Understanding AdWords: The 4 Simple Metrics To Begin With

The Beginner’s Guide To Google AdWords

Running successful Google AdWords campaigns is possible, even if you’re a beginner. Here’s how to get the most out of your AdWords account…

So, you’re trying out AdWords? If we had any part in it we want to say thanks for listening and that we are certainly here to help you along this AdWords journey. Now, you may be signing-up with our platform or trying it on your own but either way you will have a few hurdles to leap over. We’ll try to make this as effortless as possible.

In 2017 most of us probably don’t want to create another account on anything ever again, for the sake of not having to remember yet another password. However, for the growth of your business this account will actually prove to be productive.

But before you get there, you’ll need an AdWords account to create your first campaign. Google AdWords drops you in the deep end, so we outlined each of the steps for you, so you understand how to handle the many questions of creating your first campaign.

How To Sign Up For A Google AdWords Account The Right Way

Signing Up For A Google AdWords Account

Get in your caffeine boost, because this is the summary of what it will be like to sign up for your AdWords account. As you can tell it’s more than entering a username and password. This is the first big step to finding new customers at the very moment they’re looking for you. Even if you hire someone else to do the rest of the heavy lifting for you, you should be confident about your account. Here is our step-by step guide to help you create your AdWords account.

AdWords Budget For Small Business

Google AdWords Budget For Small Business

Right off the bat, Google AdWords will question you about numbers and budgets. A small business favorite! Ok, not really. Small businesses don’t have large budgets to commit. AdWords will ask you to set your daily spend but what amount is reasonable? Fact is, it’s hard to get a straight answer here but we’ll give you one. And honestly you don’t need a big budget. Here’s how much you should budget for your Google AdWords campaigns.

Bonus: AdWords on a small budget is possible!

AdWords Geographic Locations Explained For Beginners

Google AdWords Geographic Location Targeting

This next question could be really easy or really challenging depending on where you want to grow your business and who your customers are. Here you have to choose where in the world you want your ads to show. The World Wide Web is an understatement with AdWords because you can target as wide or narrow as you want from postal codes to the whole globe. But there are some simple guidelines to follow to avoid wasting your budget on the locations that aren’t right for your business. Read how to target the right locations in Google AdWords.

Choosing The Right AdWords Campaign Type For You

Google AdWords Campaign Type

Selecting the campaign and network Google AdWords is one of the more confusing questions. What the heck do these networks even mean?! For your first campaign you’ll only get two obvious options. Which is a great place to start. All Google is really asking you is where do you want your ads to show on the Google network? There is more to it than only showing up on search results. Find out which network type is best for your campaigns.

How To Choose Keywords For Successful Google AdWords Campaigns

How To Choose Keywords For Successful AdWords Campaigns

Now the question you all have been waiting for! What keywords should you choose for your Google AdWords campaign? With so much importance around this element of AdWords you may feel some pressure when you get to this step. Google searches are structured around keywords, but no need to feel overwhelmed. We make it simple to select the right keywords for your business. Find out all about choosing keywords here.

AdWords Bidding Strategies For Small Businesses & Beginners

Google AdWords Bidding Strategies For Beginners

In tandem with picking your keywords you’ll also think about how much those keywords are worth to you. How much are you willing to pay for a click on your ad? The answer is likely your bid in the AdWords auction but there are some more decisions to be made. Setting your bid doesn’t need to be difficult. Let the excitement of bidding begin.

How To Write Fantastic AdWords Ads

How To Write Fantastic AdWords Ads

Finally, you’ve made all the hard decisions and it’s time to start writing your ad. This can be fun, really, but you need to be strategic with every word you use. There is very limited space with which to get your potential customers to click on your ad. Even with the constraints you don’t need to be a copywriter to get this right (write?). Create the right ad copy to capture those clicks.

Begin Every Google AdWords Campaign Confidently

You now have all the tools to manage your own AdWords, and you’ll be starting with the right foundation. Creating your account and first Google AdWords campaign is a big step toward the growth of your business. This is only the beginning. There is certainly much more to learn and navigate through so stay tuned. We want to provide enough information for anyone to succeed on their own. However, we have our own tools to make the AdWords trail a lot more enjoyable for you.

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