How To Choose Keywords For Successful AdWords Campaigns

How To Choose Keywords For Successful AdWords Campaigns

Successful AdWords campaigns need you to choose keywords that your customers will not only search for, but actually relate to. Ah, keywords! The foundation of it all. You have set your budget, located your audience and selected your network. Now it’s time to actually reach your customers. Time to choose keywords that will get the AdWords wheels turning.

Google Searches are built around relevant keywords. They are what connect people to what they are looking for, and what connect you to those search results. These keywords are probably the most important element in your campaigns. Especially considering you are investing money into the impact and cost of these keyword choices. With a bit of time, research, and some testing, you will connect an audience with the product that they are looking for. Teacup is also here to help you along this AdWords journey to make this crucial step a whole lot easier.

Choose Keywords Related to Your Business

OK, this sounds obvious, right? It is indeed still worth stating outright!

Before you consider what others might do, you should analyze your business first. Consider what service or product you are offering, your style, tone and what you want to express. Begin a list of words that would describe your business, products and services. Are you for individuals, businesses, pets or home improvement? Think of the words that really define what you offer and do. This is also a really nice exercise to build confidence in your brand, especially when beginning AdWords.

Look at what your business projects out to the world. Consider the topics and words from your social media feed, blogs and conversations online to help you choose the right keywords. It could also be the phrases used in your physical promotions like banners, brochures and flyers. Be mindful of your local region. Understand word choices of your regions that you place your ads, localism always resonates well. For example, do you sell soda, pop or softdrinks?

One neat trick to finding these keywords is to use Teacup’s Keyword A.I. This simple tool allows you to paste in your website URL and we’ll look at the underlying content. Using natural language understanding, Teacup unearths the key terms in your site. Sometimes, the results are obvious, but sometimes we’ll surprise you with an Aha! moment. At the very least, it’s great jumping off point when choosing keywords.

What Keywords Would Your Customers Choose?

Defining your business and your offerings is one facet. Now, it’s time to think about how customers define you. Knowing your customer’s perception is the most important component when brainstorming which keywords to choose.

List all of your offers, products, services, apps etc. Then write out every word that you believe your customers would use to describe each of your products. Pretend you are a customer searching for your business from the outside looking in. Words used in your ad and keywords should be natural to your audience.

For example say you run a yoga studio, a good way to start off is with simple descriptions such as Yoga Studios or Yoga Classes. Then you can add on something more specific, like Beginner yoga, Power yoga or Hatha yoga. Then you expand further and further from basic words, specific descriptors and then variations of them.

Not only can you brainstorm for your mass customer base, you can go back to thinking of your target audiences. Outline your target audiences and you can create groupings of keywords specific to them as well. This will help your ad become even more attractive and effective in creating conversions.

“Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people”

– William Butler Yeats

Ask Your Customers

Of course, the best thing to do here is to call up some customers to help you choose keywords. Ask them to describe you. Sometimes, your customers will feel pressured and overthink it so try to do it casually by asking them questions like: how would you describe us to your best friend?

Another trick is to write down a couple of sentences about your ideal customer. What is your perfect customer looking for? Then run those sentences through Teacup’s A.I. and often you’ll see insightful results. One example springs to mind:

In Teacup’s earlier days, we were running a campaign for a caterer. After we asked the chef to describe what his customers generally wanted, it was enlightening! Most of his customers were looking for platters of finger foods for corporate events. Usually, they needed delivery within 24 hours. Suddenly we see new keywords that customers actually search for.

Choose Keywords From Your Industry And Business Type

Your customers will shop around, so you should do some searching yourself. You know that this is a bidding competition so check out what your competitors are doing. Figure out who your top competitors are and look at their landing pages and articles. Notice the keywords they choose frequently or keywords they’ve emphasize a lot. You may notice which words easily apply to you and words that differentiate your competitor from yourself. By interchanging some of the basic and expanded words you’ll notice are closest to your business. Google may even do it for you at the bottom of the page in search suggestions.

Also in the land of internet, you can also become a lurker on forums, social media and review sites. By going to where your target customers goes to ask questions, you are sure to find some great keywords to choose from. This may be on competitors websites, reviews like Yelp or Amazon, social media like Facebook groups, YouTube and Twitter, and forums like Quora and Reddit. These all have a lot of conversations using the current lingo, industry terms and topics between professionals and newbies.

Searching by these keywords may also bring up websites related to you which could be a placement option in your display network campaigns. Language used obviously plays an important role in AdWords so it’s best to learn how to speak it.

Common Mistakes When Choosing Keywords

With so many possibilities to chose from, and various way to describe one’s business it is easy to make mistakes when choosing your keywords.  

Picking Too Many Keywords

A common mistake that is choosing way too many keywords. It may feel safe and maybe a bit exciting to add up the number of words to a list. Google actually recommends you to pick 15-20 keywords, but we have found a more effective solution.

The problem with this keyword strategy is that you end up with too many differing keywords, all leading to the same landing pages and using the same ads. Your ability to provide relevant content in both ads and landing pages is limited and this could result in wasted ad budget and poor customer experience.

At Teacup we like to use single keyword ad groups (SKAG). With this approach you are able to create a much more customized experience for the customer search. You can also bid higher when customers are searching for the exact keyword while also allowing us to explore related or broader variations at lower cost.

Not Using Keywords In Headlines

The area in your ad that you should use a keyword more than anywhere else is your headline, especially headline 1. This is the key sentence in your ad creation so take some time to really write it out a few times. Once you have picked your keyword begin to come up with a few variations on the phrase. You will probably hate most of them, but in the process you’ll likely find some you really like. Don’t just write, delete, write, delete till you get something you sorta like. Remember to think of language of your customers, be clear and don’t be too plain.

Being Too Broad or Generic

Another common mistake is choosing keywords that are much too safe. Picking very broad words may seem like good logic to get more eyes on your ad as possible. This may be a good approach for impressions, but not effective of explaining what you offer. Your clicks that you receive won’t be as relevant meaning your conversion may be lower. Examples include: Yoga Classes, Cheap Clothes, Auto Repair. Be mindful. Choose keywords that speak to your audience and differentiate you as a business.

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.”

Leo Burnett

Chose Your First Keywords Easily

For some this is most challenging part running an AdWords campaign, especially your first one. Keywords certainly feel like they carry a lot of the weight for ad. But don’t worry, you will definitely get used to choosing keywords you want. Always think of the audience you want to speak to, what your business is offering, and look towards your industry for clues. At Teacup we have our keyword picking methodology down. Skip the time intensity and choose the right keyword the first time. We’ll help!


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