Is Your AdWords Experience Mobile-Friendly?

Is Your AdWords Campaign Mobile-Friendly?

So you’re getting clicks from AdWords? Great! But is your customer experience mobile-friendly? Here’s how to make sure you’re winning over mobile searchers.

As per our recommendation we wanted people to try something new in their digital marketing in 2018. We’ve also mentioned some of the best trends to watch out for or to join in on for the year too. A good place to start is mobile! When is comes to AdWords, you should be optimizing for mobile. If there were a single, clear, trend that is noticeable day to day, it is how much more time we are spending on mobile.

Our marketing senses are already tingling, knowing that mobile use is only going to keep growing. If you are using AdWords to reach customers, give yourself a high five! Google drives 93% of mobile search traffic. But pay attention! AdWords on mobile is certainly a different animal to desktop. There are some special steps we recommend taking to make sure you capture the many eyes on mobile.

Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages

First, make sure your online presence is ready.  First impressions are everything, especially for the impatient mobile user. You want your landing pages to rock! If they click your link you only have a few seconds to have a beautiful page load extremely fast to capture their attention.

57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly-designed mobile site.

This obviously impacts your business overall, so here are few ways to get your mobile-friendly landing pages ready for those keen potential customers.

1. Loading Speed of 2.4 Seconds or Faster

2.4 seconds is average, have one seconds more decrease your conversion capability. So scale your images and enable compressions of your HTML or CSS. Remove other unnecessary plugins like flash, to keep the size of your page down.

2. Remove Unnecessary Distractions From Your Landing Page

Get rid of any extra or unnecessary stylings or flourishes. Strip it down, make the info and content useable, and reduce scrolling time. Your mobile should look good with a focus on functionality.

3. Actions Are Easy To Navigate

Along with having your content be easy to see and all useable, remember mobile is used by fingers. Make sure to lessen the amount of taps, pinching and zooming.

4. Test Your Mobile Site

To check to fluidity of your mobile site make sure you test it first. This is to easily double check your work on many types of devices. Here is a site to make sure your pages are inclusive and fluid.

Local commerce, without question, will be one of the fundamental use cases enabled by mobile devices over the next several years.

Andrew Mason, Groupon

Mobile Friendly Ad Extensions

Maximize mobile ad space by using extensions. Extensions give additional info while are also clickable links to connect with you business. For mobile you can have up to 4 extensions in your ad. The most popular extension for mobile is the Call Extension. This is so a browser can quickly call you while on the go.

Location Extension will come in as the 2nd most popular mobile extension. So those running around can find you on maps instantly. A great extension for targeting people in closer radius around your business.

There are a couple other fun ad extensions to include too. The Review ad extension may also be a good one so people can quickly make a more confident decision on if they want to visit you. Watch out Yelp! The Message extension is also becoming more popular with mobile, so searchers can start texting away with your business.

If you do choose to use call or message extensions use a local number if possible. This will show searchers that you are nearby, creating more relevance and trust.

Mobile-Friendly Ad Content & Keywords

When optimizing for mobile creating dedicated ads for mobile targeting will make the testing a lot easier and data separation much clearer. You don’t want to be wondering which keywords worked better for desktop and which worked better for mobile later in your reports.

The attention spans of us mobile users gets shorter and shorter so we have to make our ads short to. Put on your editor hat and craft short, direct and intriguing ad copy. If you’re promoting specials make sure to mention those first. Placing the next steps or CTA isn’t such a bad idea either for the quick minds of mobile.

Then when it comes to using keywords in the ads, don’t make those too long either. Have keywords in the headline and description if possible without repetition. When keywords are repeated it reads a bit messy, and takes up valuable description space. Be strategic and action oriented. To keep things short we always recommend; use Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs).

Adjusting Bids For Mobile

Before changing to a different bidding strategy for mobile consider making a Mobile Bid Adjustment first. This is where you adjust the bids, increasing or decreasing your max CPC by device. You control of your campaign more this way and can easily adjust based on performance and competitiveness. You may find that desktop is still your bread and butter. Take a peek at your conversion or click data to decide then follow this equation.

  1. Open AdWords
  2. Campaigns tab –> Segment –> Device  
  3. Choose campaigns that have at least 20 conversions in the last 90 days.
  4. Estimated Total Conversions column.
  5. Divide mobile conversion rate / campaign conversion rate -1 = Mobile Bid

Make a calculated bid rather than a guess.

Quick Tips For Your Mobile-Friendly AdWords Campaign

Mobile-Friendly Experience: Thinking of the entire mobile experience and journey for a searcher, because their quick hands and minds may move on quickly to a competitor.

Don’t Forget Tablets: Mobile doesn’t only mean phones, but while there are less tablet users, test for them too because they still matter. Things may appear differently from phone to tablet.  Test your site and landing pages for tablets as well.

Know Your Audience: If you know that your audience uses their phone at a more particular time of day than others adjust and optimize for those times and days.

Display Campaigns Are Not Great For Mobile: With the small screen space, having ads show up in the display network isn’t looked upon very positively. A user may accidentally click it, meaning your budget is being wasted. Or a searcher may ignore it or close it all together. Stick with search to begin.

Start with Limited Budget: When beginning the mobile ad exploration start small. As your confidence grows in your mobile ads, only then should you add more to your budget or adjust your bids.

The majority of internet usage will be done via a mobile device and for most people the mobile web will be their primary, if not their only, way of experiencing the internet.

– Peter Rojas, Gizmodo

Optimize Your AdWords Campaign For Mobile

Mobile is only going to grow! Globally, mobile ad spending is expected to grow $27 billion, or 34 percent, to $107 billion in 2017. That’s a lot of money pouring into mobile ads as, but you have to have your ads right for mobile first. Start with your existing sites and pages, edit your copy and consider a couple extensions. Discover and interact with a growing audience.

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