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AdWords: Why Are My Ads Not Showing Up?

Worried about your ads not showing? The goal of AdWords is to produce quality ads that both Google and searchers find useful, bringing in healthy numbers of conversions and taking the top spot in search results. However, even when we have a killer landing page, picked out the right keywords and put a lot of time into the ads, you still don’t show up in the top spots all the time. Bummer, but here’s why.

So where should you start when it comes to getting your ads to show up more often? That is a question we’ve heard more than once, especially from those who have done everything right. There is a lot of time and effort in creating ad campaigns that seem to check all the boxes. So why aren’t your ads showing up? We wanted to review some solutions or at least provide some understanding to this frustrating issue.

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You Didn’t Win The Auction

Obviously, right? But it’s not as simple as some may think. The AdWords auction is more than the highest bidders duking it out. Here’s how it works: for any search, Google will conduct a real-time auction of the ads that are competing on the same keyword. Once all the ads that qualify for that auction are found, but it is up to Google to rank the best ads, and it goes like this:

Bid x Quality Score = Ad Rank

So if we bid $0.50 and our Quality Score is 7, our Ad Rank is:

0.50 x 7 = 3.5

Then, if another competitor bid $1.00 and has a quality score of 5, their ad rank is:

1.00 x 5 = 5

So who is going to get a higher up on the page? Hint: Bigger numbers are better than small ones. The advertiser with the lower bid but higher quality score will show up at a better position on the SERP than an ad with a higher bid. Any winning advertiser will only pay as much as needed to beat whoever is below them. So we are going to pay $0.50 and they will pay a whopping one cent more, $0.51.

For a particular keyword, there may be 3, 6 or 20 competitors bidding $1 or more, putting our ad at risk of not showing up or relegating us to the second page. It all depends on how competitive the auction is at the instant of the search. Being outbid is a real possibility. To succeed in these times of active auctions without increasing your bid, look at improving your quality score.

Your Daily Budget Is Burned Up For The Day

The first solution that pops up is throwing money at it. While not out of the question, it’s not the most sustainable option. Of course, you have to have the budget for it first. But if you are like most small business AdWords advertisers, you must stick to a limited budget. It may be your budget that is preventing you from entering the auction. Let’s break it down:

Say you have a daily budget of $4.00 and you had a couple of clicks earlier in the day you might not have much left in your budget for the rest of the day. Let’s say you have a max CPC of $1.50, but you only have $1 left in your daily budget.

So if your competitors’ bids are above $1.00 in the next auction, then Google may not even consider your $1.00 bid for that specific search. It’s also important to note the most active times of days for your auctions. During regular business hours are when things get more competitive.

To mitigate this issue raise both your budget and increase your maximum bid. 

Your Ad Isn’t Showing Up Due To Ad Delivery

Sometimes, the devil is in the details of Ad Delivery. The Ad Delivery is the pace of your ads. Whichever ad delivery method you choose will determine how fast your ad will be shown throughout the day. Which also means how fast your daily budget is spent. After this budget used up then your ad can no longer show for the day. There are two kinds of ad delivery:

Standard Delivery: This method is the more widely used and is the default. Standard delivery is about balance so it will evenly distribute your ad across the entire day. So Google holds back sometimes so your ad can show in the morning, afternoon and evening, instead of having your budget disappear before lunch. If you have a small budget, Google will sometimes skip your ad, so that they can show it at a later time in the day. So since your ad is more evenly distributed your ad may not show every time there is an auction for the keyword.

Accelerated Delivery: This is the faster of the two. So at that start of the day (12 A.M), you have till your daily budget is empty for your ad to be showing. Not recommended for those with any budget constraints. Accelerated Delivery is for those who want to use their budget as fast as possible.

If you want to show up for every relevant search, you must increase your budget for either method. However, accelerated is not recommended for anyone without bottomless pockets.

Ideas To Help Your Ad Show Up All The Time

Other than these three core challenges to your ad not showing up all the time. Here are a few ways to help get your ad up there:

Create An Ad Schedule

By creating an Ad Schedule, you will be able to allow your ad to show at the right times, so you are not wasting your budget on hours are unproductive. An ad schedule keeps your budget going to getting you to the top spots when it matters. Here is how to get started.

Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool

While it is a smart move to check if your ad is appearing or not through a simple search AdWords provides a tool to give you a more in-depth view. With the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool you can find out why your ad is not appearing and a preview of what it looks like on the SERP. You can also provide a particular search term and other variables to see if your ad will show up on that criteria.

Is Your Campaign Device Specific?

Do you know what device you may have focused your campaign on? The bid between desktop vs. mobile can vary. When running a mobile-only campaign, your bid will reflect only for mobile. So if you have campaigns with the same keywords but for different devices and you see ads appear on one device and not the other take a look at the bids.

Review and Review Again

Always do frequent checks-in with your campaigns. Teacup checks daily, weekly and monthly. You should look if there are possible ways to get your quality score even higher. Maybe your site or landing page needs to be improved. Especially, review the search terms because you may notice searches visitors are using but don’t quite match yours. Indicating to make negative keywords or maybe a new ad group.

Get Your Ads Out Of Hiding

Not being at the top can be frustrating especially if you’ve invested a healthy budget into AdWords. Remember, not winning the auction could be a case of simple math or maybe a budget adjustment. There is always something to review on the AdWords platform so make sure to look at ad delivery and the other small changes you could make to appear where you want. We too want you to appear in the best seat in the house, and the team here at Teacup can help solve these issues for you.

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