How to Find the Right AdWords Professional

How to Find the Right AdWords Professional

Hiring an Adwords Professional could be the right decision for you. We’ll break down the landscape and help you make the call that fits your needs.

If you work in, or own a small business you’re probably a multi-tasker that can play many different roles. Thinking of engaging in a new, time heavy marketing task makes you feel a bit overwhelmed even before really diving into it. Your initial thought might be “how can I get someone else to do this?” 

Outsourcing and hiring freelancers for specific tasks can be very helpful and if you’ve got the right budget to be able to do this, hiring AdWords assistance could be a lifesaver. AdWords is tricky and so is finding a reputable, capable pro to handle your marketing budget. Here are a couple of options to help you when looking for the perfect AdWords professional for your business.

Hiring AdWords Freelancers

Doing a simple Google search for “freelance adwords specialist” will unleash a ton of options. What you will probably notice first is their price per hour. Usually the more reviews they have the higher their price. Most of the top rated freelancers will have a long list of what they are certified in, which may be enticing but in this case you are looking for AdWords or aka: PPC, Pay-Per-Click. However, in having multiple skills they may be able to make suggestions or assist you in other areas of your business online.

Freelancers are known to have lower price than an agency, due to lower overhead. They are also quite flexible and, in theory, respond to questions outside of typical office hours. Once the job is done it is also easy say “thank you” and then walk away.

While it may be easier to work with one AdWords Professional, if trouble ever arises there is no upper management to call to resolve a problem. In-demand freelancers can also over-extend themselves, leaving their lower budget clients struggling to get attention. Since your freelancer is but a single person, you’ll also need to consider vacation, sickness or career change which may leave your AdWords campaigns in limbo. 

Ask your freelancer if they cap the amount of clients they’ll take on. Also, ask them if they’ll commit a minimum of time to your account, not only on upkeep but on optimization and on finding new opportunities.

Hiring A Marketing Agency

Many of the issues that are found with freelancers are not a concern with agencies. Agencies have more hands, eyes and email addresses as well as chat boxes that should give you a lot more attention. There are probably just as many agencies as freelancers that can fill your need for AdWords. So you will have to do some mindful vetting.

Another benefit of having more eyes and hands for your campaigns is that there will be more ideas when it comes to crafting effective AdWords campaigns. This also means they have more tools at their disposal. Good ones too, usually in the form of management and expensive automation software, such as tools to manage bids. With the pairing of many hands with good tools there should be a good flow of consistent work being done. 

The elephant in the room is the cost. High cost. Many agencies require you to have at least a $10,000 per month budget for AdWords. Remember that AdWords campaigns take more than a month to start seeing results. Be mindful in the sales process when you begin your inquiry. See if they care about your goals and if they are determining they are a good fit for your business. Rather than making their business fit anyway and saying yes they can do everything.

Not everyone who touches your campaign may be AdWords certified or experienced. So ask for examples and even if you do chose to go with them, make sure you and your agency agree on what success is for you. Define a clear cost-per-acquisition and a desired return on investment. Oh and unlike a freelancer, marketing agencies can often obfuscate just who is running your campaign.

When hiring an agency, ask them about who will be managing your account. Have they managed accounts for similar businesses? How many years experience does the account manager have? Will they commit to having a named senior manager handling your account rather than interns or outsourced cheap labor?

Using Google Partners

The option that has some vetting done already for you is Google Partners. This is a program operated by Google that gives agencies, pros and freelance marketing consultants their stamp of approval. To get the Google Partner badge, the person or company must show expert skill, have spent a certain amount in their AdWords account within 90 days, and has met minimum performance requirements. Basically a healthy portfolio. There is also a Premier Partner Badge that is given to those who go above and beyond.

When choosing a Google Partner there should be a bit more peace of mind knowing they have gone through Google’s vetting. An important one is that 1-2 employees on the team must be AdWords certified and maintain their certifications. This also means they are under Google’s watchful eye. If best practices are not maintained, Google may remove the badge. Google also provides the Partner support to create a better experience for you.

Of course you can find some trouble even with Google there to help. Many of these are still agencies and freelancers that you encounter on other web searches. Sometimes you will not be sure if it is a whole team or one man band till you ask. The badge may also boost up the price for an account with one of these partners, they obviously have a minimum to meet.

Things to Look For When Choosing an AdWords Professional

You may already be leaning a certain.The one-to-one of freelance, the multifaceted relationship of an agency, or one that with Google’s stamp of approval seem enticing in their own ways but before making a choice keep a few things in mind.

  • Know who you are working with has good values. If they are passively going along with everything you say without suggestions, they may not run your campaign with conviction. If their perspective doesn’t gel with yours, you might not enjoy working with them over the long run.
  • Read testimonials and account reviews. People take their reviews seriously nowadays – our drivers, meals, rentals and everything on Amazon. So take a serious look at their testimonials. You may even want to contact current and past clients to hear more of their experience. 
  • Ask for a quick proposal on what your AdWords plan may be. You will want to know which key performance indicators (KPIs) they will be using too! Remember, success for you needs to be considered here. 
  • Make sure they have a communication style and attentiveness that is right for you. Poor communication is common in these spaces online, and that is something you don’t want to be investing in. Have a set amount of time to talk each week or month to improve your relationship. 
  • Find out who, exactly, will be working on your account so you always have a main contact. You don’t want the interaction to feel robotic especially if you want them to understand your business. 
  • Make sure you can commit to the long term contract. Most hired professionals, freelancers and agencies, require a 3 to 6 month contract. Make sure you can spend this money each month, assuming 0 conversions.

Luckily, there’s a DIY way too with no contracts, no budget minimums and no nonsense. Teacup, of course! We have team values to support small business with small budgets and can show you every step along the way. We’re making room for a new type of AdWords option when looking for an AdWords pro.

Hiring the Right AdWords Professional For Your Business

A good amount of consideration must go into hiring AdWords pros, because a good amount of money will be spent. Please do research, set realistic goals and ask a lot of questions!


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