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AdWords is complex, Teacup makes everything easy. Grow your business with effective, profitable Adwords campaigns with absolutely no prior knowledge needed. Leave it to Teacup to handle the hard parts.

"Teacup Analytics greatly helped us improve our results, while significantly reducing costs. We were able to generate a significant number of leads that we otherwise would not have access to. We highly recommend Teacup!"

Shayne Burnstein, Swype Financial

Grow your business with Teacup’s online marketing campaign


Answer a handful of easy questions and Teacup will build entire campaigns, instantly. We’ll find the best keywords and craft compelling landing pages to get results.

Build your small business with Teacup’s marketing tools and landing pages.


There’s always room to improve so Teacup handles that too. A combination of Artificial Intelligence and AdWords-certified humans keeps your campaigns on track and cost effective with bid management, ad copy optimization and landing page testing.

Improve your small business marketing through automated optimization. Improve your small business marketing through automated optimization.

Expand & Evolve

Keep your campaigns fresh, and reach new customers. Teacup’s AI is always looking for new opportunities, new, high-quality keywords and creates new, targeted landing pages.

Expand your revenue and gain new customers


Teacup reports show you how well you’re connecting with customers and how much money you’re bringing in. Our mobile-first reporting means complete transparency, whether you’re at your desk or on the bus.

Know your business with AdWords reports and Google Analytics reports

How it works

You just need to

Select a keyword that matches your campaign

1. Select a keyword that
matches your campaign.

Answer a few questions about your business

2. Answer a few questions
about your business.

Set your budget for the campaign

3. Set your budget
for the campaign.

Simple right?

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What we do

Teacup handles all the hard stuff like keyword research, ad creation, landing pages and campaign structure.
We also manage reporting and optimization. And you? Well, you just need to focus on doing what you love. We’ve got this!

Here is what we do while you take care of your business.

Keyword discovery

Keyword discovery.

Teacup’s Artificial Intelligence analyses your website content and behavioral data arround that content to uncover and suggest the best keywords for you business campaigns.

Automatic ad creation

Automatic ad creation.

We simply ask you a few easy questions and then Teacup creates ads exponentially, allowing us to test variations and find the ad copy that attracts the most interest.

Automatic Landing Pages

Automatic Landing Pages.

Beautifully designed customizable landing pages are automatically generated, unique to each ad variation to ensure a high Google Quality Score that lowers bid costs and increases conversions.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management.

With all that in place, we’re ready to launch your campaigns. Teacup handles the campaign structure, bid management, testing and optimization. All of it!



Teacup provides reporting too, letting you know how much you’ve spent and what your results are.

No Nonsense

No Nonsense.

No tricks, no junk traffic and no minimum. Advertise on Google for as low as you’d like.

Cool stuff right?

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Teacup gives you the tools to reach new customers with AdWords

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