adventure of AdWords started in the first place, right? Right!

Reporting is standard when measuring or translating data into terms us humans can understand. So don’t get caught up in trying to understand everything in all reports. Think back to your goal of the ad or campaign. Focus on that. Then notice where things are doing well and where things are not. Then see if there any outliers or anomalies. And finally, notice where more of your budget can go to. This is a good practice to do every 30 days.

Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.

-Aaron Levenstein, Business Professor at Baruch College

Useful AdWords Reports

Here are a few of the many reports that you can use as a tool to measure the results of your AdWords campaign. These are especially good for those of you just getting started.

The Search Terms Report

This report helps understand the performance of the terms or words searched. These are the words that people were using in their search for your ad be shown. Where this is useful is for your keywords. Know what search terms have good potential to add as keywords and which of your keywords just aren’t cutting it. Of course, you will also find valuable terms to place as negative keywords.

Also, keep in mind what match type you use for your keywords because it plays in the variance of search terms that appear in this report. Match types will show how related the search term is to your keywords. Search terms that appear in this report have been used in the last 8 hours, caused a click in the last 30 days or have a large number of people using the search terms.

To take a look at this AdWords report:

  1. Open AdWords
  2. Click Campaigns
  3. Select Keywords
  4. Click Search Terms
  5. Modify Columns to what you want to see in your Search Terms report.
  6. Download if you’d like.

Top Movers Report

This report is all about movement! To discover which of your keywords is rocking, shaking, jiving or diving. If you have campaigns that are having a lot of changes both up and down it will certainly show why in this report. These changes are based on performance metrics like clicks, costs, conversions, and converted clicks. It compares these changes from the current to the previous period. You can also select where the changes may be coming from such as ad group, network, campaign, and device.

Use this report to know where to optimize your campaigns. Improve areas with little movement and help areas that have bad movement. Looking at this report may be advised to be viewed weekly or every 2 weeks so you can notice changes quickly to act on them. If your account has fewer than 100 clicks in the last 7 days this report will not be useful or show in AdWords. These reports are only available for up to 90 days.

How to find the top movers:

  1. Open AdWords
  2. Choose Campaigns
  3. Click Dimensions tab
  4. Hit View, drop down select “Top Movers”
  5. Select comparison period: 7, 14, or 28 days
  6. Modify Columns to what you want to see in your report.
  7. Download if you please

Paid & Organic Report

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how much of searches your investment to AdWords caused compared to ones that appear on their own? That is where Paid & Organic report comes in. Here you will be able to understand which search terms trigger your ads, and the search terms that made your site appear, the organic. You want paid and organic to be working side by side to be able to get activity in both.

This report gives insight into new potential keywords. As well as identifying keywords that are low in organic searches that may need strengthening in paid presence compared to keywords that appear for organic searches. Optimizing for the search terms that have the higher value. As you look at this report, you can also gain a bit of a macro view of your online presence. This report does not display for shopping or click to download ads.

To use this report you must have a Search Console account on your website linked to your AdWords account. This tool helps in monitoring your online presence in search results. Don’t worry this is free from Google. Click here to create an account.

To view this report:

  1. Open AdWords
  2. Click Campaigns
  3. Hit the Dimensions tab
  4. Click View, drop down select “Paid & Organic”
  5. Modify Columns to what you want to see in your report.
  6. Download if you please

Auction Insights

One thing about AdWords that people wonder about is how they compare to those they are bidding with constantly. Well the Auction Insight Report can tell you just that. This report will show how you stack up to your competition that is in the same auctions as you. With the information shown you will be able to adjust your bids and budgets. Because how much you bid is determined by your competition. Auction Insights is only available for Search and Shopping networks. You can compare any level, from the campaign, ad group and keywords (search only).

The metrics this is compared to is the average position, impressions,  overlap rate, position above rate and top of page rate.

Search Only Network:

  • Average Position: Compare how high your ad ranks.
  • Position Above Rate: The rate of how often your competition’s ad was in a higher position than yours when both your ads were shown.
  • Top of Page Rate: The rate of how often your ad was shown at the top. #1!

Search and Shopping Network:

  • Impression Share: This is the percentage of impressions you were able to get divided by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible for.
  • Overlap Rate: This is the frequency of when both you and your competitors’ ads were shown at the same time.
  • Outranking Share: How often your ad rank higher + the number of times your ad showed and your competition did not / divided by the total number of auctions you were in.

Here is how to view how you did:

  1. Open AdWords
  2. Go to Campaigns
  3. Click Campaigns, Ad Groups or Keywords Tab
  4. Click Details, drop down select “All” or “Selected” under Auction Insights.
  5. “Selected” is for when you select specific campaigns, ad groups or keywords a single page at a time.
  6. Ta da!

Audience Insights

We are all about people. You, us and your customers! Learning about your audience is very valuable. There is also a report for that, Audience Insights. This report shows info on searchers from your remarketing lists. So you do need to have the remarking code on your website and have remarketing list created. Even better is if you have conversion tracking to understand better who your converters are.

Knowing your audience can help in your targeting and content strategies. Find out locations demographics, devices used and even your audience’s interests. This report humanizes the numbers and data that you have coming in for your campaign. To help see your information gain as real people. What you can view in this report Affinity, In-Market, Devices, Locations, Demographics, or Similar Audiences.

  • Affinity & In-Market: View the interest of those in your remarketing list to target them better.
  • Demographics: See better detail of your audience to adjust your ads.
  • Locations: Find where your top audiences are located to adjust your target location.
  • Devices: Understand the devices your audiences primarily use.
  • Similar Audiences: Find people who are related to your current audience to reach to be able to reach them.

Here where to view the report on these people:

  1. Open AdWords
  2. Campaign
  3. Shared Library in left sidebar
  4. Audiences
    • View >>
  5. Select a Remarketing list
  6. Affinity, In Market, Devices, Locations, Demographics, or Similar Audiences

Pageviews and bounce rates are KPIs. At the end, we want to measure our users. That’s what great marketers do.

– Adam Singer @adamsinger

Measure Your AdWords Results With AdWords Reports

If you have gotten this far into your AdWords journey we are super stoked for you! That means you got things rocking with enough action to warrant viewing a report. Reports are extremely useful for taking a step back to view your progress, performance, and results from your efforts. There are a lot of ways to view your campaign performance but choose AdWords reports with a specific measurement in mind. Don’t try to pull out everything you want to know in one report or all at once. While we are here reporting for duty to help you understand AdWords we also have an option so you don’t have to do any reporting. You can sit back and watch the results you want to see show up with Teacup.

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