AdWords Without A Website Is Possible

AdWords Without A Website Is Possible

You can successfully get new customers using Google AdWords without a website. Sure, there are some trade-offs, risks, and compromises but yes, you can do it.

There are always challenges when running an AdWords account. Getting it set up, maintenance, optimization. We try to help with all of this. We also mention all the accouterments needed to get the most out of your AdWords experience. A distinct part of advertising that adds a lot of value to the performance of your campaigns is your website. With many platforms, social media and in-app purchases making it easier to get away without a site many people are asking if it is possible to implement AdWords without the website too.

In short – Yes. Running AdWords without a website is possible. In fact, the site as we know it may be heading toward obsolescence. Marketing is experiencing an evolution. Regardless, if you don’t have a website but want to start using Google AdWords to get customers right now, here’s how to do it. 

You Can Use Google My Business

You can use Google themselves! This solution was initially created for those using AdWords Express. As we have explained, AdWords Express is a VERY slimmed down version of the OG AdWords. No keywords, no targeting, no bidding, and you can even get away with no website. But the main downside is that you don’t have a say in your campaign, you can’t expand outside of the local area nor can you make improvements.

AdWords Express has limited features but low account maintenance, which many small businesses may find appealing. How does Google get away with campaigns without websites?

They have you create a Google My Business Page, which is similar to social media account, but more informative and less noisy.  

The basic set-up is that you choose your category, write your copy, set your budget per month then you create or select your My Business Page and DONE. None of that studying, researching or other things we have mulling over for months. No www. anything! The appeal seemed evident for the extremely slimmed down version of AdWords and almost everything else. But know that this is also very hands-off, and you leave it to the management and whims of Google.

Facebook Business Pages Are A Lousy Option

For those who love their Facebook page, there is a way to use AdWords with Facebook as your landing page. Using Facebook only makes sense if that’s where you are conducting most of your business anyway. However, most experts would probably say that building a free website on an easy-to-use website builder site is better than taking this route. This is so you can gain some of more of the benefits a website would provide.

If you’re using Facebook as your landing page, in the long term, you may be missing out on truly learning about your AdWords campaign. You can’t add conversion tracking, nor can you connect it to Google Analytics. You won’t be able to learn about your audience, track conversions and optimize. Google doesn’t seem to like Facebook as the landing page, and you risk lower quality scores too.

Create High-Quality Landing Pages With Teacup

A final way that you could implement AdWords without a website is to use Teacup. One of the best ways to get a lot of conversions is a robust landing page. So what if you could have a great landing page and withough needing a website?

Well in Teacup, you can instantly set up and host landing pages to ensure better conversions and conversion data. Other landing page options are Lead Pages, Instapage and there are many more. Teacup is different because the landing pages are connected directly to your specific ads and keywords, making them unique to the customer’s search.  

We look to create an excellent AdWord experience for small business from a holistic approach including help with your keywords, targeting, ad copy and even your landing page. This is to ensure you get the most out of AdWords, even if you don’t have to put in all the work for it. No missing out on conversions, impressions and no website needed. Bonus it won’t cost you as much as shoveling money into campaigns that you just can’t get quite right. We recommend that you also have your My Business Page and the appropriate social sites established so your presence can catch more organic traffic too and use that as an ad extension.

Yes, websites are pretty easy to create nowadays, but they also are not always necessary, and not all small businesses genuinely need a site. But almost all small businesses need growth, so we found an easy way to help them grow without a website.

Things are never as complicated as they seem. It is only our arrogance that prompts us to find unnecessarily complicated answers to simple problems. 

Muhammad Yunus

Risks When Using AdWords Without a Website

So how bad is it really to run AdWords campaigns without having a website of your own?

Conversion Tracking

If you can’t track conversions, you risk a whole host of problems. No website means no conversion tracking unless you’re using landing page software (or Teacup). 

Trademark Violations

Using sites that aren’t yours puts you at risk of trademark violation. The most common problem is that some other entity’s name is in your ad. Yes, this means the URL. While this is solvable, you are not are not in clear water.

Doesn’t Build Your Digital Foundation

When conducting business online or creating a digital presence you want customers to find you. And yes, a website is a reliable foundation to build upon even if it is only informational and straightforward. 

Being Flagged As Spam Or An Affiliate Marketing

While it is possible to run AdWords without a site of your own, you run a risk of being flagged as an affiliate marketer which Google just doesn’t jive with at a policy level. So your account may get flagged for showing that you are not promoting your own business.

Missing Out On Good Data

Without a website,  you won’t have much data to reference. Along with no conversion info and confusing impressions, you also don’t learn the platform very well. Optimization is tricky when your “website” is a Facebook page.

Missing Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are an important part of your ad’s Quality Score. Without a website, you’re only able to add a few extensions, but you’re missing the big ones like Sitelink Extensions and Location Extensions (if you’re missing the Google My Business profile). 

AdWords is Possible Without A Website, But It’s Not Ultimately Ideal

While it is not a road not commonly taken, using AdWords without a website is indeed possible. Knowing if the risks outweigh the benefits is dependent on your goals for your business and campaigns. But know that there are options. Adwords is possible for everyone.

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