How To Spice Up Your Relationship With Teacup Analytics

Break Out Of The Rut: How To Spice Up Your Relationship With Teacup Analytics

Liz spent three hours each day, bent over an over-heating iPad, trying to engage with her Social Media audience. She worked hard at it.

Superficially, the relationship appeared to be perfect but Liz had a secret sorrow. Social Media just wasn’t “there” for her. Sure, her Facebook posts were liked and tweets were favorited. Certainly, the occasional re-tweet of her thoughtful posts would happen but, it just didn’t feel like the early days when Liz and Social Media gave of themselves in a passionate, spontaneous, whirlwind of romance and mutual attraction.

Referral Traffic, noticed Liz’ sadness. Often neglected, Referral Traffic had always been there for Liz, in small but valuable ways.

One day, while Liz was checking her Where Did My Traffic Come From Last Week report, her eyes strayed from Social Media’s low grade to Referral traffic’s A.

She’d never really noticed how attractive Referral Traffic could be. Compared to Social Media’s grade of a C, Referral’s grade of an A had a profound impact. Looking closer, Liz compared the two channels.

Although Social Media had high volume, bounce rate, conversion rate and site depth were all just so disappointingly low. Liz realized that she’d fallen into a rut, spending her time on Social Media because that was familiar, comfortable and easy.

Breathless, Liz now realized that Referral Traffic was highly engaged. Great conversion rates, strong site depth and a bounce rate that set Liz’ heart aflutter. How could she have been so blind all this time…

[Ok, I think that’s enough of that – Ed]

The fact is, by monitoring the quality of your website traffic, you’ll be able to break out of your rut. Instead of doing the same thing, simply because it fills time, hold yourself and your website accountable.

Why not look for a small opportunity in one of your other channels? Look for a low-ish quality traffic channel with a high quality grade, and show it some love and attention. You might surprise yourself!

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