AdWords Vs AdWords Express: Understanding The Differences

AdWords Vs AdWords Express: Understanding The Differences

AdWords Express is more straightforward, more accessible and perfect for small business. At least that’s how it appears but is that true? We’ll explore the good and bad of Adwords Express and how it stacks up to regular AdWords.

Alright, so you have embarked on this AdWords journey, everything seems to be going well until another type of AdWords pops up. Seems simpler, faster, and most of all less complex to use. Meet AdWords Express. Given its name, Express already sounds like a slimmed down version of the OG AdWords. But is it just too slim?

Before you start making a decision based on superficial things like a name, we wanted to provide a bit of insight on the simplified version of AdWords. Regardless of your choice, you’ll have the right information for you to make an informed decision. Or at least know what AdWords Express means when it is promoted to you by Google.

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What is AdWords Express?

Regardless if you are a new or seasoned AdWords user, you know that Google is pushing express because, as we have always said, AdWords is not easy (*We have a simple solution! Wink wink*). Google gets a bit more control over your ad strategy with Express. 

Set up your online ad in 15 minutes and let Google do the rest.”

While that may seem okay, the common concern is that your AdWords experience may not be reaching its fullest potential. Google won’t know the exact target niches, interests nor intents, and goals that you have for your business. Ya know, the more intangible stuff that you’re an expert.

There are fewer features in AdWords Express than in the regular AdWords interface. You don’t choose keywords or have to do any ongoing account maintenance. Which of course sounds dreamy but some-things may go amiss. This version of AdWords is promoted as a tool for small and local businesses, which is why targeting is based on your geographical location. The on-the-go capability is another push of this version, so there is also an Android and iOS app. That is pretty neat.

Efficiency is doing better what is already being done. Effectiveness is deciding what to do better.

Peter F. Drucker

Biggest Benefits of AdWords Express

Google has seen a need to innovate the AdWords platform. They want to make it easier for more people to use. So here are the benefits of sign up for AdWords Express.

1.AdWords Express Saves Time

Ignoring how much time it takes to maintain even one campaign, Express will save you time. 

2. Easy Targeting Decisions

AdWords express will handle targeting decisions for you based on your geographical location. So need to focus in on by country, region or postal code.

3. Automated Management

Google wanted to make it easy to use so in Express, the bid is automatically placed for you based on the category.

4. Super Easy To Use

Google made this version of AdWords, so you don’t have to even try to understand how AdWords works. Thus AdWords Express is SUPER easy to use. But this ease of use equates to a loss of necessary control…

Biggest Problems With AdWords Express

Not all of us are going to be fans of this speedy way of doing AdWords or just don’t like being that hands off. In fact, some people have written damning articles about the problems with Express

So here are some of the cons of AdWords Express:

1. Control & Capability

The biggest complaint with AdWords Express is the limited capability and control. To name a few, you can’t control where your ads appear, the quality of search partner network you show on and PPC levels for specific keywords.

2. Keyword Options

The keyword capability is also very limited being that Express does not allow you to choose keywords or even keyword match type. So no keyword matching, location-based keywords, or negative keywords. Aren’t keywords like, ummm, key?

3. No Ad Extensions

One feature that is valued in AdWords is extensions. They help with ranking, quality score and most of all, help you stand out from other ads. AdWords Express also does not have Ad Extension capability.

4. Too Many Assumptions

So how AdWords Express determines much of the information for your campaign to make it fast and easy is by assuming a lot of you. And we all know the adage about “assume.” 

5. Broad matches and broad locations

AdWords Express only uses broad match keywords which throws up a ton of low-quality clicks and that costs you real money. Also, location targeting is based on a 15 mile (25 km) radius which is very, very wide. In most towns or cities, 5 miles is more than most people are willing to travel to buy something.

While Express may be quite easy to use especially for small businesses, you don’t get much control of your message or even input of your intent for your campaign. It’s also still a bit uncertain if it will give you a good ROI or keep your costs low.

Never mistake motion for action. 

– Stephanie Foster

How Does AdWords and AdWords Express Compare?

Ok, almost time for a verdict.

How does AdWords Express compare with regular AdWords? They both show your ad to potential customers searching on Google, Google Maps, and websites in the Google display network. Both are tools that are meant to give your business more exposure and be seen by more eyes. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad in both services.

You could use both platforms at the same time for an in-depth version and ease of use version, but there is no real advantage to using them at the same time. It can complicate your ad management and potentially make your ads compete with each other.

The verdict depends on the kind of experience you want to have with AdWords.

If you want to save time, like many of us, then go with express, but you’re sacrificing quality for quiet. The results may not be exactly to your liking. You won’t even have control to improve your outcomes. AdWords will take more work, but at least you know success is in your hands. When it comes down to cost both, in theory, can be kept low but there is a grey area. Here is a bit more review for your curiosity.

The Teacup Team’s official verdict is that AdWords Express is not a good solution for most small businesses. What you gain in ease, you lose far more in quality. Besides, with services like Teacup, you’re able to relinquish the time investment without sacrificing quality. We do all the work down to a very granular level, so you can focus on running your business.

Full-featured AdWords allows you to improve, learn, react and lower costs. It provides for high-quality clicks, targeted keyword selection, competitive intelligence and more. Climbing on our soapbox for a minute, for us, the fact that Adwords express offers only broad match keywords, an overly broad geographic radius only and no ad extensions is a deal-breaker.

Is AdWords Express Right For Your Business?

Picking AdWords or AdWords Express feels like your picking two different ends of a spectrum. One can be complicated and take a lot of time but provides a more in-depth experience. While the other takes very little time and is easy, but is uncertain as to results you will receive. Not to worry! We have the solution! If you are looking for an AdWords platform that gives you thoughtful input, keeps costs low, while also saving you time at us Teacup will take care of your AdWords account.

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