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5 Ways Google Analytics Saves Nonprofits Time, Money And Manpower

It’s clear why nonprofits need Google Analytics yet many organizations still don’t use this marvelous tool to track website metrics. Speaking to our friends at charities, we know this is mostly due to the three big nonprofit ‘never-haves’: there’s never enough time to do all the work, never enough money to do it with and never enough hands to help. So tracking your website’s performance slides right to the bottom of your to-do list. We get it.

But here’s the thing: using Google Analytics to measure a website’s performance can help nonprofits save time, money and manpower (the three ‘never-haves’!). Here are five easy ways:

Stop squandering marketing budget on bad campaigns

Nonprofits using Google Analytics can pinpoint which online campaigns are really working and which are duds. For example, using the How Are My Adwords Campaigns Performing? report will tell you if your ‘Donate $1 for an e-Future’ Adwords campaign is bringing in the numbers. And, more importantly, if the people clicking on the AdWord actually convert and donate that dollar.

If the ad campaign is bringing in truckloads of clicks but 90% bounce straight out without donating, then you know the campaign is a failure because you’re spending more on AdWord clicks than you’re making in donations. So you’ll know to ditch that campaign straight away and redirect the precious budget to a campaign that’s bringing in visitors who convert, who we like to call ‘high quality traffic’.

Know which channels to use, lose or improve

Not all web traffic is equal. Your blog may attract the biggest numbers but is it converting those visitors to donate, volunteer, share or sign up for your newsletter? If yes, then it’s a high performing channel because it brings in high quality traffic. If not, then it’s the opposite, a low performing channel. You’ll know all this because Teacup has a splendid system to grade web traffic, from low to high quality.

Once you understand the difference between low and high quality traffic, you can stop wasting time, money and manpower on the poor performing channels and focus your efforts on the channels that bring in the real results. Or you can use this information to play around with ways to improve low performing channels.

Find out if social media is worth all the effort

Say you’ve eked out just enough from your marketing budget to hire a social media minion who spends all day, every day Tweeting, Facebooking, Pinning and Instagramming. The ‘likes’ are increasing by the day, so it must be worth the money, right?

Maybe not… A guy sitting in Scandinavia ‘liking’ your Facebook photo does zip for your cause, but if he then goes onto your website and signs up for a two-month volunteer program, he’s immediately promoted from being low quality to high quality traffic. Google Analytics and Teacup can tell How Much Quality Traffic Is Coming To My Site From Social Media so you can decide whether the results are worth the outlay.

Stop web traffic from going boing, boing, boing…

There’s nothing more annoying than finding a cool website but not being able to access it from your phone because it’s not mobile-friendly. That visitor will just bounce right out of there and all the time, money and effort you’ve spent getting them to your website will be wasted. The What Types Of Devices Do People Use To Visit My Site? report will give you a good idea if the format your website’s in is the reason you’re losing traffic. Or, conversely, you may find that 99% of your visitors use desktops so there’s no need to spend money making your site mobile-friendly.

Learn what they love and give ‘em more

It’s your job to keep reaching out to potential supporters and make them care enough about your nonprofit’s cause to take action. You do this through content on your website – videos, blogs, photo galleries – so it makes sense to find out what kind of content and which stories grab visitors’ attention and keep them coming back for more.

You can do this with the What Are My Top Landing Pages? report. Look at the quality of the traffic on the top landing pages and if it’s high quality traffic, then you know where to focus more time, money and attention. It’s as easy as pie.

image by Andy Rogers via Flickr

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