Digital Marketing Trends For 2018

Digital Marketing Trends For 2018

Digital Marketing trends in 2018 promises to be all about connecting to customers in a personalized way. We explore on the marketing trends for 2018.

Riding on the energy of starting anew, to refresh and reset with the New Year, we begin to think of new ideas. Ideas on our own growth and especially for our businesses. This is when we submit annual plans and budgets, even when we are probably exhausted from the holidays. Your Google AdWords campaigns maybe even be ready (as suggested), but have you thought of new ways to approach your marketing for 2018?

Digital marketing trends can be tough to keep up with. It moves fast. So here is a simple guide to the areas of digital marketing to focus on in 2018.  Because we want your AdWords, analytics and other marketing strategies to work together for a prosperous year.

Marketing Is Going Live On Mobile

A feature made popular within the last year in social media is mobile live streaming. With video becoming more popular people want to see things as they are happening with no edits. To be part of the action and witness events in real time. Facebook and Instagram have certainly integrated live video well onto their platforms. According to Facebook, live videos are watched 3 times longer than normal videos. It’s also supposedly predicted to grow 39-fold in next five years. Meaning for special events with proper promotion you may want to go live. This will allow customers and fans of yours to get to know you better candidly.

Live videos are watched 3 times longer than normal videos

Make sure your mobile devices have enough data for streaming or a good internet source. Because you want to have a clear picture for your viewers to enjoy, no strange buffering, skips or looking as if it is being filmed on a potato. With social media taking center stage on live video, Instagram has become an even more valuable platform for better engagement and advertising than Facebook.

More Video To Rock Your Customer Experience

While live video is growing in popularity, regular videos haven’t lost their spark. Social media has also showed us that people rather watch videos than read articles. But can help your articles when included. While you don’t need to make all of your content video, it is highly recommended that you have video somewhere in the customer experience. YouTube receives about as many, sometimes more searches as Google’s homepage does. The hours that people spend watching videos on YouTube is increasing 60 per cent each year.

Luckily, Google owns Youtube. Think of the most helpful areas you can integrate a video for your customers. Use it to show off new products or features, especially as a training tool for “how-tos.” Video is another great way for a customer to engage with you and gain your trust so tailor your videos to each step in the customer’s journey. As well as explain complicated or technical ideas much easier. Remember that many viewers watch videos on their mobile devices which is a great opportunity to quickly advertise, engage and lead them to a conversion. 

Non-Sales Content Is Growing in Importance

Content marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing today. Blogs, videos, whitepapers and infographics are formats that customers enjoy learning about business and products they are interested in. It’s all about engagement and experience. 2018 will be no different, content should be less about your company and brand and more about creating content that is enticing for your customers.

These should take shape in many forms. Reading, watching, listening, chatting and interacting. So write stories about your company that relates to them, especially on how to do something. Articles and Ebooks should be helpful and insightful. With videos being short and engaging. Make sure it is easy to read and that good visuals are always present.

Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing 

– Rebecca Lieb

The Top Digital Marketing Trend of 2018: Personalization

With stories in mind you want to be able to create the stories of each of your customers. Meaning that personalization is a must for 2018. This often arrives in the form of account based marketing. Taking the data from your customers and creating suggestions based on their activity. Think Netflix. This also gives a bump to artificial intelligence technology, because new A.I.s are now able to do to the job of 1 to 1 personalization much easier than us humans.

This is why we emphasize again that knowing your audience is VERY important, even more so with your current customers. So use your audience testing and remarking tools. Try to know the needs or interest of your customers before they do. Use their names when you can so they feel they are getting attention from your company. Make suggestions to related content, products and services based on their moves and queries.

Privacy & Transparency

As 2017 has showed the world, security isn’t always secure. If you are a company publicly experiencing these troubles it makes business really tough. While we highly recommend testing and updating your company’s security (change passwords frequently) not only for your business but for your customers. Having privacy protection is a big factor for conversions nowadays.

Have a clear privacy policy explaining users protections and rights, people know most of their data is out there somehow but don’t let it get out there through you. This makes transparency highly important. You want the public and customer to view you as trustworthy. So be your authentic selves and don’t put barriers between you and customers. Here is some worthwhile reading about trust in modern advertising.

Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.

– Andrew Davis

Improve Your Digital Marketing For 2018

We all love knowing what is next or hot marketing trends. As it seems for 2018 there is a desire for a balance of customer focused creativity, technology and transparency. Which should be conveyed through easy to read stories. With those trends in mind it makes a great strategy with your data driven AdWords and Analytics. Keeping up with marketing trends and updates could be and is a full time job. So for 2018 you can certainly improve your marketing by leaving AdWords and analytics to us at Teacup.



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