AdWords Tips For The New Year

AdWords Tips For The New Year

Each new year is an opportunity to get new customers. These awesome AdWords tips will help you kick off the new year right!

While we are sure the holidays are keeping things quite active for you, the work is not done yet! Neither is the year. While you may have wrapped your head around getting through the holidays getting ready for a new year is equally as important.

Traffic may be down since the heady rush of Thanksgiving and Black Friday but now is good time to optimize your AdWords account both externally and internally. Analyze your account, so you can understand how the year played out for you in AdWords. Then taking that knowledge to make your customer experience even better! Or you might realize it’s time to ask for some help.

Tip 1: Create A New Year’s Campaign

While this was alluded to in our suggestions on handling AdWords during the holidays, it is worth clarifying for the New Year as well. Creating a whole new campaign for New Year promotions is a good way to focus your efforts rather than getting it mixed with your other active campaigns. A New Year’s campaign would have a shorter run than Thanksgiving through Christmas, but it’s usefulness lies in separating information and budget.

Have a set a timeline for a specific promotion or campaign. You’ll clearly see the activity generated from those efforts. Then you’ll know who those buyers are and where they are coming from. This will help you understand who are your best audiences or discover a new audience to focus on in the coming year. The same practice goes for keywords. A fresh campaign can help you finding new keywords. Make sure to focus your keywords and ad text to be extra relevant to The New Year.

For example: Impress Your Clients In The New Year – Start a Free Trial Today.

Another plus when creating a separate New Year’s campaign is the ability to segregate a budget. You don’t want to be overrunning your other campaigns activity and throw it off balance with one you will only have active for a short time. You can also save this special campaign for the following year, just make sure to implement appropriate adjustments as you may have changed over the year.

Tip 2: New Year, New AdWords

New me, new you, lose this, slim that. Statements we all may have thrown around as the year changes over. Of course we shouldn’t have to wait till then to get started on those proclamations. This is also true for AdWords. Below are some AdWords tips to help your account lose some unnecessary weight that you may have gained over the previous year.

Remove Ineffective Keywords

This is a great way trim down your budget by saving your spend from non producing keywords or even negative ones. You will also discover which keywords that keep your campaign healthy.

Freshen Up Your Content

It is always a good idea to change up or test new ad copy and landing pages to find what creates more conversions. This is especially so with new promotions or products.

Do Some Traveling

With lots of good data from the past year and busy shopping season you may learn of audiences coming from places you are not targeting. Consider testing a new geographic target.

Beef Up Your Ads

Add on some healthy weight to your AdWords account with extensions, match types, SKAGs or maybe trying a another campaign type.

A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today. 

– Karen Lamb

Tip 3: Reflect On The Year With AdWords Reports

Every time we close up another year we think fondly on good memories and try to learn (or forget) the bad times. You will certainly want to reflect on the lessons you experienced with AdWords. The best way to review those lessons is to review your reports.

Probably the best one to look over is your Search Terms Report. This will show you exactly what people had searched to find your ad. This can tell you a lot of potential, current and negative keywords. You can also view how much they cost you, impressions, clicks and conversions (if you have conversion tracking setup). Exactly the report you want to review to know how to slim down or bulk up your campaign.

While comparing isn’t normally a healthy practice for personal development it is great to do in AdWords. You should compare your campaigns from the start of year as well as different times throughout the year.

    1. Open AdWords
    2. Select Campaign
    3. Click the Date Range on the top right of page
    4. Select the Date Range you want to compare
      • All Time
        • Same period last year (to compare the whole last year)
    5. Switch Compare to ON
    6. Click the (+) symbol at the top of each column to see the comparison
    7. Compare and Review!

Here are a few more reports to reflect on this year’s campaign performance or you can explore Teacup’s five reports to measure your campaigns.

Tip 4: Stick To Resolutions And Goals

Probably the healthiest practice of a new year coming around is to visualize and plan goals and resolutions. Oh and stick to them! The tricky issue about our New Year proclamations is staying on track. Reflect on the previous year and think of how you could have been more active, attentive or maybe giving your campaigns more room to breath. Learning from mistakes and wins! Here are a couple goals you can implement for AdWords:

  • Become more aware of trends and new markets.
  • Add more to your budget.
  • Understand the details to changes in traffic.
  • Be more attentive to your keywords.
  • Have all quality score above 7 by quarter 2.
  • Ramp up competition with your bids.
  • Do daily checks!
  • Always create goals!

You can have your yearly, quarterly and monthly goals. These should inspire and keep you on track with the growth of your AdWords account.

I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.

-Ben Stein

Some Quick Adwords Tips & Resolutions For The New Year

After you have prepared your campaigns, reflected and set some goals here are couple things to consider.

Plan For Trends – Make sure your campaigns are aligned with January trends and others you are aware of for the new year.

Bid Adjustments – During times of competitive bids, check to back in on your bids when bidding cools down for keywords.

Pause Campaigns – You don’t have to participate in adjusting your campaigns for New Year’s or any other holiday if you don’t want to. The holidays just might not be a good time for your business. Here is how to pause and enable your campaigns.

Revisit Your Budget – Take a look at your AdWords spend to see if you can increase your AdWords budget.

Ask For Help – Never be afraid to get some assistance with AdWords, it obviously can be a lot especially when maintaining your daily business activities.  We certainly can recommend a solution that is people and budget friendly (Hint: it’s us).

Is Your AdWords Account Ready For The New Year?

Closing up another year can be a hectic as well as a time to celebrate your growth and accomplishments. It’s also a time of great motivation, meaning you should harness that motivated energy to accomplish even more. There are lots of ways to freshen up and bring in some new energy to your campaigns. You may want to slim down or maybe indulge a bit more. With either tactic you choose there is always an option to have us manage it for you, to ensure more time and saved budget in the New Year.


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