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Improve your small business marketing through automated optimization.

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Grow your business with Teacup’s online marketing campaign

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Build your small business with Teacup’s marketing tools and landing pages.

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Watch your ads work while we improve your campaigns daily, keeping you in the loop.

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What others are saying about us

"Teacup Analytics greatly helped us improve our results, while significantly reducing costs. We were able to generate a significant number of leads that we otherwise would not have access to. We highly recommend Teacup!"

Shayne Burnstein

Swype Financial

"I'm much more confident that we are on the right path and that I'm not shooting in the dark as I was before. Teacup has taken the confusion away and explained how it all works so simply and clearly. Added to that we're getting much better results!"



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Keyword discovery

Automatic convert Adwords ads

into landing pages, Facebook ads, Yelp ads and more.

Campaign Management

Daily, weekly and monthly checks

with a timeline showing you exactly what Teacup is doing.

Automatic ad creation

In-depth analytics & reports

to know everything about your traffic & marketing efforts.

Automatic Landing Pages

One-click optimizations

make it easier than ever to update & improve campaigns.

No Nonsense

No nonsense or junk traffic

so your ads work to attract real customers not just clicks.

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