Beyond Google Analytics: The Grade, The Insight And The Action

Monitor Actions With Google Analytics And Teacup Analytics

Last week, a marketing guy was exploring Teacup. He is an avid Google Analytics user and had some powerful feedback. In particular, he quite liked the algorithms behind Teacup’s grading system. He then asked one of the cleverest questions I’ve heard:

What is the next action after the grade?

After Google Analytics, comes insight but without taking action, that’s as much use as a party without guests.

Analysis, Insights And What Happens Next

After exploring a Teacup Analytics report, you might have noticed that your Referral Traffic has a grade of an A. Suffused with optimism, you decide to do something. But what?

Referral Traffic is high quality

Well, the obvious answer is to grow your referral traffic. You can read some great tips on increasing your referrals from Neil Patel here:

How to Increase Your Referral Traffic by 77% in 90 Days

Once you begin following Neil’s advice and working to grow your referral traffic, how do you really know it’s really working? At what point could you consider your strategy a success?

Teacup Analytics Monitors Your Results In Context

Teacup’s Achievables feature actually calculates what success would look like for you, based on your past performance for your site in general and for referral traffic specifically. By understanding the normal behavior of that channel, the ups, the downs and the long term average, you have something real to compare to.

Teacup looks at your previous three months and then monitors your next three months of growth for referral traffic. If the average over the next three months rises above a certain threshold, above what might occur if you did nothing, Teacup can confidently state, backed up by statistical significance, that your actions resulted in genuine, long term, real growth.

Monitoring Your Success With Achievables

After the insights, comes actions. After the actions, comes monitoring. And after that? Well, if you reached a point of success, go forth and grow another high performing channel or optimize a low quality channel and then grow it.

It’s a gorgeous, delightful, rewarding circle of analysis, insight, improvement and growth.

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